May 2024

Why are they doing it? Because they know they can

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Kicking us in the face?

Hardly a week goes by without our rulers showing how much they despise us by acting in a way that increasingly looks like they’re arrogantly kicking us in the face.

Here are just a few recent episodes:

  • The Financial Conduct Authority issuing a report ludicrously concluding that no person has been debanked for their political views in spite of the fact that Nigel Farage has made public the NatWest 40-page report proving he was debanked precisely due to his political views
  • The NHS announcing it will spend hundreds of millions of our money setting up three new departments employing 244 people to promote diversity, inclusion and equality at a time when NHS waiting lists are around 7,680,000 people and the NHS claims it cannot afford to give doctors a pay rise
  • Handing £500m of our money to a steel company to fire 2,000+ steelworkers in order to reduce Britain’s CO2 emissions by less than 1%
  • The Welsh government imposing the 20-mile-an-hour limit in all built-up areas
  • The London Mayor extending his ULEZ scheme to outer-London, often Tory-voting areas
  • Our rulers, including Mayor Khan and Prince William all flying off to New York (presumably in First Class) to lecture us useless eaters on the need for us to limit our travel to supposedly fight supposed ‘climate change’
  • Parliament enthusiastically passing the new Energy Bill with a massive majority giving our rulers the power to fine us up to £15,000 or imprison us for up to a year if we don’t spend a fortune making our homes more energy efficient
Why are they doing this?

What we are witnessing is a massive ‘powershift ‘ between the small people – us – and those we elect to represesent us and act in our interests and the bureaucrats who run our ludicrously misnamed ‘public services’ which continually fail to give any service to the public. This may have been happening slowly over the last decade or so. But it accelerated during the pandemic lockdowns. Our acquiescence to the lockdowns and mask mandates and taking the ‘safe and effective’ fake vaccines showed our political and bureaucratic elites how easy it was to make us do whatever they wanted.

Imposing ever more rules and restrictions on us is a win-win tactic for them. Either we shrug and grudgingly accept it, in which case our inaction signals consent; or we kick off and give them the excuse of further repressive measures – branding us as ‘deniers’ and ‘Nazis’ – and justifying restrictions on free speech as countering the rise of “far right disinformation which threatens democracy”. It’s taken a pandemic for this to happen. But now we know that the political and bureaucratic elites, aided and abetted by the compliant mass media, are capable of pretty much anything, and they can hardly contain their glee at being free from any moral or ethical constraint.

Drilled into obedience?

Professor David Halpern, big boss of the Behavioural Insights Team (more commonly known as the ‘Nudge Unit’) is reported as having said that the country had “practised the drill” of wearing face masks and working from home and “could redo it” in a future crisis.

Prof Halpern said that while fear-based messaging in general is not effective, he defended its use in extreme circumstances: “There are times when you do need to cut through… particularly if you think people are wrongly calibrated.”

Once the public has learnt a new behaviour, Prof Halpern said: “In principle, you can switch it back on. You’ve got the beginning, particularly, of what is called a habit loop: if this has happened, then you should do that”.

Major disasters “leave this enduring trace on society”, he explained. As well as knowing the drill, this “quasi-evolutionary” impact is a strong indicator of future behaviour, he claimed. Faced with another contagious disease, the professor predicted that the British public would start wearing masks again “relatively rapidly if they were persuaded. They might protest, ‘do we really have to do it?’ But once you’ve exercised those muscles, they’re more likely to be reused again,” he said.

So, whatever the new supposed ’emergency’ or ‘crisis’ – another pandemic, the ‘climate crisis’ or perhaps even war with Russia or China – it seems that we’ve been conditioned – “callibrated” as the good professor might say – to obey our rulers and give up our freedoms and even our lifestyles.

What a wonderful, obedient future awaits us!

5 comments to Why are they doing it? Because they know they can

  • Roy Hartwell

    I suspect the majority that follow your blogs were at (secondary) school in the early ’60’s or earlier when teaching was just that and pupils were taught facts and not indoctrinated with political ideology. Certainly, from my early years in science, at that time it was normal to question, discuss, argue, retest, rerun; no scientific theory was above questioning. Since the ’70’s, school seem no longer to teach but to indoctrinate with the current fads meaning we now have a population programmed to accept what it is told by it’s ‘leaders’. I fear it will be impossible for us to break out of this destructive cycle and as we older members of society die out (by natural causes or government dictat?) the rulers will have exactly the society they desire, effectively returning society to one of middle-ages serfdom.

  • Carolyn

    Sometime David, your blogs depress the bejesus out of me! I was aware of all of the above but hadn’t concatenated them. They’re ramping up ….

  • A Thorpe

    I think you can go further than the elites “know they can”. It is because a majority want to be controlled and have decisions made for them, provided they are fed and entertained. This is apparent throughout history. When did a civilisation collapse because the masses said no more? Only Spartacus stood up against it, and failed. When did those in charge ever prevent a collapse? Never, civilisations collapsed when the elite policies finally failed and that is what will happen with us.

