June 2024

The most important message you can give to the young?

As we know, most young people are keen to stay in the ‘freedom of movement’, ‘unlimited immigration’ EU. We also know that the majority of under-25s strongly support allowing more migrants into Britain.

So, here are probably the most important charts you could ever show our progressive, liberal, rapefugee-welcoming youth:

population growth african countries 4 charts

These charts show the population growth rates in several African countries. I used these a couple of days ago. But they are so critical to understanding where we are headed, that I’m using them again.

What do these tell us?

  • that Africa has no chance of ever being able to support its rapidly growing population
  • that ever more Africans fighting over limited resources of land, food and water will lead to an endless series of tribal and religious wars, worsening destitution and increasing poverty
  • that tens of millions of Africans will migrate to Europe to avoid poverty and war
  • that unless we defend our borders, we will be swamped by a mass migration of millions who are mostly inbred, uneducated, illiterate, unemployable, violent, intolerant followers of a medieval death cult pretending to be a religion
  • that Western civilisation is recklessly committing suicide because it no longer tries to protect itself

The ‘Illusion of Continuity’

There is an idea called the ‘Illusion of Continuity’. Every great civilisation has perished because of the Illusion of Continuity. With the Illusion of Continuity, a civilisation is so powerful at a certain point in its history that those living in that civilisation believe it will go on far into the future. This means they cannot conceive of their civilisation being destroyed. So they become morally lazy and no longer see any need to defend their civilisation.

Every great civilisation has perished due to the Illusion of Continuity. People believed – we are so powerful, we are so scientifically advanced, we are so civilised, how could our way of life and civilisation ever come to an end?

The lefties, the progressive, the liberal elites and the holier-than-thous all suffer from a severe case of the Illusion of Continuity. They cannot see that we in the West have created something valuable which can be destroyed in a few decades if we carry on allowing our countries to be invaded by an alien culture intent on domination and conquest, an invasion of human flotsam that will reduce our continent to Third-World filth and poverty.

Many of Europe’s largest cities have ‘no-go areas’ where the police and emergency services dare not enter. The education systems in some cities are breaking down due to a vast influx of people who see no value in education and loathe everything about our society. Our healthcare is collapsing due to the unlimited demands being placed on it by the influx of millions of migrants every year bringing with them diseases that had long ago been eradicated in Europe and burdening us with the disastrous mental and physical results of first-cousin marriages. Our social welfare is being bankrupted by the tens of millions who see no point working when they can have everything they want for free.

Ozymandias revisited?

Due to the historical blindness and moral bankruptcy of the ruling elites and the ignorance and naivety of the young, it is conceivable that someone in a couple of centuries, surveying the destitute wasteland that was once prosperous, thriving, civilised, technically-advanced Europe, will recall Shelley’s words:


2 comments to The most important message you can give to the young?

  • NoMore

    You know that debt clock that runs in NYC? Maybe we should have one showing the population growing in real time in various African, ME and SubCon countries. Perhaps alongside could be an Aid Clock showing the aid and charity money ?shovelled into these selfsame countries? The correllation could be quite striking.

  • AtheistAmerican

    Thought you were gonna quit for the sake of personal safety?

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