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Why are they doing this to us?

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We elect politicians supposedly to make our lives better. But for the last few years, it seems that the political elites, enthusiastically cheered on by the prostitute mainstream media and funded by big business, have decided that we – who are not members of the political, business or media elites – need to be lied to, controlled and impoverished. We all know the policies our rulers are implementing to make our lives more constrained, poorer and more miserable – more nasty, brutish and short:

  • The ludicrous Net Zero which is trying to attack agriculture and reduce food production to fight an imaginary ‘methane crisis’; which is pushing up energy costs for homes and businesses to fight the equally imaginary ‘CO2 Global Warming’ crisis; which is trying to force us to buy expensive useless electric cars and similarly expensive and useless heat pumps and which is crippling Western companies so they are closing their plants in the USA and Europe and moving production to cheap-energy China and India. Most of Britain’s heavy industry has already moved abroad and just a month or so ago, German chemicals giant BASF announced a plant closure in Germany with thousands of job losses while investing in a new massive plant in China
  • Mass open-borders migration which is destroying communities; eradicating Western culture; breaking services such as healthcare and education; causing widespread housing shortages and importing violence and crime. Sweden, for example, used to be one of the most peaceful and boring countries in the world. Now, thanks to a huge influx of Third-world migrants, it leads the world in the number of rapes, bomb attacks and murders
  • Crushing free speech by dictating what words and even pronouns are ‘acceptable’; censoring any media which dares contradict the elites’ approved narrative; branding any critics as conspiracy cranks and destroying the careers of those the elites consider to have expressed the ‘wrong opinions’ – David Bellamy about 20 years ago and more recently Mark Steyn and Andrew Bridgen, for example

All these have been brilliantly described in books by people like Douglas Murray (The Strange Death of Europe and The War on the West), Laura Dodsworth (A State of Fear), Christopher Booker (The Real Global Warming Disaster) and I might as well do a plug for my modest little effort (There Is No Climate Crisis); daily by websites such as Britain’s The Daily Sceptic and Conservative Woman and in the USA by The Geller Report and Tony Heller’s RealClimateScience and by YouTube videos produced by the likes of Neil Oliver, Paul Joseph Watson and many others of their ilk.

When I used to manage teams, it was always our belief that life was a win/win – the better we made our teams’ lives, the better they would perform. But our elites seem to believe only in win/lose – that they can only win if we lose.

I’m not sure anyone has successfully explained why our rulers are deliberately immiserating us – why our elites think it’s preferable to make our lives worse rather than better. Unfortunately I don’t know the answer either. So you can probably stop reading at this point if you were hoping for some brilliant light-bulb-moment insight.

But I suspect it’s a combination of most of the following:

