February 2024
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Are there only two MPs at Westminster with any integrity?

Sunday/Monday/Tuesday blog

I did start to write a weekend blog but didn’t manage to finish it.

However, yesterday I came across a Dr John Campbell video from Friday 17 March. The video features a speech given in Parliament last Thursday or Friday by MP Andrew Bridgen. Bridgen is talking about the harms done by the […]

Google really does know everything

Friday blog

This is a fairly inconsequential story, so I’ll just leave it up for one day. I’ll be back to more serious stuff at the weekend.

How I became an ‘expert’

Regular readers will know that my climate book has recently been published in South Korea:

Sales have been a bit […]

Starmer you idiot – growth and green are mutually exclusive

Wednesday/Thursday blog

Explaining ‘mutually exclusive’ to a stupid politician

Britannica Dictionary definition of MUTUALLY EXCLUSIVE: related in such a way that each thing makes the other thing impossible: not able to be true at the same time or to exist together. A clear example is the set of outcomes of a single coin toss, which […]

Calling all ladlords! Calling all landlords!

Monday/Tuesday blog

This blog is a follow-on from my weekend blog about how Sunak is going to allow up to 150,000 mostly uneducated, mostly unemployable. mostly violent, many deeply-criminal illegal migrants to stay in Britain. Then Sunak will claim that he has solved the problem of paying £7m+ a day for hotels for the migrants.


How do the eco-liars get away with such nonsense?

Monday/Tuesday blog

Having written THERE IS NO CLIMATE CRISIS, I find it useful/amusing/worrying (delete as appropriate) to see what nonsense the climate catastrophists are churning out. So I subscribe to an e-newsletter called Inside Climate News produced by a bunch of eco-fanatics.

The latest e-newsletter had an article claiming: “New Wind and Solar Are Cheaper […]

The true state of the Russian military

Monday/Tuesday blog

I’ve spent a bit of time in Russia – I used to speak Russian but I’ve forgotten most of it now. So I have a little experience of how things work there. Basically everything happens “po blaty” – through corruption.

So I found this video both interesting and even rather amusing. I rather […]

Our useless, lying politicians talk big and deliver nothing

Wednesday/Thursday blog

The invasion that gets ever worse

Hopefully you’ll all have seen this chart:


For the last few years our various Home Secretaries have all promised and promised and promised to reduce the number of illegal migrants crossing the Channel. The result – a massive increase every year. The solution is simple […]

I couldn’t have said it better

Monday/Tuesday blog

Are the NHS’s problems mostly self-inflicted?

NHS bosses and medics are bleating and howling about how this winter’s NHS crisis will be the worst ever. And, of course, they’re demanding many billions more of our money. But I’d like to humbly suggest that many of the NHS’s problems are either caused by our […]

The government minister scam – politicians ripping us off yet again

Wednesday/ Thursday blog

As our latest PM puts together yet another ‘government of all the talents’, I thought it worth mentioning a scam probably few readers know about

Yes Ministers?

One of the many ways for MPs to increase their remuneration is by becoming government ministers. In the Westminster Parliament we have around […]

Oh Kami-Kwasi – what have you done?

Friday blog

It’s not the purpose of this blog to cover stories that have already been exhaustively covered in the mainstream media. But the ghastly incompetence of Kwasi ‘Khazi’ Kwarteng or ‘Kami-Kwasi’ as he is now affectionately known, is just so appalling that it’s probably worth mentioning a couple of the inevitable results.

Firstly, let […]