June 2024

Freedom of serfdom? That’s the choice! Vote FREEDOM! Vote LEAVE!

(Today, I’m doing two blogs. For my first blog, I have just lazily copied an article in yesterday’s Times. It’s by Melanie Phillips the writer of Londonistan – a book about the rise of radical *sl*m in Britain. In her article I particularly liked her line about how Britain had become an infantilised dependency culture. A dismaying number now believe Britain is too weak to go it alone in the world”.)

Here’s her article:

In the 1975 referendum the former prime minister Edward Heath, who had taken Britain into the European Economic Community (the EU’s precursor) two years previously, claimed membership would have no effect on British sovereignty. The EEC was purely an economic arrangement, he insisted, and we couldn’t prosper outside it.

I thought these claims ranged from deeply misleading to outright lies. It was the first time I was old enough to vote and I ticked the box to leave. I was dismayed that the British people voted to maintain the anti-democratic status quo.

Now we have reached that point of decision once again. The EU has metastasised into a full-blown superstate project. In the intervening years, the damage it has done to core British industries such as fishing, its crippling effect on Britain’s economic bedrock of small businesses and its increasing subjugation of domestic to European law have steadily ratcheted up public fury.

In addition, the EU’s founding principle of the free movement of people makes it impossible for Britain to control its immigration levels. To take the biscuit, anyone voicing such concerns has been damned as a Little Englander xenophobic racist troglodyte imbecile. The many millions who have thus had these anxieties dismissed and traduced by the entire political class are now spitting tacks over the threats, scares and sheer contempt for ordinary people issuing from Remain.

There are nevertheless many who, bombarded by claim and counter-claim, remain deeply uncertain how to vote. Not surprising: this is a most complex issue with profound and valid points on both sides.

Some of Remain’s arguments cannot be dismissed. It is right to warn that Brexit would cause turbulence and difficulties. Financial markets hate uncertainty and the pound would almost certainly fall. The legal complexities of disentangling the UK from all its European agreements would be formidable. We don’t know what kind of trade deals the UK would secure, or with whom. This turbulence, however, will in due course ease. In the longer term I believe it cannot possibly be in the UK’s financial interests, despite being outside the euro, to be tied into the EU’s sclerotic and failing protectionist economic system predicated on stamping out competitiveness among member states.

In any event, the issue for me that trumps all the rest is the ability to govern ourselves. I don’t believe for a moment that the UK, the world’s fifth-largest economy, will fail to prosper outside the EU. In the last analysis, however, I’d rather be poor and free than rich and enslaved.

The prevalent impulse to “keep hold of nurse for fear of finding worse” shows the extent to which the UK has become an infantilised dependency culture. A dismaying number now believe Britain is too weak to go it alone in the world.

Without independent self-government, however, there can be no democracy. We will increasingly become, as the EU intends, a regional province of a chimerical empire that has no cultural coherence or legitimacy but represents merely the desire to control all under its bureaucratic thumb.

The absence of self-government has already had a corrosive effect on parliament, where MPs have lost power and authority due to the steady encroachment of EU laws and regulations.

This political decline has been deepened by the belief that nations are intrinsically threatening because they are governed by self-interest. The only legitimate institutions are transnational and thus supposedly committed to peace, love and the brotherhood of man.

Such EU faux-universalism has helped undermine the building blocks of our society by promoting the notion that all cultures have identical value, self-designated victim groups must be indulged in their illiberal demands and that war is worse than enslavement.

This presents acute dangers for Britain’s defences. It’s not just the implications of uncontrolled migration. Nor that, as Field Marshal Lord Guthrie and other top brass have warned, the proposed EU army would undercut Nato, the real bastion of Europe’s security.

It’s also that people will only fight to defend their own nation, with which they patriotically identify on account of its history, culture and institutions. No one would willingly fight and die for Brussels.

With so many in Europe similarly enraged by political powerlessness, Brexit might have a domino effect and cause the EU to break up altogether. Remainers say this would risk a return to war between nations and the possible resurgence of fascism.

It’s true that the European project’s foundational aim was to contain German militarism. Times, though, have changed and Germany is now a democracy. Moreover, the EU is itself fuelling the rise of neo-fascist parties capitalising on the way it rides roughshod over national interests.