  • Useless eaters – I think I first heard this from Neil Oliver. This is the idea that the elites view us with contempt as ‘useless eaters’, worthless people irresponsibly wasting the Earth’s resources and polluting our world due to our excessive consumerism and travel
  • Gratuitous imposition of rules and regulations – The petty, third-rate poundshop dictators who run our local councils seem to have been emboldened by how meekly we all submitted to the Chinese lab-leaked Chinese plague lockdowns. And so we see a flurry of oppressive new rules in several cities and towns restricting our lives – where we can travel, what cars we can drive, how often we can drive our cars and even banning the eating of meat in schools and council institutions
  • Caught by their own lies – Perhaps our elites know they’ve been lying to us? Perhaps they’ve always known that Covid was leaked from a Chinese lab doing virus research funded by Frankenstein Fauci; that the miracle vaccines were never safe and effective; that once Omicron became the dominant strain there was no need for travel restrictions, lockdowns and vaccinations and that the supposed Climate Crisis is a load of nonsense. But having used all these lies to deceive, control and pauperize us they have to double down on their lies to cover up their abuse of our trust
  • Socialists pretending to be environmentalists – I read about this in James Delingpole’s 2012 book Watermelons in which he proposed that environmentalists were like watermelons – green on the outside but red in the middle – that while claiming to care about the environment, most environmentalists are really using the environmental cause to bring down capitalism and subject us all to total socialist state control
  • Concentration of power and wealth – Throughout history, the top 1% (or maybe even top 0.1%?) have had almost unlimited power over the masses and have always controlled 90% or more of every country’s resources. This changed in the 20th Century as the rise of democracy in the West led to the creation of the welfare state and a dilution of the 1%’s power and share of wealth. Perhaps the new impoverishment is just the 1%’s efforts to destroy the last vestiges of democracy so it can once again impose its power over us and capture most of the world’s wealth for itself
  • Globalisation and the WEF – The idea that the political, business and media elites view such concepts as communities, countries, patriotism and individual freedom as outdated and even dangerous. Instead they believe that the world would be a better place if a small elite (the 1% or 0.1%?) decided how the world should be run and how we should live our lives. The bogeyman for this is, of course, the person Mark Steyn so colourfully describes as the ‘mad, Teutonic megalomaniac hiding in plain sight as a mad, Teutonic megalomaniac’ – Klaus Schwab and his World Economic Forum. The ludicrously misnamed World Health Organisation’s latest power grab giving the WHO legal authority to impose its policies on any country will be a major victory for the globalists crushing any idea of individual freedom or national sovereignty
  • The end of politics – In the 20th Century we had political parties with genuinely different proposals for how countries should be run. But now all the main parties seem to have the same policies – that we are useless eaters, that we need to be controlled, that our individualism is a threat to social stability, that the elites know what is best for us, that we are damaging the environment and causing climate change due to our selfish greed, that concepts like countries and patriotism need to be eradicated, that power over us should be ceded to unelected bureaucrats in international globalist organisations often bankrolled by the mega-rich and that democracy has had its day and should be replaced by the new elitocracy.

In my book THERE IS NO CLIMATE CRISIS, I also mention two other possible causes of the West’s self-destruction:

  • Kakistocracy – governments by the most unscrupulous and most incompetent. As politics has become a profession rather than a moral calling, it has attracted people who have never had a real job but who spend their whole lives in the political bubble and who are only in the game for personal power, self-aggrandisement and self-enrichment
  • Oikophobia – which is a kind of narcissism which results in ‘the felt need to denigrate the customs, culture and institutions that are identifiably those of your own country

Perhaps, as several social scientists have proposed, Democracy is not an end in itself but merely a brief historical aberration from the inevitable re-consolidation of power and wealth by the elites?

Actually, as you can see, I really don’t understand why the elites believe it is better to control and immiserate us rather than helping us improve our lives. One day, hopefully, someone much smarter than myself will come up with the explanation.

8 comments to Why are they doing this to us?

  • Ian J

    You have (quite correctly IMHO) stated the big issue affecting us all in C21. I don’t see a pleasant outcome, but hope, for the sake of our young people, that these so-called elites come to their senses and abandon their mad schemes

  • Paul Chambers

    I think the underlying reason is technology and the internet.

    One is the plebs have access to everything that used to be hidden away or controlled by professionals. With AI the march continues and inevitably the clamour for direct democracies will increase as people take more control of their lives having seen the corruption and poor outcomes the old system is producing. Most people do not want war or to be poorer.

    The second is technology has created vast wealth. A lot of these leading tech companies are close to monopolies but have fragile business models that can be overtaken by new innovations almost overnight. A lot of this money is busy lobbying governments to protect these monopolies. You cannot protect monopolies with free market adam smith you need communism and one party states.

    With such vast wealth sloshy around the inevitable corruption of politics leads to disillusionment and frustration amongst the wider population. Slowly this will lead to disillusionment with centralised government and globalist leaders. Monopolies will be broken up and wages increased to rebalance towards labour from the owners of capital. Technology will move to block chain and open systems of transparency – we just have to live through this process and feels similar to the railroad Barons and Union Oil.

