June 2024

Could you get your ‘interesting’ life story in a women’s magazine?

I can’t always write about too serious stuff every day. So I thought some readers might be mildly interested in what kind of stories you need to have if you want your ‘interesting’ life to be featured in a women’s magazine.

As I very occasionally get an article in a newspaper, here’s an email I received from a company that flogs ordinary people’s stories to women’s mags.

So, if you’ve lost weight, have a kinky love life, spend all your money on your pets or have a STI, you could be famous:

We will PAY YOU to share YOUR Experiences

Appear in a magazine & we’ll pay you. Raise awareness, share your story, or just have a little fun.  We’ll consider any story, but we’re also LOOKING FOR THESE CASE STUDIES right now…

OCTOBER Story Requests — URGENT

We are desperate to find more stories to fill the real life sections of magazine and papers, so now is the best time for YOU to share your story and GET PAID.  We’ll consider any story, but if you can help with any of these specific requests please contact us by clicking on the ‘GET YOUR STORY VALUED’ button below, and using the ‘Story Valuation’ form:

  1. Victims of love rats, cheats and scoundrels!
  2. I’m having (or have had) cosmetic surgery for Xmas.
  3. Young women who confess they are addicted to cosmetic surgery.
  4. We were married at first sight.
  5. Couples who have an open relationship and say it makes them stronger (or the opposite).
  6. An affair saved our marriage.
  7. My child is obsessed with a Youtube star.
  8. My child is obsessed with BECOMING a Youtube star.
  9. Women who re-married their husbands years later.
  10. Funny/sad/strange Xmas stories.
  11. I have had an STI (we’d like to speak to people who can talk openly and candidly about having an STI)
  12. I’ve had over 100 partners (we’d ideally like to speak to women who’ve slept with a lot of partners and don’t see it as a problem. Do you think it’s OK for men, but carries a stigma for women, and is this fair?).
  13. I fell for a holiday love rat.
  14. I was the victim of ‘REVENGE P0RN’.
  15. I spend my benefits on plastic surgery and/or holidays (or other luxary items).
  16. Couples who have a kinky love lives and would tell us all about it (this is for our love and relationships section).
  17. Women who have been victim of serous crime and perpetrator went to prison.
  18. I have lost ten stones or more.
  19. I spend all my money on my pets.
  20. I would do anything to make my child famous.
  21. My child was bullied online (help us stand up to bullying by raising awareness of the issue).
  22. My fella is much younger than me (is there a large age gap in your relationship?).

If you can help with any of these stories, or you have any other stories or experiences that you would like to contribute to the real-life section of a magazine or newspaper, please let us know by clicking on the button below and completing the Story Valuation form on our site.

There is no obligation and we won’t print anything without your permission.  You only need to provide a few details which are for valuation purposes only.

4 comments to Could you get your ‘interesting’ life story in a women’s magazine?

  • MGJ

    Western civilisation hangs in the balance, our governments are run by madmen/women and World War 3 beckons. But as long as we can revel in somebody else’s terrible life decisions involving a “love rat” then what does any of that matter!

  • bad brian

    O’w much is me fags to riches story worth ?

    Last week I was a 14 year old Afghan, Taleban, economic migrant, trapped in the “JUNGLE” at Calais.

    I was assessed by UK Government doctors that I was only 14 but now I am in the UK, it turns out I’m actually 63, and a semi retired camel whisperer with angina.

    Since I was brought into the UK by your very nice Government four days ago, and given a brand new semi in Yorkshire, I spend most of me time down at t’ allotment and am thinking of taking up t’ pipe as an o’bby while I waits for me free Parker Pen, a present from Michael Parkinson i’mself !

    I’m very much adopting your British ways and and in between breeding ferrets, a’ve bought me-self a Cardigan ee by gum, cos it can get right parky of an evening, up on them dales..

    I am looking forward to getting me bus pass any day now, and shuffling round the local library where it’s warm, checking out the local totty !

    Your NHS is very good but there are too many foreigners working there wot can’t speak English, smelling of foreign food and jabbering away to each other.. British jobs for British workers I say !

    O’w can people moan about unemployment when the likes of me av’e got dozens of government plonkers running after me evey hour of t’day ? Just think of all them jobs I’ve created .

    Anyway, I’m off to buy a pair of slippers and then it will be time for a cup o’ coco and an afternoon nap in front of t’ telly.

    I ope’s this story of mine gets published in a lady’s mag as I could do with a few bob as right now, them tight fisted buggers at the dole only give us £250 quid a week spending money.

    What use is that wot with the price of fags ???
    it’s not easy being an OAP.

  • Lawrence Hare

    What’s the magazine…please tell

  • David Craig

    It’s not one single magazine. It’s an agency that sells ordinary people’s stories to a wide range of women’s magazines

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