If European free societies are to defend themselves against their enemies, whether from the Islamic world, Russia or the Far East, this will only be done by sovereign nations fighting for their own future in alliance with other such nations.

Britain’s historic record of inventing and defending liberty and democracy, not to mention the strength of its economy, mean that this week’s vote gives it the chance not only to become again a democratic nation but to put itself at the head of the defence of Europe.

Freedom or serfdom? That’s the choice on Thursday that faces us all.

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  • NoMore

    Well said Melanie. There are none so blind as those who cannot see. A lot of the future serfs voting with the self-regarding “elites”, banksters and big corporates spout nice platitudes like “we should stick together” etc. Sure we should, but as individual nation states not a homogenous mess of folk unglued from their own cultures and histories and place in the world. Europe yes, EU no!

  • Sound Money

    Britain Doesn’t Need the EU to Thrive .

    The reality is that Brexit would probably only have a minor initial impact on trade or GDP and, on the contrary, would open up vast possibilities for the UK to exploit trade relations with other faster growing regions of the world without having to reach complex trade agreements that satisfy the vested interests of the other 28 members of the EU.

    The impact of Brexit on trade has been grossly exaggerated. In today’s world, a product has parts coming from all over the world. A BMW is only called German because of historical association. In reality, the steel in a BMW may come from Brazil or China, the upholstery from the UK, the engine from France, and the electronics from the USA. Labor costs are only 10% of a car and some may even be foreign labor. Also, profits are distributed to BMW shareholders and bondholders which are more likely to be sent to a hedge fund in Japan than to the mechanic in Dusseldorf.

  • Tim Erhart

    We can take control of our borders, Tomorrow..


    Austrian Foreign Minister: Europe has ‘Lost Control’ Of Borders.

    Austrian Foreign Minster Sebastian Kurz claims that Europe has “lost control” of its borders and proposes harsher measures toward people smugglers and migrants.

    Speaking at a meeting of European Union (EU) officials in Luxembourg on Monday, Mr. Kurz said: “We have lost control. At the moment we, the EU, do not decide who comes to Europe, the people smugglers do.”

  • Tim Erhart

    ‘Remain’ Champion Jeremy Corbyn: EU Membership Means NO Immigration Limit.

    ‘F*** the UK’: Hundreds of stone-throwing migrants force Calais to close as they try to BOARD ferries to Britain in violent rampage as police fire tear gas

  • Tim Erhart

    The Queen’s Brexit challenge to dinner guests: ‘give me three good reasons why Britain should be part of Europe’

    The Queen’s biographer, Robert Lacey, reports that Her Majesty has been presenting her dinner guests with a special EU challenge of late. She has reportedly asked dinner companions: ‘Give me three good reasons why Britain should be part of Europe’. Lacey has suggested that the phrasing of the question means that her comments ought to be interpreted as another indication that she backs Brexit.

  • Tim Erhart

    Out – and into the world: why The Spectator is for Leave
    We were right in 1975, and we’re right again now.

    Since 1975 the EU has mutated in exactly the way we then feared and now resembles nothing so much as the Habsburg Empire in its dying days. A bloated bureaucracy that has outgrown all usefulness. A parliament that represents many nations, but with no democratic legitimacy. Countries on its periphery pitched into poverty, or agitating for secession. The EU’s hunger for power has been matched only by its incompetence. The European Union is making the people of our continent poorer, and less free.

    This goes far beyond frustration at diktats on banana curvature. The EU has started to deform our government. Michael Gove revealed how, as a cabinet member, he regularly finds himself having to process edicts, rules and regulations that have been framed at European level. Laws that no one in Britain had asked for, and which no one elected to the House of Commons has the power to change. What we refer to as British government is increasingly no such thing. It involves the passing of laws written by people whom no one in Britain elected, no one can name and no one can remove.

  • 1975

    Target2 Imbalances Grow: ECB Overtakes Greece as Third Largest Debtor.

    Target2 imbalances in the eurozone continue to mount. The ECB itself now has the third largest negative balance following Italy and Spain.

  • 1975

    Why Brexit Is Such a Threat to the New World Order.

