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‘Safe’ and ‘effective’ – roll up, roll up your sleeve, get your booster

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Another year, another Covid variant. Yipee!

We’re told that there’s a new Covid variant on the way and that some of us should get the latest vaccine booster. As far as I know, the latest Covid variant is not much worse than a common cold. Moreover, I believe that there has been absolutely no testing on humans whether the miracle ‘safe’ and ‘effective’ vaccines even work against the latest Covid variant. I think there has only been a bit of testing on a few mice. Though I may be wrong.

Yet in spite of the low pathogenicity of the latest variant and in spite of the fact that there have been no human trials of the vaccines’ effectiveness against the variant, the regulatory authorities in both the USA and UK seem to have enthusiastically approved the ‘safe’ and ‘effective’ (and expensive and extremely profitable for the pharma companies) vaccines for the new Covid-19 variant and some of us are being encouraged to get ‘boosted’ .

Below are just three charts from Dr John Campbell’s September 21st video. They’re taken from three of the four main vaccine adverse events databases:

Chart 1: Total number of adverse events for the Covid-10 vaccines compared to three common vaccines from the World Health Organisation VigiAccess database:

Chart 2: Number of adverse events from four commonly-used vaccines from the European EudraVigilance database:

Chart 3: Risk of death from flu vaccines compared to the Covid-19 vaccines from the USA database:

I realise that vaccine adverse effects are hugely under-reported. I also understand that levels of reporting of adverse events may differ for different vaccines. Moreover, with so many stories about how quickly the Covid-19 vaccines were developed and approved, adverse events reporting may be higher for Covid-19 vaccines than more traditional vaccines. So, if the level of adverse events for Covid-19 vaccines was say 10% or 20% or even 30% higher than for other vaccines, then it would be questionable whether the Covid-19 vaccines were actually more harmful than others.

However, the level of adverse events for the Covid-19 vaccines is so many orders of magnitude higher than other vaccines that one might be forgiven for suspecting that there is something to worry about. If we look at Chart 2, (assuming I’ve got my sums right) there is one adverse event for every 13,766 measles vaccine, one adverse event for every 74,800 polio vaccines. But for the Covid-19 vaccines, there is one adverse event for every 189 vaccines given. Moreover, according to the USA’s data (Chart 3), the risk of dying from the Covid-19 vaccine is 169 times higher than dying from flu vaccines.

I believe that in the UK the boster rollout is being confined to older age groups and those considered to be medically vulnerable. But the USA’s CDC is still recommending Covid-19 vaccines for anyone over the age of 6 months. Meanwhile in Germany there is so little demand for the boosters that many doctors aren’t even bothering to stock them. Confusing?

But, hey, what do I know? As Manuel from Fawlty Towers might say: ‘I know nothing‘. So please don’t let these figures put you off getting the latest ‘safe’ and ‘effective’ jab.

9 comments to ‘Safe’ and ‘effective’ – roll up, roll up your sleeve, get your booster

  • Roy Hartwell

    My wife and I have probably received a black flag on our medical notes as on booking our flu jabs we told the receptionist we would not have the Covid booster. The look of shock (disdain?) was very apparent and we were questioned as to whether that’s what we actually meant. It will be interesting to see what happens when we go in for our flu jabs tomorrow!!

  • daveh

    @-Roy Hartwell …. If you can’t trust the Covid booster are you certain you can trust the flu jab ?
    I don’t.
    Good luck .

  • A Thorpe

    I have had the flu vaccination for years, initially when it was offered at work. I have only had flu twice in recent years, both times within a few days of the vaccination. The response has been that the vaccination hadn’t time to take effect. Now I don’t have the vaccination and I can find little evidence to show that it is effective, just like the covid vaccination.

    But the covid injection is not a vaccination in the traditional sense. Vaccinations contain an antigen but the covid injection is a gene therapy that makes your body produce the antigen. That should be enough to warn everybody that it is dangerous. We are being used to carry out experiments just as the Nazis did.

  • Stillreading

    Dead right Thorpe! (No pun intended!) I’ve rolled up every year, compliant, trusting pleb that I am, for my ‘flu jab, genuinely believing that it would protect me against an unpleasant, even dangerous, infection during the subsequent winter. I did understand that its efficacy was variable year on year, depending on how accurate had been the prior identification of the ‘flu variant due to come our way, but was confident that our medical services had my best interests at heart. No more though! Being ancient, I’ve already received the text summons for the latest vax gloop and have deleted it from my phone. I certainly do not intend to get into a “debate” with the GP Practice about my decision. Once only recently, in the depths of last winter, following a nasty fall after tripping on an uneven pavement, have I requested urgent assistance from the Practice – which happens to be a mere 150 yards from my home. Mid-afternoon, after falling when out walking, I was helped up from a prone position on a wet pavement by two lovely ladies who happened to be passing in their car. They produced miles of kitchen roll to mop up the mud and blood, brought me home and were prepared to stay with me had I desired, but I assured them I would be OK. My face and nose were bleeding freely and my left wrist, badly sprained when trying to cushion my fall, inhibited gear change so I couldn’t drive. I rang the Surgery asking for assistance. I know there were nurses there – I had seen their cars in the Surgery car park a few minutes previously. After waiting 19 minutes on my mobile for a response from the receptionist, I was refused all assistance. To her credit, on learning of my advanced age, the receptionist did her best to persuade a nurse to see me, but was refused. I said I could still walk so could get to them and would really appreciate an assessment as to whether stitching was advisable. I was told “No”! I had to get myself to the nearest Minor Injuries Unit, which happens to be 16 miles away, along a notoriously congested B road. I was told that there was a bus service – as if I didn’t know! Said service involves a change of bus mid way. I was in no fit state to face a prolonged bus journey, still dripping blood, and the local taxi service would not take me. I was deemed too great a risk for their passenger insurance cover. Eventually I cleaned myself up, stuck plasters on my face
    where appropriate, and waited for Nature to achieve the repair process. Since then I have had no contact with the local Surgery and because of the location local residents are unable to request transfer to another Practice. Despite having a medical background myself, and having practising doctors and a midwife in the family, I have lost all faith in the NHS and GPs in particular. I do not trust that were I to accept a ‘flu jab it would not be some sort of mRNA derivative, so I am staying well away. If or when I have reason to think I am suffering from a medical problem which requires investigation, I shall lob up several hundreds of pounds for a private GP appointment plus any tests deemed necessary. What a condemnation of Health care in 21st Century England! The NHS is now not even approaching fit for purpose. Along with the States and the rest of Europe, UK citizens have been lab rats for a gigantic experiment which is ongoing and in which the majority of GPs at least appear to be complicit. (Nice little earner for them of course, which must assist in smoothing any ruffled feathers of conscience!)

