June 2024

Does Cameron have as much blood on his hands as Blair?

I guess you’ve all seen the picture – the young boy, Omran Daqneesh, who was hurt by Russian bombs which killed his brother in Aleppo in Syria:


This has led to much hand-wringing and criticism of Russia. But before we all get carried away by the anti-Putin mob, let’s remember who wanted to bomb Syria well before the Russians started. This was none other than our very own David Cameron who tried to turn the RAF into the JAF (Jihadi Air Force). Thankfully Parliament stopped Cameron from getting his Syrian war (though he did get his Libyan one). Otherwise the Syrian children being pulled from the rubble would have been victims of our bombs, not those of the Russians.

But as we watch helplessly as the Syrian (and Libyan) bloodbaths drag on, let’s not forget who was responsible for destabilising two nasty but peaceful countries and turning them into slaughterhouses.

Here’s a short piece from Peter Hitchens writing in the Daily Mail which pretty much sums up the Syrian catastrophe:

Why is Aleppo a war zone in the first place? Do you know? I will tell you. Syria was a peaceful country until it was deliberately destabilised by Saudi Arabia and its fanatical, sectarian Gulf allies, consumed with hatred for the Assad government and, above all, its ally Iran.

Worse, this monstrous intervention was supported by the USA, Britain and France, all sucking up to the Saudis for oil, money and arms contracts.

In the hope of bringing down Assad, we made a devil’s bargain with some of the worst fanatics in the Middle East, people who make Anjem Choudary look like the Vicar of Dibley.

We know of Britain’s role for certain because of the very strange case of Bherlin Gildo, a Swedish man accused by British authorities of attending a terror training camp in Syria. His trial collapsed in June 2015 because his defence lawyers argued that the terror groups he was accused of supporting had been helped by British intelligence.

The Assad state, as you might expect, defended itself against its attackers, helped in the end by Iran and Russia.

And the war which followed was the ruin of Syria, whose innocent people found their peaceful cities and landscape turned into a screaming battlefield, as it still is.

If you are truly grieved by the picture of poor little Omran, just be careful who you blame.

2 comments to Does Cameron have as much blood on his hands as Blair?

  • Kensington Chubb

    Another stunt pulled by the White Helmets and of course swallowed hook, line and sinker by our agenda-riddled MSM.

    Just search for the video of this incident when the boy was placed on the seat and then left alone by the “paramedic” to allow multiple men to film the scene and ask yourself why wasn’t he treated immediately.

    This is pure Syriwood, in the same vein as Pallywood.

  • Kensington Chubb

    The guy who took the photo in the ambulance is the same one in this link taking the selfie (wearing the same shirt). The two in the background of the selfie are the ones who beheaded a young kid recently with the video doing the usual rounds.

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