  • Stillreading

    Why are they doing it? Follow the Money! Once you’re “in” with Schwab, Gates, Soros, and their £billions, even with evil Fauci and his now exposed covid-origin lies, you have, on an immediate personal level, nothing to worry about. In fact, the future looks rather appealing. Luxury private-jet air travel, the best steaks while the common herd subsist on Gates’ cockroach burgers, all the road space you need to enjoy unimpeded your luxury, air-con, armour-plated, ICE-driven vehicle while the rest of us are limited to our max 100 trips a year in our electric only vehicles to escape from the confinement of our 15 minute cities. As for how “they”, the afore-mentioned, are getting away with it, well Bread and Circuses, the Bread being these days low-nutrition, high calorie, diabetes-inducing, life-reducing, straight-to-your-door junk consumed while slouching on the sofa, the Circus being any one of a hundred or more TV channels transmitting brain-numbing trash showing “celebs” getting it off somewhere or exposing their genitals to pre-pubescent girls, or in any one of dozens of ways demonstrating their narcissism. Having tried more times than I like to remember to discuss these existential issues with friends and even family, I have concluded that the overwhelming majority of educated, sensible, caring, salary-earning or retired, middle-class people just do not want to know. The implications of knowing are too terrifying to contemplate. It’s more comfortable to look away and carry on as before. Meanwhile, like the frog being slowly boiled to death, they (we? for we are all complicit when it comes to obeying the dictats) make the best of things and carry on as normal. Or as near to normal as we are permitted to do. What I cannot understand is how even the richest in the West, those who wield the most power or who enjoy the most prestige in the eyes of the public, seem not to understand that the world they are conspiring to create in the West can only end badly for their children and grandchildren. I’ve never rated KC3’s intellect particularly highly, but cannot even he see, with his cuddling up to the WEF and, therefore, all the above named, that he is putting his (elder) son and his rather nice grandchildren at risk? Apres moi, le deluge! (excuse absence of accents.) Le Deluge is inexorably approaching. In another 50 years to be Caucasian will be to be of a minority race in Europe and to be a Christian will be to attract opprobrium at best, but more likely death. The few who dare to write and speak up on population replacement and control by nefarious means (Douglas Murray, Mark Steyn, Andrew Bridgen, Tucker Carlson, plus others you name) are to be admired and applauded. They pay, or probably will pay, a high price though. Few of us have their courage. How much longer will Tony Heller, Paul Joseph Watson and the wonderful Neil Oliver last on YouTube I wonder?

  • A Thorpe

    Can you describe a situation when politicians have made our lives easier? I saw a comment on the internet this morning “There is no left or right. There is only tyranny or freedom”. We have never been free from government interference in our lives and that is because many people do not want freedom because they are afraid of the responsibility it brings.

    I think the period after WWII has been abnormal in human history because we were given more freedom to encourage us to recover from the war. Now our freedoms are being taken away to return us to “normal”. Look how many believe and support the issues you list. Even the politicians believe them because effectively they are controlled by the powerful elites. You missed out the craziest belief of all – the belief that we can change sex. It makes less sense than a belief in witchcraft. Hitler managed to convince the German people that jews and others were inferior and a danger to society. We are going through a similar period with other issues but with no individual to blame for it, and so many do not see the brainwashing that is going on.

    It is technology that makes it so easy to spread nonsense. My gardener this morning said that young people don’t remember anything because they turn to the internet to find opinions. They believe whatever it tells them even if it contradict the previous opinion it gave because they remember nothing. It is impossible to think rationally without knowledge and that needs a memory. My gardener also said his grandfather fought in the war to keep us free but now this has been lost because our enemy is now in the walls.

    I continually return to how Andrew Bridgen was treated by parliament and the Tory party. We no longer have a functioning parliament and that is the first thing we have to change, but how?

  • Carolyn

    So to sum up: we’re actually living in Orwell’s 1984. I remember reading it as a teenager and thinking “well, at least that will never happen” HAH!!

    Reading this blog, I was also reminded of the film “Rollerball” another dystopian story.
    “In the year 2018, in the cult-classic film Rollerball (1975), nations have gone bankrupt. Corporations rule a world of docile, vapid customer-citizens who are constantly surveilled. They’re fed happy pills, bought off with small luxuries, and distracted with a perilous, gladiatorlike roller sport (with motorcycles)” The chief villain could have been modelled on Schwab.

    Meanwhile have you noticed how the government is “buying” the populace.

    22.4 million people claimed some combination of DWP benefits in August 2022 (of the 17 benefits included in these statistics). Of these:

    12.7 million were of State Pension Age (including those in receipt of their State Pension)

    9.1 million were of Working Age

    600,000 were under 16 (and in receipt of Disability Living Allowance as a child)

    There’s an advert running on tv encouraging people to claim up to 40 of the government benefits on offer. Dependency culture! I suspect a hidden agenda.