  • Carolyn

    Sorry to hear your saga, StillReading, and not one bit surprised. What a sad indictment of the state of the nation nowadays. Used to be we were reassured to know that the NHS was there if we needed them but that clearly is no longer the case.

  • Roy Hartwell

    daveh I am not antivac and during the course of my work was involved both in development of vaccines and quality control of vaccines which included interactions with regulatory authorities. I have had MANY vaccinations allied to my work and have been quite happy taking them (including flu!) because I know they have been comprehensively tested for safety and efficacy and manufacturing quality control has been of a high standard. Their modes of action have been fully developed and understood. That’s why will not have the covid 19 vaccine !!

  • Stillreading

    Like you Roy, I am certainly not opposed to any TRUE vaccine, developed in the traditional manner and offered after a long period of testing for safety and efficacy. I well remember how ill I felt as a 6 year old when I had measles, and looking back now I realise how concerned were both my mother and the doctor who came to our home to see me several times. My legs couldn’t support me the first time I was allowed out of bed. I was mightily grateful for the various true vaccines – measles, mumps, rubella (for the girls particularly), smallpox, diphtheria and polio – which protected my children from these potentially fatal or permanently disabling diseases. For this reason, I refuse to call the mRNA procedure a vaccination. It is not. It prevents neither acquisition not transmission of covid, yet people are already offering up an arm for their 6th stab. If by so doing the willing sheepies in their 70s and 80s shorten their lives then that’s their choice. But to have stabbed our youngsters of, what was it? Twelve and over? a couple of years ago was indefensible, given we haven’t the slightest idea whether or not their fertility has been adversely affected and even if it has not, what effect the jab might have on their as yet unborn children. We were told they had to be jabbed “To protect Granny”, yet Granny was allegedly fully protected by the jabs she’d already had! Will the “scientists” who urged the stabbing of pre-adolescent children care to explain their logic to me? I freely admit that urged by a family member of the medical profession who was fearful for my life, I took the first jab, then the second (many vaccines require 2 doses to ensure efficacy). I even took the Autumn booster in 2021. After that the stench of decomposing rat was wafting ever more potently over the UK population and I decided that enough was enough. My own family, all well educated and quite capable of researching the pros and cons for themselves, are totally divided on the vax issue, to the extent that for the good of family relations we no longer discuss the matter. (Same goes for “Anthropogenic Climate Change” incidentally.)

  • Ern

    Roy Hartwell – Like yourself, I am defo not anti-vac, no ways. During one period of my life, when I was frequently obliged to have several jabs, I just got myself jabbed as instructed and carried on. These jabs even included an anti-cholera special, which gave only 25% protection to 25% of the “jabbees”.

    BUT – when this accursed “Covid” came along, I took the same decision as Roy Hartwell and always said (in response to the same old question ‘Have you had your jab ?’) “Not yet”. Which seemed acceptable, probably because of the way I said it, which admitted no doubts as to its precise meaning and still does.

    My own reading of common sense rules told me categorically that insufficient testing, poor (if any) control, then to cap it all, seeing the name Pfennig* recurring frequently, always removed any concerns.

    *So sorry, I must have meant Pfiser, I was working in Western Germany at that time, my German was already dreadful. There can’t be any connection between Pfiser and ready cash, can there ?


  • Stillreading

    The “elderly and vulnerable” are hobbling, tottering, staggering, or shuffling, complete with walking sticks and zimmer frames, or are rolling up in their electrified buggies at a fair old rate this morning at the Surgery a couple of hundred yards from my home to receive, I understand, Jab number 6. No idea who’s doing the stabbing but ironic, isn’t it, that the practice budget can finance staff attendance on a Saturday morning for this, but is manifestly unable to offer face-to-face GP appointments on normal weekdays even when a patient claims severe illness. In the latter case, the sufferer is told to dial 111 or, in extremis, to call an ambulance. All other requests for medical aid are told to expect a phone call for a video consultation. Hard luck those same “elderly and vulnerable” who roll up so compliantly for their jabs if, because of reluctance, ignorance of the technology, or physical and mental limitations, they have no access to “on line” facilities.

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