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Which group do you belong to?

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Tabloid newspaper are forever printing articles in which they choose four or five personality types and ask readers to choose which type they are.

So I thought I would adapt an article I found floating somewhere around the Internet. It classes us into five groups in terms of where we stand in the face of our rulers imposing restrictions on our lives in reponse to the latest supposed crisis – pandemic, climate or whatever.

1) The rulers: A tiny group of the political, bureaucratic, tech, business and media elite who are consciously acting in their own privileged self-interest while fully aware of the huge damage their actions are causing to ordinary people. The rulers despise ordinary people as ‘useless eaters’ and a burden on the planet who should be controlled and impoverished in order to allow the rulers to accumulate ever more wealth and power. These ruthless few are benefitting hugely from the ongoing globalist pandemic and climate fascism and will not deviate from their mission to further their own narrow self interests.

2) The mercenaries: A considerable number of scientists and administrators are embedded within the migration, pandemic and climate industries. Their livelihoods and professional statuses are contingent upon perpetuating the ‘global emergencies’ that supposedly require drastic actions to resolve. This group of amoral prostitutes will be extremely reluctant to admit that they have backed the wrong horse. As the American writer Upton Sinclair once said, ‘It is difficult to get a man to understand something when his salary depends upon his not understanding’.

3) The self-justifying compliers: It takes considerable courage to admit to having been duped. Hence, to avoid painful cognitive dissonance, the many people who openly argued in support of the dominant Covid narrative and enthusiastically support the climate-catastrophist narrative will continue to rationalise why they championed the Covid restrictions on our lifestyles. They will also comply with future similar diktats about climate or whatever other impending disaster the rulers enthusiastically supported by the mercenaries invent – despite the accumulating evidence that lockdowns, masks, and the shutting down of society were both ineffective and harmful. It is extremely difficult for these self-justifiers to switch sides and express dissent.

4) The ambivalent, but silent: Arguably the largest group, these hassle-avoiders may have harboured longstanding unease about the appropriateness of the Covid/climate authoritarianism but have – to date – remained quiet, perhaps in the hope that what we have endured over recent years will pass and we will soon return to normality. This group’s motto seems to be: ‘keep your head down and you shouldn’t get into trouble’.

5) The longstanding sceptics: This tiny group are a vocal (and pilloried) minority who have, since early 2020, openly opposed the dominant narratives about the ‘benefits’ of open-borders migration, the dangers of the Chinese lab-leaked plague and the supposed global boiling climate crisis and look on with amazement at how just a few Western countries are being deliberately impoverished by their rulers while the majority of the world’s ~200 countries profit from the West’s economic suicide

The first two groups – ‘the rulers’ and the ‘mercenaries’ – are, effectively, beyond reach and will continue to push the ‘imminent disaster’ scenarios because this furthers their own accumulation of wealth and power. To halt the march of migration, pandemic and climate fascism, the sceptics must encourage many more from groups 3 and 4 to join us in a collective demonstration of dissent and non-compliance. Though whether this is possible in the face of the flood of new restrictions from the rulers and the barrage of misinformation from the rulers and the media elites is questionable.

Who do our politicians represent?

At this point I wanted to present Richard Tice’s Talk TV ‘Sunday Sermon’ from yesterday, Sunday 17 September. But it hasn’t been uploaded onto YouTube yet. So, instead here are a few hints as to whose interests our politicians are really serving:

Rishi ‘Climate Catastrophe’ Sunak:

Keir ‘Open-Borders’ Starmer

Theresa ‘Block Brexit’ May

Sadiq ‘Ban All Cars’ Khan

Richard Tice’s ‘Sunday Sermon’

I have just found Richard Tice’s whole 3-hour programme on YouTube. The Sunday Sermon is from around 5 minutes in to about 20 minutes in. Personally, I have given up watching GB News as each week it becomes ever more like the BBC. I guess GB News got burned by Ofcom over Mark Steyn and are now terrified to dare questioning the Covid or climate crisis narratives. However, Talk TV’s Julia Hartley-Brewer, Mike Graham, Kevin O’Sullivan and Richard Tice have all repeatedly stated that the whole climate crisis is a load of nonsense. So they get my support.

Anyway, here’s the whole Richard Tice programme with the Sunday Sermon from minute 5 to minute 20:

2 comments to Which group do you belong to?

  • Paul Chambers

    Yes Tice is right here but good luck finding somebody with the knowledge to unpick the multiple layers of net zero legalise. I suspect he is happier doing the radio and talking about it whilst feeling like an insider because of his relationship with Oakshot. Rather like Trump and Boris they are outsiders who the blob will try to crush if they get too near the levers of power.

    We are signed up to every globalist undemocratic treaty going which aims to destroy wealth in the uk and redistribute it to the poor overseas with a large cut for the middle men along the way. One advantage of Brexit even as poorly implemented as we have it is to show the money being pumped overseas more clearly hence Rishi doing his usual schoolboy sales pitch to big up spoofing another 5bn to the UN.

    It seems anybody who prefers a small government and thinks the clown world we are living is due to free money and a bloated corrupt state is now not just a minority but an endangered species. Most so called conservatives seem to prefer talking on tv and radio than delivering. I know Laurence Fox has said it is like herding cats to co-ordinate the right as egos are too large and far too individualistic which sadly means they are also destined for extinction and probably jail once clown world is fully implemented.

  • A Thorpe

    Tice makes a number of good points, but one he fails to see and which nobody wants to hear, is that UK workers expect to be paid more than other countries. We are a high cost, high income country and we cannot compete with Asia. This is not new, the Wilson Labour period gave into all union demands and we are seeing it again now. The UK is in a bad position because we have no raw materials for a modern economy, we cannot even produce all the food we need and we pay ourselves too much.

    Neil Oliver was discussing the problems on Saturday and came to the conclusion that we need to scrap everything and start again. It’s like the Irish joke of visitors asking for directions and being advised it would be best not to start from here. It is easy to destroy but not easy to rebuild. Look at the money Germany has wasted on wind turbines only to spend more to remove them and return to coal. We end up paying five times, for coal, removal of coal, installing wind, removal of wind, then rebuilding coal. Business profits every time from this. It is a money transfer scheme from the poorest to the rich.

    I don’t remember the name of Oliver’s guest but he suggested getting experts together to determine the best policy. This is not possible because another group of experts will disagree and there is no means to determine who is right. Michael Portillo on Sunday held a discussions about God in relation to a new book where he discussed God’s possible involvement in natural disasters. They were discussing the relatively small numbers of deaths from natural disasters and ignored completely the hundreds of millions of people killed in wars and starved to death by socialist governments. That is why we will never find a solution because we don’t want to see the problems are of our own making.

    I sometimes wonder if the WEF might be right. We have had over 100 years of devaluing our currencies with money printing and it has reached the point where we cannot service the debt. The only way out is perhaps what the WEF is telling us, we will own nothing, because the west’s economy is on the point of collapse. The Ponzi scheme they have been running is coming to an end and there is nothing that can be done to prevent it.

    There is also the issue of the world population. I think we are at a point where we have become so efficient that there are not enough jobs for everybody and that is the problem. Pointless jobs have been created and most of them are related to monitoring everything we do.

    We might have to start again but it will only be after uncontrolled collapse.

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