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Beware of anyone called “UKIPWatch” – especially when they claim to be “impartial”

There’s a website called The website says: This website automatically syndicates news pages of extremism in the United Kingdom Independence Party”.

So, the aim of UKIPWatch seems to be to ensure that any negative stories about UKIP get maximum exposure in the press. I’m not sure who is behind UKIPWatch, but I’ve been told it’s a Labour MEP candidate and I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s receiving a little funding help from the taxes we pay to the EU.

On its website, UKIPWatch claims: “We accept that the United Kingdom Independence Party (UKIP), as a whole, is not an extremist party. However, we are in no doubt that UKIP has a significant minority of anti-semites, anti-Muslim bigots and xenophobic activists. Often, senior leaders of UKIP will claim that such extremism does not exist or is party to a conspiracy from the mainstream media.We believe respected news outlets can make the case better than anyone. Therefore, whenever there is an instance of extremism from UKIP published from good news outlets, this website will automatically syndicate their work.”

However, UKIPWatch perhaps reveals its true nature on its Facebook page, where it states: “The United Kingdom Independence Party are a far right party of conspiracy nuts, racists and outright fascists. When they are not denying man made global warming they are coming out with all kinds of looney, offensive nonsense”. Wow! Slightly biased or what?

But there’s another UKIPWatch. The Daily Telegraph has recently started doing articles about UKIP under the banner “UKIPWatch”. The Telegraph claims this is: “An impartial blog by political scientists Robert Ford and Matthew Goodwin”.

Let’s look a little more carefully at the word “impartial”. Who is this “political scientist” Matthew Goodwin? It might be the same Matthew Goodwin who regularly writes about right-wing political extremism for the Guardian. It might be the same Matthew Goodwin who wrote the 2011 book “NEW BRITISH FASCISM The rise of the British National Party”. It might be the same Matthew Goodwin who wrote in one of his Guardian articles: “Our research shows that EDL supporters are more likely than others in society to view violence as a justifiable course of action”.

Hold on a minute, it wasn’t the EDL who hacked British soldier Lee Rigby to death on a London street. It wasn’t the EDL who set off bombs in the London underground and on a London bus. Yet Matthew Goodwin ludicrously claims: “Our research shows that EDL supporters are more likely than others in society to view violence as a justifiable course of action”.

As for the Telegraph’s UKIPWatch dynamic duo, Robert Ford and Matthew Goodwin, I rather suspect these are the same gentlemen who have a book coming out next month titled “Revolt on the Right: Explaining Support for the Radical Right in Britain (Extremism and Democracy)”. 

I humbly suggest that readers all write to the editor of the Telegraph and demand that the editor removes the word “impartial” from its UKIPWatch articles as clearly they are not “impartial”, are not intended to be “impartial” and never will be “impartial”.

By the way, I only sold 3 (yes just 3!) copies of GREED UNLIMITED last month. Surely the many hundreds of people who read this blog could show a little support and buy a copy of the book – even if they never intend to read it.

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5 comments to Beware of anyone called “UKIPWatch” – especially when they claim to be “impartial”

  • Paris Claims

    Over 2200 comments in the Telegraph, the vast majority, slagging off Cameron and many exposing the Telegraph’s blatant misrepresentation. A few good ones by Paul Weston, who never once plugged his own party. What a shame he left UKIP, he would have made one hell of an immigration spokesman. Unfortunately Farage seems to be petrified of being branded a racist, and rarely (if ever?) mentions third world/muslim immigration. I’m sure if Farage grasped the nettle, support would grow. Most people realise that mass third world immigration has been extremely detrimental to our country, and Farage is still going to branded a racist in any event.

  • Peter

    Tories are sleepwalking to an electoral doomsday as dissatisfied voters turn to UKIP . What has Cameron done in four years except bring in more and more draconian laws against the beliefs and moral views of the British people and he has destroyed the sanctity of marriage. Then there is the damage that he has done to our Services – Navy , Army and RAF. Cameron the destroyer.. There is nothing conservative about the conservative party . At least you know what UKIP stands for, i’m talking about policy . UKIP speaks for us and is about the will of the people and unless you want to turn this country into a dictatorship nothing can stop the will of the people. Sick and tired of our authoritarian, nanny-infested, non-patriotic, politically correct society ..At the present rate, I and millions of other, previously Conservative voters will be voting U.K.I.P

  • Peter

    Nasty Party Update:

    Iain Duncan Smith ( he married into money) says

    “Pensioner benefits like winter fuel allowance and free bus passes could be cut under plans to cap welfare spending”

  • Back in 2002 Lord Tebbit said that known agents of M16 had infiltrated the UKIP. You can find some comments about this on including a link to an article in The Spectator on this.
    M16 along with the three main political parties supports our membership of the EU or United States of Europe as Cameron as he calls it when interviewed by the European press.
    I expect M16 have infiltrated the UKIP in order both to subvert it from within and see what harm full information they can dig up on individuals which can be leaked just before the 2015 election. Maybe the will arrange for child porn to be found on a key members hard drive or bank account in receipt of funds from the Assad regime.

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