June 2024

Visit Paris – city of culture, beauty and enlightenment

Given that Paris has been so much in the news following the theft of jewellery from the world’s most talented (are you sure? ed) and famous (famous for what? ed) woman – see yesterday’s blog for more information and pictures – I thought I’d dedicate today’s blog to a brief eulogy of one of the world’s most beautiful cities.

I used to love going to  Paris. When I was an awful lot younger, if you wanted to get off with a girl, you just invited her to Paris for a weekend. A huge amount of food, drink and sex were guaranteed.

Later, there was nothing like a trip to Paris to spice up a longer-term relationship.

But Paris has changed.

First there was the Eastern European, mainly gypsy invasion. The aggressive begging, pick-pocketing and muggings got so bad that the staff at the Louvre went on strike demanding police protection.


And now Merkel’s migrant army has flooded into Paris bringing multi-cultural enrichment and turning a once beautiful city into a Third-World slum 

If you ever arrive in Paris at the Gare du Nord, you’d probably think that you’d just arrived in Mogadishu.

So, you might want to reconsider if you were thinking of going to Paris:

Today’s blog was brought to you by the Paris Tourist Authority.

Our motto is: “Visit Paris and see your future!”

3 comments to Visit Paris – city of culture, beauty and enlightenment

  • Gloria from Victoria

    That is some serious shithole of a street…….but the authorities are too soft, letting the rabble in and then letting ’em set up on the street like this. It’s not confined to large cities though, we have (on a much smaller scale) the same problem in north Nottinghamshire, all because some liberal leftie types set up a ‘food bank’. Put food down and the rats will come.

  • Dave H

    Terrifying…..Tear gas and water are no use against these reptiles …. Live ammunition would work though …
    Shoot the bloody lot of em, if it dies, burn it , if it doesn’t die just let it bleed and rot…. then burn it.

    I should be home secretary or Cultural enrichment boss.

  • bad Brian

    Dave H,

    Get off your high horse.
    Don’t you know that the BLACK WIVE’S FATTER movement and Nichola Sturgeon say we should hug a hoodie ?
    So just do as you are told pleazzzeeee!!!!

    Anyhow, how Mr Craig describes Paris is exactly as I used to feel about the place. I could have written the above piece myself but David always does it so much better !.

    However, last year, after the Charlie Hebbo killings, but just before the pop concert massacre, I was in Paris on business and you could have cut the atmosphere on the street, with a knife. At any second, I felt something violent was about to kick off !

    There were dozens and dozens of surly, moody middle eastern youth gangs, all milling about the city centre, just waiting for trouble to start or some idiot, drunk tourist to wander off into a back street so they could get mugged.

    It was as if the place had been invaded by the leavings of the Turd World.

    What Frenchman in their right mind would have approved of their government ever allowing this takeover to happen ?

    The French and Germans and Italians and Spanish and other European countries have all screwed up allowing this scum into their countries for the sake of political correctness. These vampires bring with them nothing but social decay and disease to their host community. That is in fact the story of Islam for 1500 years.

    That’s why my mum says it ought not to be allowed !

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