June 2021
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Which countries’ economies are flourishing and which are totally screwed? Ask a Thai gogo-bar girl

Politicians, economists and journalists are forever spouting total garbage about their countries’ economic condition from the safety of their well-paid jobs. But as they’re usually protected from economic reality, they either know what’s really going on but are afraid to tell us the truth or else they they haven’t a clue.

But the people who do know about world economics are those who have to work for a living – like Thai gogo-bar girls. Ten years ago, most of their customers came from Britain, Europe and the US. These were countries that were flourishing and men who couldn’t get any sex at home could come to Thailand with plenty of cash in their pockets and with the intention of having what they considered a good time.

All that has changed. There still some Brits, Europeans and Americans around but with their currencies having fallen by 30% to 40% against the Thai baht (the pound had dropped from over 70 baht to 44 baht), they have less money to spend than before. But when groups of Arabs, Russians, Indians, Japanese and Chinese walk into the gogo bars, the girls usually start screaming with delight. The Arabs, Russians, Indians, Japanese and Chinese have got money – lots of it – and they want to spend it having fun.

So don’t believe the politicians, economists and journalists. The Thai gogo-bar girls know what’s really happening in the world economy and they have instinctively realised that Britain, Europe and the US are to all intents and purposes bankrupt.

As I’ll be travelling tomorrow, I won’t be writing anything. So I’ll leave you with this article from the wonderful Christopher Booker yet again explaining that Global Warming is a hoax and that when the history books are written in 20 to 30 years’ time, they will show how the West committed economic suicide for absolutely no purpose at all while stupidly allowing the carbon-dioxide emitting countries like China and India to eclipse their economic power.

And here, for balance, is a blog proving Global Warming is happening

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