March 2018
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Thank God for British Moozerlums! Thank you for all the benefits they have brought to Britain!

(weekend blog) When you think of British Moozerlums, some people – stupid, stupid, ignorant, racist people – think of murder, mayhem, intolerance, bombings, beheadings, violence, oppression of females, FGM, interbreeding (first-cousin marriages), benefits-scrounging, cruel slaughter of animals, women dressed like Darth Vader on a bad hair day, refusal to integrate, rape gangs, continually claiming victim […]

It’s official – Moozerlum terror attacks are NOT ‘hate crimes’

You’d better be sitting down before you read today’s blog. Otherwise you might fall over and hurt yourself and then blame me for your injuries.

It’s official – Izlumic terror attacks committed in Britain are NOT considered to be ‘hate crimes’ – but if you (as a white indigenous Brit) criticise anyone for any of […]

Wild Bill for America and Canadistan’s fascist police

(Why oh why, does my website only attract the tight-fisted who absolutely refuse to buy my books to show any support for the work I do and the money I spend running the blog? I suppose all the normal people are reading Breitbart)

First, three pieces of good news from America.

Most readers will know […]

We all know all about you!

I’ve just come across a website called “”.

For a very modest fee, you can ask for details about any person you are interested in or whose identity you wish to steal.

“” explains that each of their personal records gives you a complete profile of a person including full name, current address, phone number […]