June 2024

Lying Dave’s biggest EU lies exposed

I’ll keep it simple today and just concentrate on exposing two of Lying Dave Cameron’s biggest Remain lies.

Last year, when Dave was acting tough ahead of his sham ‘negotiations’ to win concessions from his EU bosses, Dave told us Britain could thrive outside the EU. But a year later, the same David Cameron is telling us that leaving the EU will wreck the British economy:

lying dave 2

Last week, the Leavers told us that the only way to control immigration was to vote for Brexit and implement an Australian-style points system for people wanting to move to Britain. Lying Dave immediately slammed this idea as harmful to the British economy. Ooops, in 2005, when Dave wanted to become Tory leader, Dave told us that Britain needed to introduce an Australian-style points system to control immigration:

lying dave

Oh dear. One might be tempted to conclude that lying David Cameron is a recidivist liar.

And here’s the magnificent Pat Condell giving his views on the EU In/Out referendum. Enjoy:


2 comments to Lying Dave’s biggest EU lies exposed

  • Yankee EU Doodlebug

    An American view..

    We suspect these charts are interchangeable with the EU, as well. Given how the unelected bureaucrats have buried the EU countries in debt, and now even more costly immigrant issues, EU charts would actually be worse.

    Not only should the Brits be rushing toward BREXIT, [the biggest reason being that all of the corrupt politicians are for it], every former sovereign European nation should be doing the same. Otherwise, its is Greece for all! Count on it.

    Not that one needs to give support to the destructive nature of politicians in all corners of the circular globe, but we will quote Andy Xie, a former chief Asia-Pacific economist for Morgan Stanley:

    “The world has gone from one crisis to another. People are complaining everywhere. This is due to mismanagement by the very people who attend the G20 meetings, the Davos boondoggle, and so many other global meetings that waste taxpayers’ money and put inept leaders in the limelight.”

    Here is an hour-long video on BREXIT that anyone from Britain that plans to vote should view, and the first 10 minutes may suffice.

  • EU Junket Gravytrain

    Video Re-emerges Of Drunk EU Chief Jean-Claude Juncker Slapping, Kissing EU Leaders.

    That the unelected president of the European Commission, Jean-Claude “If it gets serious you have to lie” Juncker, has a problem with alcohol is well-known. At the time of his nomination in 2014, the Financial Times joked that the “booze has always been a subject of Brussels gossip. He has proved his ability to sit through all-night Brussels haggling sessions, fortified by brandy and cigarettes. Perhaps the next EU President could have one of those slogans on the office wall – ‘You don’t have to be drunk to work here, but it helps.”

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