June 2024

“Israeli genocide” leads to? Lots more Palestinians!

The lefties and progressives sometimes get carried away in their hatred of successful, democratic, multi-religious Israel and accuse the Israelis of ‘genocide’ against the Palestinians.

So, let’s just check a couple of things. When our Turkish friends murdered one and a half million Christian Armenians a century ago, the population of Armenians fell dramatically and that was genocide.

When our German friends murdered six million Jews and gypsies around 70 years ago, the population of Jews and gypsies fell dramatically and that was genocide

Now let’s look at how the population of Palestinians is ‘falling’ due to the supposed Israeli genocide. Ooops, the number of Palestinians seems to be increasing rapidly on both the West Bank and the Gaza Strip:

gaza population 1

And the population of the Gaza Strip is set to continue shooting up in spite of the supposed ‘Israeli genocide’:

gaza population 2

The population of the small Strip, whose area is 365 square kilometers [141 square miles], passed 1.865 million in March 2016, or 5,109 people per square kilometer. Thus, the Gaza Strip is on the list of the most densely populated areas in the world.

A UN report published in 2012 said that by 2020 Gaza’s population will reach 2.1 million, and pointed out that basic infrastructure such as electricity, water, sanitation and social services cannot keep up with the needs of the growing population. The Gaza Strip needs much more electricity, hundreds of new schools and hospitals and thousands of housing units by the year 2020.

The fertility rate in the Gaza Strip has long been around 5.7 children per woman. Moreover, given that many men have three or four wives, families with 15 to 20 children are not uncommon.

According to experts, the absence of population policies in the Gaza Strip and the lack of strategic plans to cope with its growth has turned Gaza’s population into a ticking time bomb.

So much for the supposed ‘Israeli genocide’.

As for Israel itself, while the Israelis should fear Palestinian rockets and bombs, it’s the demographic bomb that will ultimately lead to the destruction of Israel:

pal child 4

One day a massive tidal wave of armed Arabs will sweep across Israel raping and murdering and transform a once advanced, prosperous, democratic country into a typical stinking, backwards, violent, barren, poverty-stricken Middle East cesspit.

Still, that’s what the lefties and Corbynites want.

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