June 2024

Lying, treacherous, failure Cameron’s final lies

I was almost nauseated yesterday listening to the lying, treacherous PR skiv Cameron  boasting about his supposed ‘achievements’ as Prime Minister.

So, let’s take the main four lies lying liar Cameron came out with yesterday:

1 Saved the British economy by bringing down the deficit

Yup, it’s true that the deficit has fallen under the Coalition and then the Tory Government of 2015 to 2016. But what greasy spiv Cameron never seems to mention is our national debt. Under Cameron this has risen from around £750bn in 2010 to over £1.5trn now. We are now paying about £60bn a year in interest on our national debt. This is more than we pay for either education or defence. We are sitting on a ticking debt bomb. If interest rates ever rise, our debt interest could easily hit £100bn a year – almost what we pay for the NHS.

2 Legalised Same-Sex Marriages (SSMs) because “it’s the right thing to do”

In May 2013, you might have noticed an almost unseemly rush in both the British and French parliaments to legalise SSM. What a coincidence that two major EU countries were doing this at almost exactly the same time! So, here’s the real explanation why both countries are hurrying to legalise SSM:

One of the human rights guaranteed by the European Convention on Human Rights is Article 8 – “The right to respect for private and family life”. Just so you know“Private Life “ includes “relationships between homosexuals and their partners with or without children”. Thankfully, for the moment, the Convention makes clear that: “Private life does not extend to the relationship between an owner and his pet”. Though, that could (and probably will) change in the future.

The European Court of Human Rights had already announced that SSM would be a “human right”, as soon as a few countries had legalised it. By 2013 SSMs were already legal in Belgium, Denmark, Netherlands, Portugal, Spain and Sweden. So the ECHR decided that “the recognition in national law of same-sex relationships had, by our present day, reached a degree that justified a broader understanding of family life as that term is used in Article 8 of the Convention”.

The British Government along with several other governments were committed to “full implementation” of this policy no later than June 2013. That’s why SSM laws were rushed through in several EU countries including Britain and France.

Cameron didn’t legalise SSMs because he wanted to. He was forced to by his bosses in Brussels

3 Increased foreign aid

Yes, idiot Cameron did increase foreign aid from around £7.5bn a year to about £12.5bn. But what Cameron doesn’t mention is that we don’t have this money. We have to borrow it. Then we have to pay interest on it every year, leaving less money for public services in Britain. And, one day, our children and their children will have to pay this money back. Moreover, most of our money goes nowhere near those who need it. Instead, as I have hopefully shown in my book THE GREAT CHARITY SCANDAL and in my short YouTube video (link below) it gets stolen by Africa’s corrupt, kleptocratic rulers. Moreover, just this increase in foreign aid of £4.6bn a year would have been enough to pay for the 32,400 police and 39,000 military who were sacked by Osborne in order to save money.

4 “I love my country and am proud to have served it”

Cameron must have a very short memory. He was forced into his EU In/Out Referendum by Farage and UKIP. He conducted sham negotiations with his EU bosses (Germany’s Merkel) where he asked for virtually nothing and got even less. Then he tried every dirty trick he could think of as part of his ‘Project Fear’ to cow us into handing over control of our once great country to corrupt, unelected Brussels bureaucrats controlled by our arch enemy Germany

No, Cameron. You are not a patriot and you loathe your country – its traditions, its history and its achievements. I suspect you did a dirty little deal with Merkel whereby, if you delivered a ‘Remain’, she would let you become the next head of the EU Commission or some such juicy Brussels sinecure.

Cameron, you are a greasy liar, you are a traitor and when your attempt to sell Britain down the river for your own personal gain failed, you had to go.

Good riddance!

(and, for those who haven’t seen it, here’s my short video showing what really happens to much of our foreign aid)


3 comments to Lying, treacherous, failure Cameron’s final lies

  • NoMore

    Well said. Two of the best things to come out of Brexit so far are the removals of this dreadful traitor and his sidekick Osborne from power.

    Btw the link to your video seems to be missing.

  • Tommy Atkins

    Well we nearly made it, we did the best we could but the Elite selected our next PM in our Pseudo Democracy.But that will pale in comparison to what History will ahve to say about the Elite Banksters and bought Politicians have done too us , they really are:


    And the rest:

  • MGJ

    Such is their capacity for self-delusion that I think these gangsters really do think they are ‘serving their country’ rather than the reality which is the opposite.

    Oh and you forgot to include ‘cowardly’: responding to a failed gamble by running away without actually initiating Brexit.

    With the four parties led respectively by May, Corbyn, …who?… and…er somebody else, one could easily become disenchanted with politics.

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