June 2024

Another 6,500 “rescue” lies

I’d like you to read this short piece from the Daily Telegraph today:

About 6,500 migrants have been rescued off the Libyan coast, the Italian coastguard said, in one of their busiest days of life-saving in recent years.

Dramatic images showed migrants from Eritrea and Somalia jumping off one of their boats into the Mediterranean and swimming toward rescuers. Others carefully carried babies onto the rescue ships.

“The command centre coordinated 40 rescue operations” that included vessels from Italy, humanitarian organisations and the EU’s border agency Frontex and “saved 6,500 migrants“, the coastguard wrote on Twitter.

Their boats too weak and technically unequipped for a voyage across the stretch of the Mediterranean to the shores of Italy, the migrants had set off with a small amount of gasoline in the overcrowded vessels, hoping to make it at least 15-20 miles out to sea and reach awaiting rescuers

I have underlined the words I think are important.

Our rulers claim that the 6,500 illiterate, violent, intolerant Third-World garbage have been “rescued”. But where have they been “rescued”? From the middle of a stormy Mediterranean Sea? Um, no, not exactly. They have been “rescued” just “off the Libyan coast” probably within sight of land.

The supposed ‘Command Centre’ claims to have “saved 6,500 migrants“. Actually, no they didn’t. What really happened was that there is an armada of EU and supposedly ‘humanitarian’ boats, the “awaiting rescuers“, sitting conveniently close just outside Libyan territorial waters. So, the people smugglers only need to provide enough fuel for their customers to reach this armada and then this armada (which we pay for), instead of dumping the invaders back on the beaches they have come from just a few miles away, helpfully ferries the African and Arab invasion force free of charge all the way to Europe in great comfort.

If we carry on “rescuing” several thousand illiterate, uneducated, uneducatable, unemployable, violent, religiously-backward migrants a day and ferrying them to a life living off benefits and crime in Europe, we will be overwhelmed and our civilisation destroyed:

we've ruined our countries

I fail to understand why our rulers hate us so much that they want to ruin our countries and all that Europe has achieved and turn Europe into a stinking, poverty-ridden, Third-World cesspit like the countries the invaders are coming from.

1 comment to Another 6,500 “rescue” lies

  • Graeme

    Look up and study the Count Coudenhove Kalergi plan and what you see developing in Europe becomes a lot easier to understand. You are correct to a certain extent that this is a deliberate act on the part of our rulers, however they are only the ‘useful idiots’ who have been seduced by a much darker power which is scheming against the indigenous populations of Europe and the culturally and technically advanced white races in particular.
    Count Kalergi I believe was the first recipient and architect of what is now known as the Charlemagne Prize, awarded in the main to those high profile political elite who excel in promoting this multicultural evil. More recent recipients include Tony Blair, Angela Merkel and the new Pope!

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