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Putin gives EU ‘warriors’ a bloody nose for the second time

The EU’s attempted land-grab in the Ukraine isn’t going too well. First Putin annexed the Crimea and now the glorious Ukrainian army is retreating in disarray from the Russian-speaking Donetsk region. But as our great ruler, *sl*mo-Dave Cameron sends British troops to the Ukraine in the hope of starting a pre-election war with Russia, we should perhaps step back for a moment and ask why we are getting involved in this mess:

1. Collapse of the Soviet Union – the Soviet Union was dissolved in December 1991 and Boris Yeltsin became the first president of the Russian Federation. Then followed years of economic chaos as Yeltsin’s cronies – the oligarchs – stole virtually everything they could lay their hands on. For most ordinary Russians there was just misery, poverty and social disintegration

2. Putin takes over – following the unexpected resignation of the increasingly drunk and clown-like Yeltsin in 1999, Vladimir Putin became acting and then elected president. Putin immediately began restoring order, chasing out some of the most brazen kleptocrats and started probably the most extraordinary period of growth and prosperity any country has ever seen. Twenty five years ago, Russians would have been imprisoned or even shot for trying to leave the country. Now visit any popular tourist destination around the world and it’s teeming with newly affluent Russian middle-class families

3. Misunderstanding Putin – because our leaders are shallow, self-serving and only in it for themselves, they completely failed to understand Putin’s mentality. He is a real, old-fashioned leader and a patriot and he acts in the interests of his country. Yes, Putin probably isn’t quite as ‘democratic’ as we would like. But then very few real leaders are and Russia is an enormous, almost ungovernable country

4. The demonisation of Putin – then the West made a fatal error. Instead of understanding the incredible renaissance happening under Putin’s rule and inviting Russia to join NATO, Western leaders kept trying to demonise Putin falsely portraying him as a bullying, criminal dictator and as our enemy. Meanwhile, as the EU expanded eastwards, NATO missiles and tanks moved ever closer to Russia’s borders

5. Ukraine – the last straw – Agreed that Ukraine’s former president, the Russian-backed Victor Yanukovich was nasty, corrupt and an all-round sh*t. But there are plenty of those in the world. Just look at Africa – every country ruled by brutal, incompetent kleptocrats. Yet we give them over £12bn a year in foreign aid for them to steal. Anyway, under the pretence of ‘spreading democracy’ the EU made a land-grab for the Ukraine by giving the country an ultimatum – either it could have a trade agreement with the EU or Russia, but not both. As pro-EU protests flared up in the Ukraine  our great Baroness Ashton almost single-handedly brought down the elected Yanukovich’s corrupt regime:

 ashton liberates

Now NATO tanks could move onto Putin’s front lawn. That was the straw which broke the camel’s back

6. Russia fights back – if you look at the situation from Russia’s point of view, it sees itself being encircled by an enemy – EU/NATO – which keeps promising not to move military equipment close to Russia’s borders and then repeatedly breaks those promises. So, Putin decided to make a stand. He grabbed the Crimea and now controls a swathe of Ukrainian territory

7. Dave makes yet another historic blunder – and now our idiotic PM has decided to exacerbate the situation by sending British troops right to Russia’s borders. Does blithering idiot Cameron not expect Putin to react? Or perhaps *sl*mo-Dave hopes that by appearing to ‘get tough’ with the supposedly ‘evil Putin’, he’ll get a few more votes in May’s general election? Hopefully Dave will get a bloody nose

8. We’ve chosen the wrong enemy – as I’ve written before, Russians are like us and like us:


Russians should be our allies in the coming global war between civilisation and *sl*m. Yet our stupid leaders keep ramping up the conflict with Russia while denying who our real enemy is with such lying bilge as “*sl*m’s values are Britain’s values”:


This is not going to end well!

6 comments to Putin gives EU ‘warriors’ a bloody nose for the second time

  • BaronessBonkers

    I agree wholeheartedly.

    I thought this bloody Ashton woman was due to retire. Why is she still in office?

  • Joe Schmoe

    Well we saw how the U.S. felt threatened with Russia’s alliance with Cuba in the sixties. Not in our back yard!

    But it seems not to work the other way around of course.

    You can also add the gentle Victoria Nuland to the list of ignorant meddlers alongside Ashton.

    Anyway, Europe does not need to worry about Russia anymore, they are going to have the fantastic ‘Energy union plan’. So Putin can turn off the gas any time he wishes……………yeah right.

  • right_writes

    Excellent analysis David.

  • Why is Cameron getting us involved even sending some military aid. In what way does Russia threaten any British strategic or economic interest. Why is he acting as Americas poodle. ?

    off topic do any of the bookies give odds on a referendum on staying in the EU actually taking place?

  • mike mines

    If Putin was all our lily livered leaders say he is, then we wouldn’t have Swedes stating Russia their first choice of another home when the RoP make theirs unliveable.

  • Keen Reader

    An excellent analysis indeed. Would that the PC leftie brigade of the BBC would present the listening and viewing UK public with a similarly objective view of the facts. No such hope though. Cameron risks taking us by default into yet another military conflict for which there is absolutely no justification instead of concentrating on the danger right here in our midst – as evidenced by the pride we can take in having nurtured Jihadi John! What a credit to “multiculturalism” he is – along, of course, with the three RoP teenagers who have chosen to turn their backs on all the UK has done for them in order to become sex-slaves to Jihadi “warriors”. Are the members of our Government truly so blinkered or ignorant or insensitive to human nature that they truly cannot understand the reasons behind Putin’s response to recent threats to Russia? One can only assume that indeed they are.
    As for any EU referendum, in your dreams! (Although I suspect that for readers of the Blog that is about all it is.) If, after years of delay, we are presented with any sort of “referendum” it will be no simple In/Out choice, but a convoluted and incomprehensible list of questions the answers to which will be open to whatever interpretation the politicians are seeking. And if they really cannot skew it their way, they will wait a while and make us do it all over again.

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