    If you think that a referendum vote on June 23 by UK citizens on whether to withdraw from the European Union (called Brexit, short for British Exit), is simply a proxy on whether the UK should dislodge itself from the edicts of Brussels, think again. It’s morphed into a much broader debate on whether citizens worldwide should surrender their right to a participatory democracy in order to further the interests of multinational corporations, secret trade agreements packed with secret court tribunals, global banking hegemony and central banks attempting to keep all these balls in the air for their one percent overlords.

    There is no question that mega banks and stock markets controlled by the mega banks’ financing of margin loans are throwing a Brexit tantrum in much the same way they threw taper tantrums when the U.S. Federal Reserve hinted it would be ending its previous Quantitative Easing program, i.e., buying up their piles of toxic debt. Global banks are accustomed to cracking their whips and throwing market tantrums until they get their way. Jamie Dimon, Chairman and CEO of JPMorgan Chase even had the temerity to visit the U.K. earlier this month and threaten his workers there with job losses if they voted in favor of Brexit. JPMorgan’s frequent partner in crime, Citigroup, has also warned workers of job cuts if the Brexit vote succeeds.

  • Viveladifference.

    On June 23 the U.K. will hold a referendum to decide whether to exit the European Union, a vote dubbed Brexit. Debate on the vote has served to harden views, either favorably or unfavorably, across Europe.

    This week, the Pew Research Center released a survey which found that 61 percent of the French hold an unfavorable view of the EU, leading to speculation that there may be demands for a referendum (Frexit) in France to seek a vote on leaving the EU. In fact, a French presidential candidate, Bruno Le Maire, wrote recently in the French publication, Le Monde, that if elected president, he would support holding a referendum vote on the issue.

  • Malcolm Osman

    Interesting that with regards to the ongoing Calais riots (Some friends of mine who were there described it as a ‘war-zone’!). The BBC (Burqua Broadcasting Corporation) seems to have imposed an entire news blackout – preferring to tell us the opinions of David Beckham on the benefits of staying in. Presumably the ‘establishment’ have leaned on the corporation to withold any news items that might skew the result toward leave.. Although this doesn’t seem to apply the unfortunate Jo Cox MP – which is turning into a week long media ‘grief-fest’.

  • Viveladifference.

    After Brexit: Now It’s Italy’s Turn

    Greece is bankrupt, even as eurozone politicians continue their game of “pretend and postpone” when it comes to managing Greece’s debt mountain.
    Spain is unable to stabilize its debt-to-GDP ratio even in the most optimistic scenarios and under the stewardship (until now) of the conservative party.
    Portugal has a total debt load above the level of Japan (about 400% of GDP), paired with a shrinking population, lack of education and innovation and clearly bankrupt.
    Ireland was and is competitive, but will never be in a position to pay off its huge private and public debt burden in an orderly way.

  • Viveladifference.

    It’s Not Just the UK – Widespread Support for EU Referendums Seen Across the Continent .

    The truth is that most of these EU technocrats continue to dream about a closer EU, i.e., more centralization and less democracy for the people of Europe. In their minds, the idea that a major member of the EU could ever leave wasn’t even comprehensible. Their goal has been, and continues to be, a push toward a European superstate fantasy in which national sovereignty is completely subjugated to their incontrovertible undemocratic decrees. As such, they subconsciously recognize that even if Brexit is avoided, any effort to further consolidate power in Brussels will be extraordinarily difficult. This recognition is too devastating to come to terms with, so they will fight it.

    This is also why they can’t see that the reason anti-EU sentiment is on the rise not just in Britain, but across the entire continent, is a direct response to their own actions. Specifically, how recent issues of enormous consequence, from the Greek “bailout(s)” to the refugee crisis, were dealt with.

    For example:

    German Study Proves It – 95% of Greek “Bailout” Money Went to the Banks

    Does the Migrant Crisis Represent the End of the European Union?

    As such, it should come as no surprise that rather than learning lessons from any Brexit, governments across the EU plan on punishing the Brits in order to warn others about getting any rebellious notions. Just like a schoolteacher would take the rod to a intransigent child.

  • Tony belfast

    Brexit: Win or Lose, EU Going the Way of Soviet Union.

    But the economics of the EU are increasingly disadvantageous for the UK. The British still pay approximately 12 percent of the EU budget, despite the share of UK exports going to the EU withering from 54 percent in 2006 to 44 percent in 2015.

