June 2022
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A diet that really works! Just ask any North Korean!

I get really tired of all the fad diets that come and go without making any difference to the weight of the suckers who spend so much time and money trying to follow them.

So, today I want to introduce you to a diet that really works. It’s the Kim Jong Un’s “Peepur Diet”.

Kim Jong Un, or ‘Fatboy’ as he’s not called by his reluctantly adoring subjects, is the inventor of the “Peepur Diet”. Though it is based on some ideas put together by his glorious father Kim Jong Il which resulted in the starvation and deaths of a couple of million people:

north korean diet 5

Thanks to Kim Jong Un’s “Peepur Diet” North Korea boasts the lowest rate of obesity in any country in the world. In fact, there’s only one fat person in the whole of North Korea – none other than the inventor of the “Peepur Diet” Kim Jong Un himself:

north korean diet 4

You might find it a bit odd that the creator of this diet is the one who refuses to follow it. But when you consider the sacrifice he’s making, that he’s willing to be fat so the rest of his people can be skinny, you can only admire his dedication and his concern for his people’s health and well-being.

So, here it is – Kim Jong Un’s “Peepur Diet”:

Step 1: Give all your food to the Great Leader of your glorious country.
Step 2 [optional]: Eat tree bark, sawdust, grass etc:

north korean diet 2

Step 3: In the unlikely event of you still being hungry, eat any animals or insects you can find. Rats are particularly nutritious, but hurry, there aren’t many left. Though there are still quite a few cockroaches and they’re nice and crunchy, just like pork scratchings (though you probably don’t know what those are)
Step 4 [illegal]: For exercise, try travelling to other countries on foot to escape starvation. Get caught and put in hard Labour camp till you die – from beatings and/or starvation

A few years on the North Korean diet and even you closest family and friends won’t recognise you:

north korean diet 1

So, try it today. Kim Jong Il’s “Peepur Diet”!

The best way to lose weight and stay thin (unless, of course, you’re Kim Jong Il himself)

3 comments to A diet that really works! Just ask any North Korean!

  • Wethesheeple

    Mass Defections To UKIP After Tory ‘Coronation’ Of Theresa May.

    Mass reports of defections from the Conservative Party to UKIP have been reported on social media today following the impending ‘coronation’ of Home Secretary Theresa May to leader of the Conservative Party and soon-to-be Prime Minister.

    Following the news that Brexiteer Andrea Leadsom was set to withdraw from the Tory leadership race – leaving Ms. May to succeed David Cameron as Prime Minister on Wednesday – long-term Tory voters and members are tearing up their membership cards and joining the UK Independence Party (UKIP) seemingly en masse.

    Life-long Tory voters were cancelling their memberships to join UKIP as early as midday, announcing their moves on Twitter and Facebook, ostensibly in protest at Ms. May’s authoritarian and anti-Brexit views.

  • Wethesheeple

    Its kind of like,
    “Dont p*ss up my back and tell me that its raining”
    Tory Stitchup, Teresa BREMAIN selected (not elected by any of us) by the Elite rich 1% ers (that SACHS I mean SUXS)that rule over us as a consequence of us voting by Majority for a LEAVE leader.

    Ok so “Call me Dave” did the honourable thing and as one of the Bremainers , fell on his sword and resigned as Prime Minister, the correct and admirable thing to do. Now Teresa May as Prime Minister and also as a Bremainer must also do the Honourable thing and fall on her sword too, it is exactly the same situation requiring the same result, all MPs must shun her and refuse to work with her, she must resign, no support.
    She must be voted out, now where is that Online Petition “Teresa May must resign immediately”?

  • MGJ

    Another failed state with a starving population is Venezuela, despite having the largest known oil reserves in the world. No matter how big the pile of corpses gets, just one more push and Socialist paradise will be here!

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