June 2024

Hey, young people! Vote “Remain”! Vote for a life of unemployment!

(Monday/Tuesday blog) Most polls show that young people – aged 18 to 25 – are much more likely to vote to stay in the corrupt, undemocratic EU than those with a bit more experience of life.

But, young people, you need to understand that the more migrants that flood into Britain, the more competition there will be for jobs. Many EU migrants might be better educated than you and all will certainly be willing to work an awful lot harder than you for considerably lower wages.

So, young people, forget about fiddled “net migration” figures. The Government likes to use “net migration” as this disguises the massive scale of immigration into Britain.

This is the chart you need to look at, young people. This is the chart that avoids the Government’s fiddled “net migration” figures. This is the chart that shows how many ‘National Insurance’ numbers are issued each year to people not born in the UK


The overall level is over 800,000 a year. But look at the orange line – the number of people each year pouring into Britain from the EU. This is now running at over 600,000 a year – about 12,000 a week. And, young people, these hundreds of thousands of EU migrants will be competing directly with you for jobs.

If you’ve got student debt of £20,000, £30,000 or even over £40,000 – how are you ever going to pay it back (never mind getting a mortgage to own your own home) if almost every time you go to a job interview, the employer prefers a lower-paid, harder-working EU migrant to you?

Young people tend be to be idealistic. But as we approach the EU In/Out referendum, they need to be realistic.

A vote to ‘Remain’ is a vote for a life of either low wages (pushed down by competition from EU migrants) or a life of unemployment as EU migrants take the majority of jobs.

So, young people, forget idealism! Embrace realism! Vote “Leave” if you want a future!

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  • Teflon Tory2

    EU Referendum: Conservative rifts deepen as MPs call for David Cameron to quit

    Fractures in the Conservative Party over the European Union referendum have deepened as Tory MPs openly called for David Cameron to quit and heavyweight ministers questioned the Prime Minister’s credibility with some of their strongest personal attacks on him so far.

    Mr Cameron – who received a significant boost over the weekend after 600 leading economists declared Brexit would harm the British economy – was branded an “outright liar” by Tory MP Nadine Dorries, and, in a thinly veiled attack, employment minister Priti Patel said Mr Cameron was “too rich” to care about immigration.

  • Stuz Graz

    Young people have nothing and want to share it with everyone. Thankfully they are unlikely to vote so the oldies just may save them from themselves.

    Although betting odds suggest remain is a done deal.

  • Barry Richards

    Net migration includes people from outside the EU which the latest figures show are more and government haven’t stopped these from coming. If we left the EU we would still have EU migration because of the trade deal rules. We should do something about the corruption of institutions that use tax havens to avoid British tax and reduce our foreign aid contribution as well as reducing the welfare state which is why foreign workers are needed and also why they come here.

    Instead of worrying about the EU membership.

  • Harry Brown

    Barry we need to be very worried about BOTH. EU membership AND migration from outside the EU. And stop BOTH NOW.

  • mike jones

    Brits “Appalled, Disgusted” At Brexit Postal Ballot ‘Fraud’

    “I am appalled by it. It should be neutral,” exclaimed one angry Brit after seeing that Brexit voters are being sent postal ballots with a guide that strongly suggests they should vote for Britain to remain in the European Union.

    The “How to vote by post” forms were sent out last week…

  • mike jones

    Almost 100 Beheadings So Far In 2016 And Counting… And No, It’s Not ISIS

  • mike jones

    “It’s Unbearable” 50-Year-Old German Woman Rages “I Have Lost All My Trust In The State”

    I am almost 50 years old, I have a University degree, and was – out of love for nature – always a trusted voter for the Green Party. I never felt much interest for politics. In Germany everything seemed to always go its natural regular course. I had trusted our parliamentary democracy, I thought our administration would hardly make mistakes, because it is controlled by the opposition. Never, absolutely never did I think that I would lose all my trust in the State. It’s unbearable that I am afraid of the future. Preferably I’d just like to leave. But I feel too old to leave Europe.

    What country would even take me anymore? I am not a shameless African that just seats himself in a refugee boat. I would properly apply to the respective immigration authority. But my chances are close to zero. I am – like most Europeans – damned to impotence as I see this invasion happen.

    When, about ten years ago, a friend of mine emigrated to Australia, I felt sorry for her. How could one leave our beautiful Europe? A continent with such wonderful nature and culture. I would’ve never even thought of this. Today I know: She did the right thing.

    I am becoming depressed in Europe. Our defenselessness shocks me. The failure to act by our politicians drowns my mind in a fog of powerlessness. I have not read any of Sarrazin’s books, so as not to upset myself even more. Everything I read, in just our daily newspapers, is enough for me already.

    The Euro is a complete nightmare. The illegal immigration is a complete nightmare. But the single largest outrage is the political correctness which disables us from criticizing these immense breaches of law.

  • mike jones

    Ah that wonderful Socialist Nirvana of Venezuela,

    Like a Mini version of what the Socialist EU will become with out of control spending, subsidies and debt.


    Shops are being looted as Venezuela’s citizens, who live on top of the world’s largest oil reserves, are literally starving and dying for lack of food and medicine; all while the country’s gold reserves are being sold to finance its debt. With 1.8 million signatures on a petition for a referendum on Nicolas Maduro’s presidency, the country is threatening to become a failed state.

  • mike jones

    We must sign this Petition….

    Here an understanding of the international law of treaties will help you see what the government’s problem is and what is really is motivating them. Any treaty where fraud or deception is used is immediately null and void. So since 1972 when more illegal treaties have been signed the government has kept this fact from you. The letter was hidden under the thirty year rule but was prized from the archives by an activist. Then the government machine was cranked up to block any move to expose the subject to the public. The media know of the letter but dare not discuss it. The eurosceptic politicians know of the letter but will not admit in public to it’s existence. So you have the British public in a state of confusion with all the lying statistics from both sides of the Brexit argument. Don’t you think that their minds would be clarified if they knew that we had joined the EU by power mad controllers who lied to them?

    There is one silver lining to this cloud. The government’s censorship must have been so good that the parliament petitions committee did not realise the significance of a petition presented to them =

    “We require Lord Kilmuir’s letter to Edward Heath be debated in parliament”. The letter can be read from a link on this site.

    If this petition gets to 10,000 before 23rd June, the government has to comment on it. This should release those previously censored as the letter’s existence would be acknowledged on a government’s own site.


    Rest of it is in the comments of following page.

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