    Stratfor believes that if voters approve the referendum, Germany would want to come to a quick settlement agreement in order to minimize any financial instability. But Stratfor also believes that France will want to be very vindictive, to send a message to the Eurosceptic parties that have spread across the EU. This conflict among the EU’s largest economies could create real chaos.

    The Swiss had applied to join the EU. But watching the European establishment’s dishonesty in trying to defeat a Brexit, the Swiss Parliament just voted 27 to 13 on June 16 to rescind the application to join the EU.

    What may be the beginning of the end of the European Union has great similarities to the beginning of the end of the Soviet Union of Socialist Republics, whose 1977 Constitution Article 72 stated, “Each Union Republic shall retain the right freely to secede from the USSR.”

  • GodHelpUs

    Cameron’s Elite Will Stop at Nothing to Win This EU Referendum: Here’s Why we Mustn’t Let Them.

    There comes a point – and Cameron has long since passed it – where you say to yourself:

    “I am in blood/Stepp’d in so far that should I wade no more/Returning were as tedious as go o’er”.

    This is the context in which we need to view Cameron’s behaviour in this EU referendum campaign. In my view it has been ugly, desperate, divisive, despicable. (All the things that Leave’s campaign has so often accused of being: but then, SJWs always project…) In the thirty years or so I that have been following the British political scene I don’t recall seeing any senior politician – not even the arch-fiend Tony Blair himself – conduct himself with quite such blatant disregard for honesty or fairness or the dignity of his office.

    And as Cameron has led, so his shabby crew of Remainers have followed. When the ship’s captain fails to set standards, even the most principled officers and crewmen start turning rotten.

    Cameron’s emotive plea yesterday outside 10 Downing Street was another case in point. Under referendum purdah rules he’s not supposed to use government property or buildings for campaigning purposes. But what the hell, he’s got a referendum to win and when you’re Cameron and you’ve a referendum to win anything goes: abusing the Civil Service’s traditions of neutrality (aided and abetted by his sinister familiar Sir Jeremy Heywood); shroud-waving over murdered MP Jo Cox (whose pro-mass-migration, hard-left politics Cameron has suddenly decided are the best thing ever); wearing your Prime Minister’s hat and putting on your best “I’m a grown-up you can trust me” voice to assure the nation that if they don’t vote Remain, Third World War will break out, property prices will plummet and the children of tomorrow will cry.

    It goes, I think, to the very heart of what this referendum is really about. Forget all that stuff about immigration and regulation and expense and so on, for a moment, important though they are. Why it matters above all is that it’s the last chance most of us are ever going to get in our lifetime to vote for an outcome which is genuinely in the interest of us the people – the demos – rather than that of the increasingly powerful, ever-more-deeply-entrenched elite.

    Whether you consider yourself on the political left or the right really doesn’t matter as far as this particular referendum is concerned. I’m proud to be in the company of Labour MPs like Kate Hoey and Gisela Stuart and, of lefty rabble rousers like the turbulent priest Giles Fraser because they feel as passionately as we Ukippers and Conservatives do that democracy is all that prevents powerful elites trampling all over us.

    At the beginning, I talked about David Cameron and why he’s prepared to win this referendum at almost any cost.

    Now here’s the worrying part. This doesn’t just apply to David Cameron. It also applies to:

    George Osborne; Christine Lagarde; the 10,000 EU apparatchiks who earn more than the Prime Minister; Goldman Sachs and most of the rest of the finance industry; the Magic Circle law firms; the big corporations which just love all that Euro regulation because it wipes out smaller competitors; all the big left-wing charities, environmental ones like the RSPB and the WWF especially because the EU pays them so much money; corporate lobbyists; SJW activists at Avaaz and and; the IMF; George Soros; wealthy landowners – especially those with EU-mandated wind turbines paying them squillions; everyone who works in diversity, compliance, human resources, sustainability, and equality; Nick Clegg; Nick Clegg’s lawyer wife; Liberal Democrats generally; Chris Evans and Jeremy Clarkson; everyone at the Guardian; everyone at the BBC apart from Andrew Neil, probably; and so on.

    Make no mistake, we’re up against a bunch of bastards here so determined and unscrupulous they make Ramsay Bolton look like Mary Berry. These guys have EVERYTHING to lose from this – money, power, reputation, five-course lunches with foie gras, lobster, and Chassagne-Montrachet… – and they’ll stop at nothing to prevent us taking away their often ill-gotten privileges which too often the rest of us have to pay for.

