June 2024

Janner – the ‘Great Escaper’ – does it again!

Former lawyer, MP and alleged botherer of underage botties, Lord Greville Janner, has for the fourth time escaped prosecution for child sex offences. Well, done Greville! You’re a star! Maybe they should make a film about your life and call it “The Great Escapes”?


great escape

I’m not a lawyer like Mr Janner. But here are a couple of possibly relevant facts:

1. Janner and his family claim he was first diagnosed with dementia in 2009. Despite that, Janner has bravely claimed around £100,000 in expenses for attending the House of Lords since the onset of his ‘dementia’. So he clearly could remember enough to get down (no doubt in taxis paid for by us) to Westminster several days a week to get his snout in the trough of our money.

2. In April 2014, just at about the same time as the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) began its 12 month deliberation over whether to prosecute Janner, Janner had written to the House of Lords clerks indicating that he did not wish to cease being an active peer.

“I rest my case” – isn’t that what lawyers say when they believe they have proved their accusation?

I also note that one of the fiercest defenders of Janner’s supposed “integrity” was none other than Keith “Vazeline” Vaz, a man also much admired for his many escapes from justice:

janner integrity

Still, now that the CPS has decided to let Janner off the hook yet again, hopefully he’ll make a miraculous recovery from his incurable illness and we’ll never hear which other members of the Establishment were involved with Janner’s alleged fresh young underage botty-bothering.

4 comments to Janner – the ‘Great Escaper’ – does it again!

  • Wonky Moral Compass

    You surprise me. I was sure today would be a Lutfur Rahman benefits of diversity special.

  • mike mines

    Ahhhhhhhh…immigration, where would we English be without it…

  • I dealt with Tower Hamlets on 21 March where I explained that once M*sl*ms were more than 30% of the population in an area, due to the indigenous vote being split between several parties and due to massive vote-rigging and intimidation, M*sl*ms would gain control of councils and constituencies and quickly divert taxpayers’ money into mosques and the pockets of M*sl*m councillors and businessmen (there aren’t many M*sl*m businesswomen)

  • david brown

    The CPS has been relentless in the pursuit of Showbiz people and those linked to such as Max Clifford.Consider the vast effort to get Dave Lee Travis for groping women. Or the Coronation Street actors Roach, five witnesses with inconsistent stories and LeVeil whose ex-wife put their daughter up to make allegations. Both juries swiftly returned not guilty verdicts. The trials in Manchester also diverted from one there involving Muslim grooming.
    No one has been charged in the political arena. Put Jenner into google and you will find lists of the usual suspects many still active.
    As to Muslim political control on councils. how long will it be before the block Muslim vote determines. after the departure of Scotland, Elections to the coming English Paeliament?

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