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“Come on chaps”, said Dodgy Podgy Dave Cameron, “let’s start another World War”

Dodgy Dave isn’t having much success in Brussels of late. Dodgy keeps claiming that being in the EU lets Britain “punch above our weight” in world affairs. But Dodgy Podgy got outvoted 26 to 2 when he tried to stop the (IMHO) repulsive, greedy, corrupt, self-serving, euro-fantasist Jean-Claude Juncker become president of the European Commission.

And now Dodgy’s attempts to get his EU ‘allies’ to impose sanctions on Russia seem to have got absolutely nowhere. The Germans need Russian gas and the French want to sell ships and helicopters to Russia. And all the other cowardly EU quislings like the Dutch, Danes, Swedes, Italians, Spanish etc do what the Germans and French tell them.

The only punching seems to be other EU leaders punching hopeless, hapless Dodgy Podgy Dave.

So, all Dodgy seems to have achieved is to thoroughly piss off Putin with the result that British firms will lose out on deals with Russia and hundreds or even thousands of British jobs will be lost. Well done Dave, another great triumph.

But why does Dodgy even want to ramp up hostilities with Russia? It’s not as if the world is a particularly safe place at the moment:

China is starting to flex its muscles and may soon start a limited war or two with its neighbours as they squabble over ownership of vast areas of sea where there may be oil and other resources. Japan is re-arming to head off the China threat. For some reason, Dodgy and his idiotic mate O’Bummer have found themselves supporting Islamic fundamentalists in Syria. Israelis and Palestinians are in all-out war, yet again. Air travel is becoming an extreme sport. Iran is still full on in pursuing ‘the God Bomb’ to wipe Israel off the map. There’s a war in the Ukraine. There are a few slow-burning wars in loads of corrupt, impoverished African countries between Christians and M*sl*ms. Pakistan is, as usual, on the verge of imploding. And, of course, there’s Fat Boy in North Korea – God alone knows what human dumpling Kim is planning.

And with all this going on, Dodgy wants to mess with Russia! We are truly ruled by idiots!

Moreover as I have mentioned, perhaps too many times on this site, I believe this lot should be our friends:


And this lot are definitely our (and Russia’s) enemies:


We should be working with Russia as eventually we’ll end up on the same side in World War III – the civilised countries against over a billion somewhat intolerant followers of the Religion of Peace who are pantingly desperate to drag us all back into the Dark Ages and beyond.

To me, this is more than obvious. But I guess Dave’s advisers must be a lot smarter than me as they ignore what I believe is the real threat to our civilisation and try to reignite the Cold War

Oh, and here to reassure you that our leaders know what they’re doing is Britain’s very own international superstar – the magnificent, the talented, the highly-paid, the enormously-pensioned, the one and only, the incredible Baroness Cathy Ashton

If I was rich, I’d be off to Switzerland before they pull up the drawbridge.

6 comments to “Come on chaps”, said Dodgy Podgy Dave Cameron, “let’s start another World War”

  • Some people are on trial at the Old Bailey for trying to smuggle an entire 20,000 euros to the Islamic fanatics in Syria. Against this are two men who conspired to use give them proxy airpower. At a cost of over a billion. pictured on

  • Chris

    Baroness Ashton sounds like a NHS manager. Anyone who can say ‘going forward’ three times in one sentence must be on auto speak.

  • Chris

    As for Cameron, is he a turncoat or has he been got at by NSA blackmailers? Before he was elected he appeared to be relatively normal. Now he’s just a poodle/patsy for the USA’s crime syndicate based in Washington DC

  • ross10

    Ive said before this is the neocon plan to take Russia appart & steel its resources. They are trapped at the moment they cant openly help their own people who are being bombed by the Ukrainian airforce & they if they do nothing they get blamed anyway. The fact that the 30,000 local refugees are going to Russia rather than W Ukraine speaks volumes about where they see their identity.

  • MGJ

    It is probably safe to assume that the Baroness’s vacuous non-statement went unchallenged by anybody in the media.

    It would therefore save quite a bit of money (her salary) if we just handed her briefing statement straight to the press.

  • Baroness Bonkers

    I thought it was a good a sensible idea to change my name. This is not the video of the stupid one which I saw. In the one I saw she was sitting down, addressing the world and looking mighty nervous. I will try again to find it.

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