  • Eric Legge

    In his book, “Thus Spoke Zarathustra”, Nietzsche (1844 to 1900) wrote that tarantulas of the spirit (bloodsuckers) are individuals or groups of people that try to impose their idea of good and evil upon others and society as a whole. However, as argued by Nietzsche, these tarantulas do not impose their idea of good and evil out of love for mankind, instead they do so out of jealousy and vengeance: “’Vengeance will we use, and insult, against all who are not like us’ – thus do the tarantula-hearts pledge themselves. ‘And “Will to Equality” – that itself shall henceforth be the name of virtue; and against all that hath power will we raise and outcry!’” Nietzsche believed that these Tarantulas only want to acquire more power, and the values that they attempt to impose are used as a source for power.

    Tarantulas want to control everything, they want everyone to be equal, everything to be arranged. According to Nietzsche, besides the tarantulas, the state is also promoting this development, a development which, as observed by Nietzsche, can be extremely dangerous and irreversible, it can lead to the society of the last man.

    Nietzsche was truly concerned about these developments because they seem to benefit mankind at first, however, they would create a false sense of happiness and security, making them even more dangerous: “The state I call it, where all are poison-drinkers, the good and the bad; the state, where all lose themselves, the good and the bad, the state, where the slow suicide of all – is called ‘life’”

    According to Einsteinian physics, the distinction between past, present and future is a persistent illusion. Spacetime embodies past, present and future. In a word is fate. Nietzsche stated that the recipe for greatness is “Amor fati”. Love of one’s fate. So, either the tarantulas win and take us to the last man or they, the people of the lie, lose and the evolution to the Overman takes place.

    Looking at it this way, I would say that the tarantulas are playing a losing hand.

    Amor fati –

  • Marc Ager

    Interestingly, if you have ever seen Stanley Kubrick’s movie “2001: A Space Odyssey”, you may have noticed a connection with Friedrich Nietzsche’s Three Metamorphoses of the Spirit in Thus Spoke Zarathustra. They are the Camel, the Lion and the Baby.

    After an unimaginable long journey through space, and after winning the battle from the conspiring computer (the dragon), the space-traveller wins the race to the monolith, culminating in a new stage in evolution: the space-traveller transforms into a baby.

    That is on purpose because the theme music is the great “Also sprach Zarathustra” by Richard Strauss. Here it is on YouTube.

  • A Thorpe

    Did you see Neil Oliver last night, 20 May? He was talking about climate alarmism in his introduction and then he had a guest who agreed with him, and Tom Burke, who I don’t know but he is an environmentalist who is a full on believer in human caused climate change.

    Oliver and his guest were completely uninformed about climate change and the science. Burke did the usual of bombarding them nonstop with claims, but offered no evidence and neither did Oliver. Burke said sea levels were rising, Oliver said they weren’t. What were viewers supposed to make of it? And that is how it went on. Oliver mentioned the World Climate Declaration and picked out a Nobel Prize winner, but he wasn’t a climate scientist so Tom got the better of him. Prof Plimer and Lindzen were signatories. Why didn’t Oliver mention them? Probably because he doesn’t know them. So they argued about how many scientists supported climate alarmism. I thought Burke was the most believable. GB News gave him the airtime. Which side are they really on?

    You pointed out that they will not invite you to a discussion. But supposing they had representatives of both sides of the argument about climate alarmism with all the supporting facts. Neither side would change their views so what would uninformed viewers make of it? It would also be impossible to have an independent adjudicator to say who was correct because neither side would accept it. It would be just the same with Assemblies which often get mentioned these days. A vote of the uninformed does not establish scientific facts..

    I raise this because it seems to be impossible to resolve differences to establish the truth. I think I raised the issue of Al Gore and the correlation between temperature and CO2 here. Why doesn’t anybody ask for the maths? In particular why didn’t school teachers raise this when his documentary was shown in schools. A failed education system must be part of the problems we have in many areas.

    It seems impossible to find a way to establish the truth, whatever the situation and without that nothing will change until some disaster reveals it. I rather suspect the the increasing use of AI will only add to the difficulty.

    Have you got any thoughts on how to determine the truth?

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