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We should be praising Lord Smith of the Environment Agency, not criticising him!

In 2012, the Independent newspaper wrote a grovelingly sycophantic article about Blairite crony Chris Smith – head of the Environment Agency.

The hopeless Indie wrote: “Lord Smith of Finsbury, the chairman of the Environment Agency, has a clear idea of what should be done about the chronic water shortage which is already affecting southern England, and may get progressively worse despite occasional days of rainfall”.

Apparently, the excellent Mr Smith had developed what he called “a flow of ideas” to solve the droughts that would be increasingly common due to supposed Global Warming.

Here’s a lovely picture from the Indie of the porcine Labour placeman Smith, clearly living well at taxpayers’ expense (click on picture if you want to see his impressive double/triple chin more clearly)

Well, as much of Britain now disappears beneath floods of almost Biblical proportions, it seems that Mr Smith’s “flow of ideas” has been hugely successful. In fact, the much praised (by the useless Indie) “flow of ideas” has been so successful that there soon won’t be much left of Britain that isn’t submerged.

So, let us all give praise to Mr Smith. Let us thank him for solving the drought crisis with his “flow of ideas”. But could he please turn off his “flow of ideas” as we possibly have slightly more water than we need.

Did the EU prevent dredging?

As for the dredging that would have avoided much of the flooding – if you dig deep enough (no joke intended), you’ll find that actually the dredging didn’t take place because of EU directives discouraging dredging rivers and EU directives requiring lengthy and costly “environmental impact studies” to be carried out before dredging to ensure no snails or newts or worms or whatever would be disturbed by dredging. There are at least 3 EU directives inhibiting dredging – Water Framework Directive 2000/60/EC, Waste Framework Directive 75/442/EEC and the Habitat Directive 92/43/EEC. Though, of course, no journalist will ever mention these, otherwise more people might vote UKIP.

So, just like with selling off the Royal Mail and legalising single-sex marriage, nobody in politics or the mainstream media will dare to let people know that a stop to dredging was forced on us by EU rules.

Is it only blogs like that are not afraid to tell the truth that our media deliberately hide from us?

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4 comments to We should be praising Lord Smith of the Environment Agency, not criticising him!

  • right_writes

    Morning David,

    Excellent piece of sarcasm about that “lowest form of twit “Chris(sy) Smith”

  • right_writes

    As you hint, the flooding of the Levels is in response to several EU directives…

    Only a useless quango such as the Environment Agency could possibly take such EU wisdom with any more than a pinch of salt…

    According to Christopher Booker, the Norfolk Broads started to suffer from flooding at around the same time as the Levels. The difference between the two areas, is that the people of the broads sensed that the EA was unlikely to know more about their area than they, and they resisted their takeover bid, the local drainage boards, farmers, residents, tourism companies have been managing their own area, ever since the Dutch taught them how to keep the land drained in the 15/16th century.

    Consequently the Broads floods didn’t even get a mention on the “news”.

    It has taken an exceptional period of global warming for these EU/EA twits to be found out… But found out they have been…

    …It’s going to be fun watch the spinmeisters attempting (probably ultimately successfully) to cover this lot up.

  • Colin

    The Somerset Levels, or the Somerset Levels and Moors as they are less commonly but more correctly known, is a sparsely populated coastal plain and wetland area of central Somerset, in South West England, running south from the Mendip Hills to the Blackdown Hills.
    Who gives a shit then.

  • right_writes

    @Colin, obviously not you sir…


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