    What they’ll do to us, if we let them win, will be unspeakable.

    So let’s pull ourselves together, give it one last push and make sure that in the most important battle most of us will ever have to fight it’s the good guys who end up triumphant.

  • DeathoftheEuro

    ECB Balance Sheet Hits Record High (With Stocks At 18-Month Lows)

    Draghi, we have a problem.

    The European Central Bank’s balance sheet has reached a new record high this week – surpassing the chaotic expansion peak in 2012 – as Mario Draghi prepares to unleash TLTRO-II, which will definitely increase this time (just like LTRO and NIRP didn’t!)

    “Fool me once” in 2011/12 but not in 2015/16.

    Given the utter failure to create any ‘real’ economic gains via the expansion of the ECB balance sheet, the plunge in stock prices (and thus crushing the trickle-down wealth-creation mandate) leaves Draghi in the same boat as Yellen – utterly impotent.

  • DDay

    Be under no illusion , if we vote to stay in the EU tomorrow then that will be the end of this country, finished. We will suffer the same fate as the rest of the trapped EU states(no not states now, ZONES) and we will sink into the Abyss with them. A country in name only our votes on anything ,hence forth will be superfluous and irrelevent.We will be broken up into Zones directly answerable to Brussels and its unelected Dictatorship, no democracy here Comrades.

  • MGJ

    For perhaps the only time in history (possibly barring post-apartheid South Africa), we have an opportunity to reject totalitarian, anti-democratic government without bloodshed. But without a 10-point lead, I fear electoral fraud and possibly vote rigging will mean we lose the opportunity. I fear tragedy awaits both in the next few days when the results are announced and far worse in years to come.

    One piece of good news is that the weather forecast isn’t great so perhaps the idlers and the parasites will be more likely to stay home.

  • Tommy Atkins

    In Surprise Twist, EU Will Resume Turkey EU Membership Talks Just Days After Brexit Referendum.

    It appears that David Cameron may have fibbed a bit when he said that one of the most contentious issues behind the Brexit campaign, namely the treatment of Turkish EU membership, won’t be a topic for “decades” and that Turkey won’t join the EU until the year 3000. As AFP reports, “The EU will open new membership talks with Turkey as planned in a few days, EU diplomatic sources said Wednesday, just as Ankara’s accession becomes a hot-button issue in Britain’s vote on its future in the bloc.” Citing a source, who asked not to be named, AFP said that EU member states will meet June 30 to agree to open a new negotiating chapter with Turkey.

  • Tommy Atkins

    In Extensive Interview, UK Political Giant Explains Why He Is Voting For Brexit.

    Any still undecided readers who have been bombarded by the “gloom and doom” of the “Remain” campaign are urged to listen to the following extensive interview courtesy of RealVision with renowned political heavyweight, Dr. Liam Fox MP, British politician and former UK Secretary of State for Defence, who was the first UK politician to come out in favor of Brexit.

    Fox speaks to Dr. Pippa Malmgren, former economic advisor to two U.S. presidents and founder/CEO of DRPM Group and H Robotics. Fox explains why he stands behind Brexit for three main reasons largely surrounding sovereignty and control, including power over British law-making, borders, and spending. He strongly believes that choosing to exit the EU would not cause Britain, with its strong security forces, sophisticated economy and legal system, to suffer the devastating outcome predicted by all those in the “Bremain” camp.

  • Tommy Atkins

    Head Of Political Betting At Ladbrokes: “If I Had To Put Money On It, I’d Back Leave”

  • Tommy Atkins

    The Elite dont like us thinking for ourselves!!

    The World’s Central Bankers Are Gathering At The BIS’ Basel Tower Ahead Of The Brexit Result

  • Tommy Atkins

    Toward Freedom: Will The UK Write History?

    It is a rare moment in history. The British haven’t had their say since they voted to join the European Community back in 1975. What was initially thought of as a project to unite Europe into one common market, with the benefits of free trade and great promises of increasing national wealth, has mutated into a completely different entity.

