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Perhaps Rolf Harris should have tied his kangaroo down?

A trivial post today as the next few days are going to be ultra serious.

As housewives’ favourite, Rolf Harris, faces charges of indecent assault and possessing illegal images, I wonder if he can see any small irony in the titles of some of his greatest hits.

There’s Tie Me Kangaroo Down Sport – perhaps if Rolf had tied his kangaroo down, he would not be in so much trouble now?

Then there’s Jake the Peg – “I’m Jake the Peg diddle diddle dum/With my extra leg diddle diddle dum” – it seems to have been Rolf’s extra leg that has led to his current difficulties.

He also did a song called I touch myself – if only it was just himself that he had touched, then he’d be enjoying a carefree, wealthy old age instead of appearing in court over the next few months.

As for Rolf Harris’s famous didgeridoo – I wonder if that’s just another name for his extra leg?

And, if Rolf did commit the alleged offences – which he has denied – as he allegedly took out his kangaroo/extra leg/didgeridoo to show it to his alleged victims, did he use his famous catchphrase “Can you tell what it is yet?”

Rolf will have lots of money to pay for the best lawyers. But if he needs a bit of cash, perhaps he could update one of his most famous songs and reissue it – Two Little Boys could be rerecorded as Too Many Little Girls.

Rolf Harris’s CV shows his extraordinary talents – from champion swimmer to artist to cartoonist to TV entertainer to musician. But like so many others in the sixties, seventies and eighties, he like the other housewives’ favourites, Jimmy Savile and Stuart Hall, allegedly got carried away by his ability to use his fame, money and power to exploit those who were helpless when he allegedly abused them. With their fame, money and power, Harris, Savile and Hall could have had as much consensual sex as they wanted. But that wasn’t enough for them – they were all (still allegedly in Harris’s case) such vile human beings that they could only get satisfaction by abusing vulnerable girls and sometimes boys. For this, they deserve to be punished. We know Savile and Hall are guilty. Rolf Harris will no doubt continue to claim he is innocent long after he has either been freed or convicted.

5 comments to Perhaps Rolf Harris should have tied his kangaroo down?

  • j blount

    You obviously don’t know that Rolf had retired ten years ago but had to start working again when it was found that he had been severely ripped off by his financial adviser.

  • Paris Claims

    Housewives seem to have an uncanny knack of getting it wrong (voting for Blair, for example). A survey carried out ages ago asked the question “who would you have most liked to have lost your virginity to?”
    Jason Wingard topped the poll.
    He was later done for gross indecency in a public bog.

  • right_writes

    It can’t be long now though before Mr. Harris loses his right to be called Rolf or Mr., by the media, and instead forever to be referred to as “Harris”…

    It is interesting to browse the “Desert Island Disk” site on the BBC… Here within reason, they have recordings of past programmes, from the beginning up to the 80’s is limited, but it gets better from then on… “Savile”, “Glitter”, “King” have all been “disappeared”, it’s as if they never existed.

    I don’t appreciate blatant rewriting of history, particularly by a division of the government, in much the same way that I never had any time for those mentioned above, I always knew Jimmy Savile was creepy, it was not necessary to have the BBC attempt to hide that or obliterate it, to anyone with a brain it was pretty clear.

    I reckon that whatever “Harris” has done (or not done), the world will be a poorer place without “Sun Arise” and so on.

  • Mike

    I must be really old because I think I remember another character of Rolf’s, Willoughby or was it Willybee?

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