July 2024

Fancy a shopping trip to France?

It’s my understanding that this short (1 minute) video clip shows some gimmegrant locust scum (sorry, slip of the finger, I meant “highly-educated engineers and brain surgeons newly arrived in France”) on a shopping trip to their local supermarket:

Naturally, because we must respect their culture, these charming people won’t be required to pay for anything they’re ‘buying’. To expect them to pay for their ‘shopping’ would be “waacccissssttt” and, of course, “*sl*mophobic”.

I believe that shopkeepers and supermarket managers in France, Germany, Swedistan, Belgistan and other countries have been told not to call the police while the thievegrants are on their shopping trips as that would mean crimes would have to be registered and might even cause inter-community tensions (which we want to avoid at all costs). Instead, the shop owners and managers have been instructed to wait till the thievegrants have finished looting their stores and then they get reimbursed by the authorities (using taxpayers’ money) for everything that has been stolen.

Here’s a quote from someone living in a medium-sized German town “there have been serious theft problems in stores where ‘refugees’ walk in, take what they want or need, and walk out again without paying. In the beginning, grocery stores called the police, but stopped doing so after they were told to write up the losses and contact someone at the local municipality to reimburse them.”

This convenient arrangement means that the shopkeepers suffer no losses from the thievegrant swarms and that levels of reported thievegrant crime are ostensibly extremely low, showing what a wonderful contribution Merkel’s migrant millions are making to our tired continent.

Oh look! Here are some more eager ‘shoppers’ arriving in Europe. This sight will surely gladden the hearts of shop managers and owners across our invaded countries!

we've ruined our countries

3 comments to Fancy a shopping trip to France?

  • NoMore

    I had no idea it was that blatant! I expected shoplifting of the more furtive variety but that is condoned looting. The “elites” and gimmegrants are pushing their luck.

  • MGJ

    I never thought the day would come when I didn’t want to travel to countries like France or Sweden because they were just too darn dangerous!

  • David Craig

    In reply to the first comment – I’m glad you can see how blatantly the thievugees can be and the authorities do nothing. In fact, they encourage the thievegrants by doing nothing.

    In reply to the second comment – having worked for years in both Sweden and France ( speak French and Swedish), I agree – it’s incredible what these two countries have allowed to happen and I would never go back to either.

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