June 2024

Just remember what we avoided – the sinking EU-boat

Whatever happens in Britain now – from a worldwide economic slowdown to rain at Wimbledon – will be blamed on we 17 million people who voted to get out of the corrupt, wasteful, undemocratic, totalitarian EU. For example, there probably will be a slowdown in business investment for a while. But against that we may (providing we’re not forced to vote again to get the ‘right answer’) get back our freedom. And as they say, many business bosses know the cost of everything but the value of nothing. How do you put a value on democracy and freedom?

For months or even years to come, sneering members of the elites will be all over the media accusing us ignorant, unwashed plebs for causing disaster by disobeying the orders of our superiors.

So, let’s just take a moment to remember all the things we can avoid by leaving the rotten, failing EU empire:

  1. Paying hundreds of billions to bail out the bankrupt Club Med countries and bankrupt European banks
  2. The right of 79 million ‘Asian’ Turks to come and live off benefits in Britain while their men rape any white girls they want
  3. Merkel demanding Britain takes a few hundred thousand of the supposed ‘Syrians’ she so generously invited into Germany
  4. Corrupt, incompetent European judges telling us we can’t deport terrorists, rapists and murderers
  5. Britain’s interests being ignored by EU lawmakers as we get outvoted again and again by political pygmies from countries that are just mafia criminal enterprises living off our money
  6. Paying around £10bn a year to be squandered by EU bureaucrats or stolen by those who have realised that the best way to get rich is from plundering EU funds
  7. Our young people being unable to ever find decent jobs as there would always have been plenty of Europeans more qualified than them and willing to work harder for much less money (though the current 18-30 year-olds don’t seem to be able to grasp this simple point)
  8. Becoming just a minor, northern administrative region of a German-run totalitarian European empire
  9. Extinguishing of free speech in the interests of political correctness
  10. All our main cities and towns coming under ‘Asian’ control with ‘Asian’ councils and ‘Asian’ rape and robbery gangs roaming the streets unopposed, while any whites protesting about the ‘Asian” takeover will be arrested and prosecuted
  11. And much much more……..

At the moment, all those in the sinking EU-boat are mocking us, shouting insults at us and threatening us. But in a couple of years (providing we are ever actually allowed to leave the EUSSR), we’ll realise that getting out of the EU-disaster was the best thing we ever did:

abandon ship

6 comments to Just remember what we avoided – the sinking EU-boat

  • NoMore

    Thanks for the heartening summary of what we are escaping from!

  • MGJ

    Very welcome too. There are unfortunately plenty of things we won’t be escaping from, such as the lies and insults of the left.

    After months of intimidation and being called waaaciiiists!, the reason we won was – wait for it – because we’re all waaaciiiissts! It follows that the will of the people should be replaced by the will of big government and big business. The very definition of the word Fascist.

  • chris

    I fear the Leave campaign has only won a significant battle. The war is yet to be won and the biggest obstacle might be the media which ‘remains’ intent on causing yet more fear. Perhaps in the hope that eventually we will accept that democracy has been beaten and the politicians know best.

  • Barry Richards

    If the out campaign brings a Prime Minister that wants a restriction on the free movement of EU citizens then I believe there won’t be access to the European market without heavy tariffs to trade.
    That will have a damaging affect on the financial sector and European manufacturers in Britain. It may cost us more than now with an economic downturn to another recession. Careful what you wish for.

  • Stuz Graz

    Interesting that Switzerland waited until after the brexit vote to lodge request to restrict freedom of movement following their own referendum. There is already a small precedent in the form of Andorra which has limits on numbers given their special circumstances but still within EftA. UK is big enough to justify a whole lot more special treatment as we offer access to an enormous market in return.

  • NoMore

    If we repealed the European Communities Act 1972 or invoked Article 48 as did Greenland when they escaped the Singularity and just said we’ll settle for the standard WTO tariffs these average out at less than 2.5%. The EU can’t charge more than this without contravening the WTO rules. 2.5% is chickenfeed – the pound has dropped by more than that in the last few days meaning the tariffs are already paid for effectively. Most goods imported into the EU come from China and the rest of the world – they aren’t whinign about “heavy” tariffs or suffering damaging effects on their maufacturers – they are just making money hand over fist from the lowest growing trade bloc on Earth.

    Hold the faith – Project Fear is a crock of sh!t – make the massed ranks of vested interests and gullible nitwits eat it.

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