    It is no coincidence that 1997 was the same year the Labor Party (founded by the Fabian society) came to power. Andrew Neather, former advisor to PM Tony Blair, revealed that the true nature behind the open border mass-immigration policy of the Labor Party was politically motivated to help construct a “truly multicultural country”. As per Neather, the ministers hesitated to reveal their plans publicly, which could risk alienating the Party’s “core working class vote”. Therefore, to promote their open-borders agenda, they focused on arguments based on tentative projections of potential economic benefits.

    However, beneath the surface, this heavily marketed idea of “multiculturalism” or “cultural Marxism”, to describe it more accurately, has very little to do with diversity and positive cultural exchanges, as advertised. In essence, it allows governments to intervene extensively in society, under the pretext of acting as a protector of the minorities who grow increasingly dependent on the state. The social division, tensions and discords that would inevitably ensue, would provide fertile ground for further restrictions on personal liberties and self-determination.

    The Brexit camp argues that Britain has lost its sovereignty and autonomous decision-making, and paid a high price, both economic and political, to be part of the union. The immigration crisis and the inability to react to it, is merely another manifestation of this excessive centralization.

    After Brexit, though, Britain would no longer answer to a higher entity, nor be constrained by it. It would enjoy more self-determination and be able to directly address the interests of the British public. That does not mean that there will be less trade or that Britain will close its borders in the name of protectionism. Let us not forget, the UK is the second largest economy in the EU, so a Brexit will be a severe blow to the EU.

    With this leveraging power in mind, an independent UK can simply renegotiate its trade agreements, and most likely achieve a better deal overall, as well. Brexit, despite the “doom and gloom” predictions and dire warnings of the Bremain camp, will just allow the country to freely make whichever decision is right for its citizens at any given moment in time.

    The UK Referendum is indeed of great significance, but there is another country that has already gone through with an EU exit of their own, yet no one seems to remember: Greenland, an autonomous Danish territory, which voted in a referendum in 1982 to leave the EEC (European Economic Community), the EU predecessor.
    Back in Switzerland, recent polls showed impressive support for the Brexit camp. Last year, the Swiss voted on a referendum against immigration. By doing so, they essentially refused to commit to EU regulations and demanded to limit immigration quotas according to what they see acceptable for their economy and social cohesion. Staying true to their historical record, the Swiss know all too well the value of autonomy.

    The significance of a Brexit outcome goes even beyond economics, regional political games and trade relations. It would also mark a cultural and philosophical turning point: Brexit would be an act of modern enlightenment. As Kant put it, 250 years ago:

    “Enlightenment is man’s emergence from his self-imposed nonage. Nonage is the inability to use one’s own understanding without another’s guidance. This nonage is self-imposed if its cause lies not in lack of understanding but in indecision and lack of courage to use one’s own mind without another’s guidance. Dare to know! (Sapere aude.) “Have the courage to use your own understanding,” is therefore the motto of the Enlightenment.”

    Every freedom loving person on the planet has their eyes fixed on this referendum. A clear majority voting for Brexit and therefore for more decentralization, would show that the British realized they can break free from their self-imposed nonage, and reclaim individual liberty.

    It would be nothing short of an act of courage to challenge the status quo and a chance for the British to speak their own mind. Writing from a little town in Switzerland, I wish the British public a smooth transition to a sovereign United Kingdom, for the sake of freedom, self-determination and peace.

  • Whatsitallabout

    Paul Craig Roberts Just Exposed The Terrifying Reason Why The Elites Had To Stop Brexit At All Costs.

    The End Of London As A Financial Center?
    One is the interests of the New York banks and Wall Street to eliminate the UK as a financial center competitor. This blatant fact has escaped the notice of the City and the Bank of England.

    The British have forgotten that they only have one foot in the EU, because the UK was permitted to keep its own currency. The UK does not use the euro and, thus, retains the power to finance the British government. Greece, Portugal, Spain, Italy, France, Germany, etc., do not have this capability. They are dependent on private banks for financing.

    In order to trick the UK into joining the EU, the British were given special privileges. However, these privileges cannot last forever. The EU process is one of political integration. As I reported years ago, Jean-Claude Trichet, at that time the president of the European Central Bank, said that to complete the political integration of Europe, the fiscal policies of member states would be centralized. It is impossible to centralize fiscal policies if the UK is an independent financial center with its own central bank and currency.

