June 2024

I blame Israel. After all, *sl*m is the Religion of Peace

We all know that *sl*m is the Religion of Peace:

blame israel 2

So, tiny Israel must be guilty of all the slaughter and mayhem in the Middle East:

blame israel

Unfortunately, many leading M*sl*ms don’t understand that their religion is peaceful:

blame israel 4

I wonder why they don’t understand their own religion:

blame israel 3

3 comments to I blame Israel. After all, *sl*m is the Religion of Peace

  • AtheistDude

    Mooslims get more respect and admiration here in America than non-religious guys (like yours truly).
    See, the Mooslims at least worship A god and have Holy Books to follow.
    AtheistDude here is feared, hated, despised – for being a “nothing” and is considered a Lost Loser. I’ve literally had 9 out of 10 women reject me when they learned I had no religion. A good number of them Ass-umed I therefore worshiped Satan or some other entity and/or feared/hated God. Many people who learned what I was simply did not want to be around me. Some were nervous to be around me! “Don’t believe him. Don’t trust him. But Watch Him!” was what was said in whispers at my last job when the word got out.

    Meanwhile everyone cuddled up with the Mooslims.
    They’re to be pitied. Want to debate Islam? You’re an Islamophobe! Shut the fuck up! The Religion of Peace is Above debate!

    See, Mooslims at least Believe so sincerely in their own shit that they’re willing to blow themselves up for it. That yields real respect from the religious majority. Even those who aren’t Mooslims. Because they call that true faith and devotion to one’s beliefs!
    And after all, Mooslims are So Persecuted in this country, being minorities, everyone should side with this poor underdog cult. They’re always crying about one thing or another, like halal meat or no prayer rugs or…

    I kinda just want to give up and crawl into a hole in the ground. This society is Lost.

  • chris

    Other than those people indoctrinated from birth, here in the UK, I find very few people actively subscribe to any kind of flaky belief system (religion). As someone once nearly said “you don’t have to be stupid to believe in a god, but it helps”

  • David Brown

    Chris please google up
    intelligent design
    The Muslim elite have a hold on people – its actually a truth
    They have hijacked intelligent design from mainly christian sources to tell them that that the world was created.
    start here and then we can go on.

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