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Turkey’s interior minister “We will destroy Europe!”

(Wednesday blog)

I’ll keep it short today. First there’s a jolly little story from the USA

Lefty wanker caught wanking

Here’s a chap called Jeffrey Toobin:

Lawyer Jeffrey Toobin is/was CNN’s leading legal commentator and a prominent Trump-hater and thus adored by lefties both in the US and here in Britain.

Toobin was one of the leading voices in screaming and howling against Brett Kavanaugh being approved as a Supreme Court judge. One of Toobin’s attack lines against Kavanaugh was the claim that Kavanaugh had exposed himself to a girl at a college party about thirty years earlier :

Well, just a couple of days ago the married Jeffrey Toobin was caught masturbating during a Zoom conference call with colleagues. Even worse, there were several female colleagues on the call able to enjoy the sight of lefty lawyer Jeffrey Toobin’s masturbation. Toobin claims he thought his computer camera was switched off. Hmmm.

Toobin is now apparently taking some time off from CNN. Maybe he can get his wife to lend a hand next time he wishes to pleasure himself?

What a wanker! What a hypocritical wanker! What a typical lefty hypocritical wanker!

Turkish Interior Minister: “I pity Europe” 

When someone tells you they are going to destroy you, it’s usually a rather good idea to take them seriously.

Here’s a very brief part of an interview given by Turkey’s Interior Minister explaining how Turkey will use mass immigration to wreck Europe’s economy and society so that the Religion We All Love and Admire can take over our continent.

Later on in the full interview, the gentleman says “I pity Europe”.

3 comments to Turkey’s interior minister “We will destroy Europe!”

  • A Thorpe

    It’s a sign of the times. He might well have thought the camera was switched off. Many people don’t understand technology. But why would he want to do it even if it was switched off, and didn’t anybody on the call say anything to stop him?

    On the subject of Trump haters. I’ve suffered watching the Channel 4 series about Trump. Matt Frei excelled in inconsistencies on Monday, a fine example of biased media reporting. But Trump does himself no favours. The inject disinfectant event was shown. I have seen it several times and he seems to be serious about it to me. At least his dancing is marginally better than Theresa May.

    I see the EU as a bigger threat to Europe than Turkey. The rest of Europe needs to do the same as us, and close it down.

  • William Boreham

    The writing was on the wall years ago, as American TV found out. But in fact, the Muslim population here need do nothing apart from wait patently for simple demographics to work the oracle and they will become the majority in this country in, what? 2060? earlier? The moment they get a majority in Parliament, goodbye democracy, we’ll find ourselves in the same state that whites find themselves in South Africa right now.

  • Jeffrey Palmer

    William – Quite. Turkey doesn’t need to bestir itself in any way to destroy Europe. Europe is deliberately, busily and knowingly doing that all by itself – it doesn’t require any outside help.
    Doubtless Erdogan or whichever thug succeeds him will claim the credit, but it will be a case of suicide, not of murder.

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