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My child, want an easy life? Want a big salary? Then work for a charity!

(Weekend blog) Regular readers will know that I recently wrote a short book, THE GREAT CHARITY SCANDAL, about Britain’s bloated, self-serving, £80bn-a-year charity industry with its 196,000+ charities full of over-paid, over-pensioned executives and hundreds of thousands of pointless managers doing well-salaried non-jobs.

While doing the book, I came across a wonderful section of the Guradrian newspaper which just features job vacancies in the charity sector. Here are a few I spotted this morning:

Director of Fundraising and Grants – Carers Trust £70,000

Carers Trust is a major charity for, with and about carers. (Really? I’d never heard of them and I’ve written a book about Britain’s 196,000+ charities). Our vision is that unpaid carers count and can access the help they need to live their lives.  Our mission is to identify, support and involve the UK’s unpaid carers through the provision of action, help and advice. 

Chief Executive Officer – CFAB £70,000

The unique children’s charity CFAB (Children and Families Across Borders) is seeking a new CEO to lead us into the future. CFAB is an independent charity, which helps reunite vulnerable children who have been trafficked, abducted, exploited or separated for other reasons from their families, across International Borders. (Another chance to pocket seventy grand a year)

Chief Executive Officer – Greenbank £60,000

Greenbank is a successful and long-established charity, based in Liverpool. Our mission is to enhance the opportunities and status of people with disabilities through education, training, employment, transport, sport and recreation. (Only £60,000? But then £60,000 is not a bad salary for Liverpool)

Head of Workplace – Amnesty International £55,168

Ever wondered what a ‘Head of Workplace’ does? Well, here’s the answer: The successful applicant will be responsible for the delivery of excellent facilities services worldwide through effective management of the Workplace Department to support Amnesty International’s human rights work. The Workplace function works across strategic, tactical and operational levels to ensure delivery through the efficient integration, management and maintenance of the fabric and associated plant, machinery and systems of the IS London physical office space. (Yup, I didn’t understand a word of that management gobbledigook either)

But if you’re not qualified to be a ‘Head of Workplace’, Amnesty International are also looking for a Messaging System Manager at a generous £45,855

Messaging System Manager – Amnesty International £45,855

You will have responsibility for email, mobile device management and telephony. (I understand, someone to replace any broken phones and make sure the email system works)

Head of Fitness to Practise Operations – HCPC £70,000

Head of Fitness to Practise Operations (FTP) at the Health and Care Professions Council (HCPC). The primary role of the Head of FTP Operations is to lead, manage and provide strategic oversight of the FTP operations functions (I wonder how a person ‘provides strategic oversight‘. Is that difficult to do?)

Head of Case Reception and Triage – HCPC £65,000

The primary role of the post holder is to lead, manage and provide strategic oversight of the HCPC’s case reception and triage function (Ah, more ‘providing strategic oversight’ at the Health and Care Professions Council)

Senior Manager – Centrepoint Helpline £52,099

Centrepoint is the UK’s leading youth homelessness charity, we are further expanding our reach through the development of the ‘Centrepoint Helpline’- England’s first multi-channel information, guidance and advice service specifically for homeless young people and those at risk of homelessness. (Someone to check up on a few people answering phones and you get over fifty thou a year. Yippeee!!)

And so it goes on. Page after page after page of well-paid non-jobs at the charities and quangos which are always demanding ever more of our cash.

Stop wasting your money. Never donate to a large charity. Only give to small local charities staffed entirely by volunteers!

2 comments to My child, want an easy life? Want a big salary? Then work for a charity!

  • AtheistAmerican

    I wonder how true this holds up to us Americans over here… When I don’t give money to charities, people think I’m a selfish SOB…

  • Great Briton

    All funded by the government. See blacklivesmatter campaigner funded by Difd

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