June 2024

Final proof that Donald Trump is totally crazy?

Donald Trump has just made his first speech on the foreign policy he would pursue if he becomes president. Look at the ridiculous things he is suggesting:

  1. He would put American interests first. That’s crazy! Our David Cameron always puts the interests of his EU bosses above those of the British people

  2. He would pressure NATO countries to meet their agreed targets of 2% of GDP spent on defence. The man’s an idiot! Most NATO countries would prefer to give billions in ‘foreign aid’ to the most corrupt hell-holes in the world rather than investing in defending their own citizens

  3. He would seek to build bridges with Russia. That’s lunacy! Doesn’t Trump realise that Obama and Cameron are desperate to increase tensions with Russia in order to pretend that Russia is our enemy when, in fact, Russia should be our ally against our common enemy – Islam? Moreover, Trump is so stupid that he apparently believes that the Cold War is over and that it has been replaced by the ‘civilisational war’ between developed democratic countries and the Islamic fundamentalism that is intent on Islam taking over the world

  4. He would face down China and stop China destroying the few American manufacturing jobs that are left. Bonkers! Our European leaders are deliberately destroying Western manufacturing jobs making those jobs move to China due to Europe’s ever-increasing energy costs as our deluded rulers fight the war against non-existent man-made global warming

  5. He would stop destroying countries (Syria, Libya etc) that had no experience of and no wish for Western-style democracy in order to impose Western-style democracy. That’s absurd! Cameron wants to bomb any country he believes isn’t ‘democratic’.

  6. He would stop “importing extremism through senseless immigration policies”. Waaayyyycccciiiissssttt! In Europe we want as many M*sl*ms as possible to come to our countries and turn them into backward, violent, crime-ridden, Third-World sh*tholes. In fact, our rulers are actively working towards making M*sl*ms a majority by 2050 as they turn once great and civilised Europe into poverty-stricken, backward, violent Eurabia

Hopefully, readers can now see that Donald Trump is totally off his rocker while our rulers are wonderful geniuses leading us all towards a great future?

3 comments to Final proof that Donald Trump is totally crazy?

  • Chris

    Trump is popular because he speaks for the people. The elites and politicians hate him for the same reason. That’s why the media propaganda machine has been in overdrive attacking the man not the policies. Same tactics with Corbyn and Farage. Now I always know, when the BBC starts to mock or ridicule a politician he must be worth listening to.

  • USADude

    Yet I’m an American and my gut feelings say DON’T TRUST TRUMP!

    We don’t need someone who has tantrums and hissy fits in the White House. Someone who’s as diplomatic as a 10 year old. Republicans are famous these days for starting wars, and we haven’t recovered from the last one. Or perhaps I should say that the 99% hasn’t recovered.

    Trump’s got all that in spades.
    He’s a talker–a total BS Artist extraordinaire–not a Doer, much less a Thinker.

    I’ve had my share of corporate BSers and bullies like him and his Mafia pals.

    Trump speaks for himself not the people. Don’t believe me? Read the stories of his life. He’d screw anyone who didn’t do anything His Way. Everything has to be His Way–or else!

    Not presidential material. Not in my White House.
    Trump’s a danger to every living man, woman, and child, American or otherwise.

    But he gets an A+ for Talkin’ Tough.
    Then again, he’s a Republican–it’s what they do.

    I’m a man of substance over image.

  • Chris

    Thanks USADude, you’ve just proved my point.

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