    Why The Elites Had To Stop Brexit At All Costs
    Wall Street understands that the defeat of Brexit means a shortened lifespan for London as a financial center, as it is impossible to be a financial center unless a country has its own currency and central bank. As it is impossible for the UK to be a member of the EU and not operate under the European Central Bank, once the Brexit referendum is defeated, the process of gradually forcing the UK into the euro will begin.

    The other powerful interest is the interest of Washington to prevent one country’s exit from leading to the exit of other countries. As CIA documents found in the US National Archives make clear, the EU was a CIA initiative, the purpose of which is to make it easy for Washington to exercise political control over Europe. It is much easier for Washington to control the EU than 28 separate countries. Moreover, if the EU unravels, so likely would NATO, which is the necessary cover for Washington’s aggression.

    The EU serves Washington and the One Percent. It serves no one else. The EU is a murderer of sovereignty and peoples. The intent is for the British, French, Germans, Italians, Greeks, Spanish, and all the rest to disappear as peoples. Brexit is the last chance to defeat this hidden agenda, and apparently the British will vote tomorrow without having a clue as to what is at stake and what the vote is about.”

  • DDay-1

    “For me, as I’ve written before, being here in Athens these days is plenty testimony to what the EU truly represents. Not only do we need to help feed many tens of thousands on a daily basis, depression levels are up 80% or so and life expectancy is plunging because proper health care is ever further away for ever more people in a country that not long ago had a health care system anyone would have been proud of.

    That is the EU. And, yeah, Britons, do reflect on the NHS. Sure, you can argue it’s not the EU but Cameron and his people that are breaking it down, but it’s also Cameron who is pleading with you to vote to stay in the union.

    If it can do this today to one of its member states, it will do it tomorrow to others, and more, if it sees fit. The benefits of the union flow to a select few countries, and to a select few within those countries. And ever fewer are selected as economic policies continue to fail.

    It is frankly beyond me to see why anyone would want to be part of that. It’s not about Boris Johnson or Nigel Farage or George Osborne, that is just more deception. It’s about being ruled by midgets, as Forsyth puts it.”

  • TeflonTory

    Juncker Confirms: ‘British Need to Know – There Will Be No More Renegotiation’

    European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker has confirmed that there will be no further renegotiation of Britain’s membership of the European Union (EU) if the British people opt to remain in the EU tomorrow.

    “The British policy makers and British voters have to know that there will not be any kind of renegotiation,” he told reporters in Brussels, according to AFP.

    His intervention directly contradicts the British Prime Minister, David Cameron, who in an interview with The Telegraph yesterday said he could “guarantee” that a Remain vote would give him a mandate to push for further changes to Britain’s relationship with the EU.

    Asked whether he could “guarantee” that he will push for tougher migration controls – an issue which has been toxic to the remain campaign – Mr. Cameron said: “Yes of course. This is an ongoing process.”

  • Steve Dr

    Her Majesty The Eurosceptic Queen: EU Courts ‘Denigrate’ Britain By Protecting Terrorists.

  • Steve Dr

    POLLSTER: Farage Is Most Popular Party Leader In Britain.

    UK Independence Party (UKIP) leader Nigel Farage is the most popular party leader in Britain, polling the highest out of the four largest parties for leader satisfaction in a final poll before the referendum.

    UKIP leader Nigel Farage, who has has been arguing for the UK to leave the EU for more than 20 years and campaigning throughout the lead up to the referendum, has topped the poll in approval ratings. Mr. Farage’s figures are double his closest rival, Liberal Democrat leader Tim Farron.

  • I am sympathetic to the idealism that led to the formation and development of what is now the 28-member European Union. I also see great value in having hundreds and thousands of bureaucrats, from all the member states, in Brussels, talking to each other; their children going to the same schools.But, more and more, the people who work for the European Union; the administrators and politicians, are seen as – and indeed are – a separate caste. They have seldom worked outside government and they enjoy safety-nets and benefits that are decreasingly available to private-sector would-be employees, especially the young. The processes and institutions of the EU are opaque. The decision-makers are unknown and unelected. They dictate policies that are hugely important to ordinary citizens, such as those concerning immigration, without consulting the public and so without getting buy-in. Ordinary people cannot vote these people out and cannot engage in the policymaking process. There are few consequences for failure at any level of the EU bureaucracy. All this would be less intolerable if the European Union showed any sign of adapting to the wishes of the broader population. But I don’t see that. [From:

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