June 2024

Is the Pope a liar, a hypocrite or just plain stupid?

This picture made me sick. It’s the Pope visiting Auschwitz last week supposedly praying for the millions of Jews slaughtered by the Germans (with the Vatican’s full co-operation and even encouragement) during World War 2:

Pope visits Auschwitz

This is the same Pope who denies that there is a conflict between Western Judeo-Christian civilisation and *sl*mism.

This is the Pope who conveniently looks the other was as Christians are persecuted, raped and murdered in almost every M*sl*m country in the world.

This is the Pope who wants to bring into Europe millions of violent, backwards, intolerant Third-World scum all of whom loathe the Jews and would happily see the few remaining Jews exterminated while also killing anyone who disagrees with their slightly extreme interpretation of their supposed religion:

pope's bestest friends for life

This is the Pope who doesn’t seem to understand that the invading *sl*mic armies want to establish a caliphate in Europe and destroy two thousand years of progress.

Is the Pope a liar, a hypocrite or just plain stupid?

Meanwhile, over in America

And talking of utter stupidity – in Crooked Hillary ‘Goldman Sachs’ Clinton’s first announcement on foreign policy, she has reiterated that a key priority for her will be the removal of President Assad in Syria. What is this stupid woman thinking? This is stupid for two more than obvious reasons:

  1. We now know that we need strong leaders in Middle-Eastern countries to keep the savages living there from each others’ throats
  2. This will put America in direct conflict with Russia’s Putin, who sensibly supports keeping Assad in power

Afghanistan, Iraq, Egypt, Libya, Yemen and now Syria – it seems that Crooked Hillary has learnt nothing.

Like all the politically-correct, cowardly, lying ruling elites, *sl*mophiliac Hillary is desperately trying to stoke up a non-existent conflict with orthodox christian Russia, a country that should be our ally in the coming clash between civilisation and darkness.

But political correctness and cowardice prevent her admitting who our real enemies are.

Trump may have many faults. But at least he realises that Putin’s Russia should be our friend and he understands and will take on the real threat facing Western civilisation.

4 comments to Is the Pope a liar, a hypocrite or just plain stupid?

  • NoMore

    I have long suspected the sensible, healthily Islam-aware Pope Benedict was forced out by the Globalists such as Merkel in order to get their own placeman in there i.e. Papa Frankie.

  • MGJ

    You report yet another case in the global outbreak of Stockholm Syndrome, whereby those first in line for the RoP’s ‘compassionate’ corrective measures (feminists, socialists, progressives, academics, gays, young women, Christians etc) display the most enthusiasm for their fate. Only Jews appear to have immunity to this horrible disease.

  • chris

    This man received the Charlemagne Prize this year, last year Martin Shultz, previous years, Herman van Rumpuy….Merkel….The Euro…Bill Clinton…Blair…..Kissinger…Heath…Monnet…Richard Nikolaus Coudenhove Kalergi.

    Look up the first prize winner and it all makes sense

  • MGJ

    Re: Charlemagne prize. I see Winston Churchill made it into the list too! If he could have seen some of the winners who were to follow him I suspect he’d have told them where to stick their prestigious medal.

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