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Ed Miliband’s 5-step plan to destroy Britain

Like his father, Ralph Miliband, Ed Miliband hates everything about Britain. He hates British history; he hates British traditions; he hates British culture; he hates the idea of Britain as a proud, independent country. For socialists like Ralph and Ed Miliband, countries are anachronisms. For socialists, country borders should be eroded and control handed over to an elite class of corrupt, self-serving, hereditary bureaucrats who know what’s best for the sheeple.

For socialists, democracy is a messy and largely unnecessary hurdle on the road to their centrally-managed socialist paradise. In the former USSR, these bureaucratic rulers were called ‘komissars’, in the new socialist heaven currently being created in Europe, the EUSSR, they’re called ‘commissioners’. So, not much difference there.

Ed Miliband will have achieved his father’s and his own life’s work if he can make the final push to emasculate Britain and push it under the full control of the mainly socialist commissioners in Brussels.

Sadly, Ed Miliband can do this in just five all too easy steps:

1. Crawl into Downing Street in May 2015 with the help of the SNP and maybe even the Greens.

2. Make huge concessions to the SNP, maybe even allowing them another independence referendum, even though the (IMHO) slimy, lying, bloated toad Salmond clearly stated there would not be another referendum ‘for a generation’

3. Continue Blair’s open door immigration policies allowing 46,000 people to pour into Britain every month for the next 5 years. As most of these people will  tend to vote Labour, that’s potentially another 2,500,000 Labour voters by the time of the 2020 election

4. Under the banner of ‘broadening democracy’ cynically extend the voting age down to include 16- and 17-year-olds, most of whom will vote Labour. That’s potentially another 1,500,000 Labour voters by the 2020 election

5. Irrevocably hand over power to the German-dominated racket that is the EU making EU law take precedence over British law and aurrendering what little control over our country we still have to whoever rules Germany

Miliband would never allow us a referendum on EU membership, because he already knows better than us what’s best for us. And that is being ruled by the undemocratic EU bureaucratic elites.

It is truly astonishing that a once great country like Britain could ever elect someone like Ed Miliband – a third-rate, pig-ignorant, self-serving, socialist utopian who has never had a proper job in his worthless life and who loathes the country he wants to run (into the ground).

Miliband must never get anywhere near Downing Street. But lying, u-turning, politically-correct, podgy dimwit dhimmi Dave Cameron may be unable to stop him.

At least former Labour leaders like Wilson and Callaghan, however misguided their policies, were patriots who wanted the best for Britain. But for traitor Ed, the sooner Britain disappears, subsumed into the EUSSR, the better.

Truly terrifying times ahead for Britain.

(Please remember, tomorrow Friday 27 March, launches its first YouTube video)

3 comments to Ed Miliband’s 5-step plan to destroy Britain

  • NoMore

    Milliband would of course be a curse upon the land and God forbid he get anywhere near No.10. However he did stop the other witless buffoons from allowing ISIS and Co. free rein in Syria so kudos to him for that (and only that).

  • david brown

    what has happened to comment i just posted?

  • MGJ

    Some of my comments disappear too. When I try to resend them I get a message saying “duplicate” but they never appear on the website. Is there an over active spam filter that picks up on certain words?

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