    There hasn’t been a power shift because we have never been in control and a majority act like sheep. Look at the two entirely avoidable world wars. They happened because men accepted the propaganda and were willing to give their own lives and take the lives of others. The USA has been at war somewhere ever since and this is the country that claims to be making the world a better place. Modern wars are to transfer money from us to the arms industry and to increase the power of the state.

    Look at the UK for more evidence. We held a democratic referendum over membership of the EU. Most of the politicians refused to accept the result and that still applies. The voters who did not get the result they wanted also do not accept the result. Democracy has never existed. For more evidence, look at your comment about electing a representative. Most people will say they voted for a prime minister or a political party. They don’t even know who they are voting for.

    The issues you list are just the symptoms of bigger problems that are more difficult to see. Inflation is not price increases. Inflation is the printing of worthless money and price increases are the result of that. Governments refer to price increases as inflation so that they can claim to control it, but they don’t. The printed money goes into the economy and inflation slows, but the prices do not return to their original level. The governments also talk about growing the economy and being more efficient. If we become more efficient, then prices should fall, but that is not happening. We have reached the limit of efficiency and all it is causing is a reduction in the number of jobs. I have said before that the bankers know the system no longer works and is failing and the job of the WEF is to prepare us for the collapse, when we will have nothing. The elites hope to protect themselves from the collapse.

    I’m about a third of the way through a paper “Industrial Society and its Future” by Theodore Kaczynski and I believe he makes some excellent points. The message is that the problems have been with us for a long time. I doubt Kaczynski has a solution. I don’t know where I saw the reference and didn’t know anything about him and investigated when I found it interesting. If you know of him or look before reading I doubt you will bother to read it considering what he did.

    You can find it at – extension://bfdogplmndidlpjfhoijckpakkdjkkil/pdf/viewer.html?

  • A Thorpe

    After mentioning Kaczynski yesterday I received a link to this

    He seems to becoming popular. I think he has a point about industrialisation not providing satisfying jobs and thus creating problems for many people. Yet all we hear from the politicians is that we must have growth. What for, just to consume more and recycle more? Kaczynski’s answer is to return to living with nature, which he did in remote cabin. There isn’t enough space for us all to do that and I doubt that many will want to give up the benefits of industrialisation. Others who try it now still have the industrial society to fall back on when they hit problems, otherwise I doubt they would do it.

    Kaczynski wrote the article I mentioned in 1995 before the climate alarmism became established and his proposals are similar but for quite different reasons. He wrote other pieces on his ideas which I have managed to find.

    On the subject of climate alarmism and net zero, recent discussions by Farage and Rees-Mogg have confirmed that they both believe that human activities are causing climate change but yet they don’t want to take the action proposed to deal with it. They are both an example of cognitive dissonance at work. They regularly claim to present both sides of an argument but there are often more than two. But they are failing to present the argument that we are not causing climate change. We now know why you have had no success in getting interviewed. Neil Oliver had a discussion last week end and it was proposed that all we had to do was to get two experts to explain climate science, but we can get any number of experts who will have different views. Einstein, in his book “The world as I see it” wrote that “A situation is developing similar to the one symbolically represented in the Bible by the story of the Tower of Babel.” He said individuals have an ever-narrowing sphere of knowledge and they cannot see the broad horizon. The experts have become a danger to us.

  • Stillreading

    It’s only too easy for those of us who regularly read this blog and TCW and Guido, The Sceptic etc., as well as keeping up via YouTube with what is happening across the Pond, to assume that a sizeable proportion of our fellow UK citizens are keeping themselves similarly informed. Not so – as was forcibly brought to my attention (not for the first time by far) only yesterday in conversation with a couple of well-educated, middle class retirees, ex-professionals, home owners, in short typical Tory voters, about as likely to vote for Sir Kneeler next year as they are to fly to Mars! Despite the appalling revelations which seem regularly now to emerge from that infamous institution, they rely exclusively on the House of Savile, Edwards and Brand for information on Global Boiling, the vaxx, and the Ukraine disaster, assuming that Auntie always tells the truth and swallowing without benefit of any chewing or even prior cautionary tasting, entire indigestible hunks of propaganda. Are they already primed for the next lot of masking up, social distancing and another experimental mRNA assault on their systems? Unquestioningly Yes. Why? How? A combination of trust in Authority instilled decades ago, when we could indeed rely on Government, Doctors, Nurses and Teachers to care for and educate us, plus complacency and lack of intellectual curiosity. This apparent reluctance or inability to question is exemplified in the comment, regularly heard, “I keep getting covid although I’ve had all my jabs. Just had No. 6. But I’d have been much worse or might even have died if I hadn’t been vaccinated!” (It amazed me at the time how few noticed, even less questioned, the simultaneous, conflicting messages from Gvt. that the young ought to take the jab in order to “protect Granny” even though Granny herself had already received the jab which “would prevent her getting it”. As for sticking a cotton bud up your nose then feeding it into some plastic device to discover whether you were suffering from a fatal disease……)

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