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Can’t they see the damage they’re doing?

Wednesday/Thursday blog

I had an article published on the excellent Daily Sceptic website:

It’s often worth taking a few minutes to read the readers’ comments as most Daily Sceptic readers are clearly a lot more intelligent than the fools and knaves who rule over us.

2 comments to Can’t they see the damage they’re doing?

  • A Thorpe

    I tend to skim through articles because they often don’t have anything new to say and I just go to the comments. There is more freedom there for people to say what they think.

    We will only find out the answer about what people think at the next election. I will be spoiling my ballot paper and I hope that millions do the same, but of course they won’t because they believe they have to vote and so another team of idiots will be put in charge. A few days ago I saw Hilary Clinton at COP in a panic about heat deaths in Europe last summer and there are many more like her. The celebrities have a huge influence on people and scientists are hidden away.

    The question we need to answer is why do so many people apparently believe in nonsense. As a devout atheist it seems to have been a characteristic of humanity for millennia and I cannot see anything changing. My conclusion is that the elites lost control of the masses when recovery from WWII started. Now they want it back and the masses want them to have it because they are too afraid to take responsibility for themselves.

  • tomsk

    It doesn’t affect any of them, they dont care. They are all a bunch of Linekers. They live in their leafy suburbs, safe from the challenges us plebs have to deal with.
    At the next election if UKIP/REform/Reclaim/Heritage are not on my ballot it will simply be spoiled.

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