December 2023
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The Romanian tsunami and why weather is not the same as climate

There have been plenty of scare stories about the number of Romanians and Bulgarians about to come to Britain. MigrationWatch are predicting 500,000 will come here. Meanwhile the politicians from all parties desperately try to play down the problem to cover up their own impotence in preventing the corrupt, wasteful, undemocratic EU forcing us to take every single Romanian and Bulgarian who decides to move to Benefits Britain. So here are some real (I think numbers).

Since joining the EU 20% (1.5 million) of Bulgaria’s 7.5 million people have left their country. For Romania the figure is about 15% (3.2 million) of their 21.4 million. And this has happened during the seven years when there were restrictions placed on Romanians and Bulgarians moving and working throughout the EU.

Of the 4.7 million Romanians and Bulgarians who have moved to other EU countries, probably about 500,000 are already in Britain. So, what happens when restrictions on movement are lifted? If the migration rate doubles then 9.4 million will leave these two countries with one million coming to Britain. If, as is more likely, the migration rate triples, then 14.1 million will leave for a better life, with 1.5 million coming to Britain. They will cost us about £20bn to £30bn in housing, education, healthcare, benefits and policing. And they will overwhelm our councils, schools, hospitals and police forces. We also happen to be bankrupt with government borrowing to hit £1.6trn by the 2015 election. This is a totally predictable economic and social catastrophe that is about to swamp Britain and our leaders can do absolutely nothing because they have handed over control of our borders and our benefits system to the corrupt, wasteful eurocrats in Brussels.

As most of Northern Europe freezes in yet another record cold winter, you might be wondering how the man-made global warming alarmists can justify their claims that we’re all about to fry. When it first became clear that global warming might not be happening, the alarmists changed their tune and started talking about “climate change” rather than “global warming”. This meant that whatever happened to our weather, they could claim the climate was changing. Their new trick is to claim that weather is not the same as climate. So, even if the weather is getting colder, they can claim the earth is heating up.

When are we going to stop believing their self-serving lies and fiddled figures? When are we going to stop committing economic suicide in a fruitless attempt to stop something that isn’t even happening? The answer – never, because politicians and bureaucrats will never admit they have made a mistake and so will continue to pursue useless “green” policies that will hasten the West’s economic collapse while China looks on in amazement at out stupidity.

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