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The latest globalist power-grab

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At the beginning of the week, I pieced together a story about the World Health Organisation’s (WHO) latest power-grab. This story was, of course, ignored by the mainstream media.

Well, now this story has been picked up by someone writing for the Daily Sceptic who, unlike me, actually knows what they’re talking about.

It may be worth reading the whole piece as its implications are actually quite frightening.

In my Monday/Tuesday blog, I tried to highlight how utterly corrupt and incompetent the WHO is. And recently we learnt that a certain highly-placed gentleman who, I believe, was highly-supportive of a campaign to vilify and ostracise anyone suggesting that the Wuhan plague accidentally leaked from a filthy, badly-run, unhygienic Chinese lab, has been appointed the WHO’s Chief Scientist. This goes from bad to worse.

So we may find that, with the next (inevitable) pandemic, it’s the WHO, and not our useless governments, which decides that lockdowns should be imposed or that nobody should be allowed on a plane, train or bus without proof of vaccination or that the bank accounts of anyone refusing vaccination should be frozen or that anyone daring to question WHO policies should be cancelled from all social media by the ludicrously-misnamed ‘fact-checkers’ for ‘spreading disinformation’ or that we all must have digital IDs showing our vaccination status.

And, looking ahead, perhaps in a few years, these digital IDs could be used to track our individual CO2 emissions and thus restrict where we can live, how we heat our homes, what we can eat and how far (if at all) we can travel?

Moreover, please remember the media hysteria bludgeoning the government into harder, faster lockdowns. I daren’t name names here for legal reasons. But, and my ageing memory may be failing me, I have a vague recollection that journalists Robert Peston and Beth Rigby were rather enthusiastic about having us incarcerated in our homes. Though, of course, I may be mistaken. I often am.

And remember the vituperation against anyone hesitant about taking the untested ‘miracle vaccines’. Britain’s highly-respected (by some people I suppose) journalist Piers Morgan, for example, was reported as writing: ‘Those who refuse to be vaccinated, with no medical reason not to, should be refused NHS care if they then catch covid. I’m hearing of anti-vaxxers using up ICU beds in London at vast expense to the taxpayer. Let them pay for their own stupidity & selfishness.”

Can you imagine how much more the (IMHO) mostly prostitutes-for-sale journalists and politicians will harangue and browbeat us when they can claim they are following the science as determined by the incorruptible (ha-ha-ha), highly-competent (you must be joking), highly-respected (really?) supposed ‘experts’ at the WHO?

Our elected rulers have handed over our immigration policy to the United Nations Compact for Safe and Orderly Migration, our economic policy to the International Monetary Fund (IMF) who couldn’t forecast the date of Christmas never mind the likely development of a complex economy  in turbulent times and now they’re going to surrender our health policy to the WHO – yet another bunch of globalist, incompetent, corrupt, self-serving bureaucrats.

A whole new one-world-government, globalist world is coming and I for one don’t like what I see.

Anyway, here’s the Daily Sceptic article:

7 comments to The latest globalist power-grab

  • A Thorpe

    You have done a far better job than the Daily Sceptic in pointing out the dangers we face, particularly with the paragraph beginning with “Our elected rulers …”. But it is not just health policy that will be surrendered. Our freedoms will be totally removed and more than anything it is modern technology that will enable it. You have also shown how difficult it is to name the guilty parties, because free speech is ending.

    I saw the Daily Sceptic article and didn’t think much to it because the article seems have little to do with the title they gave it. I’ve looked at it again, and it is because it comes from an article “Amendments to WHO’s International Health Regulations: An Annotated Guide” which is warning about the consequences of the WHO policies but like most issues today it is not clear how many people worldwide disagree with the proposals and what can be done anyway. Both articles are long and there is no clear action proposed. It is actions to deal with it that we want.

    The Sceptic heading says democratic countries must reject the WHO proposals, but our media and politicians support everything it does. What are we, the people, supposed to do? Elections are pointless because we just elect another party with similar objectives. Democracy is a complete sham based on the belief that universal suffrage puts us in charge. How can it be right that a majority (however determined) is assumed to be correct and can therefore impose its views on the minority. We have had almost 100 years of the states creating a sense of entitlement and people are not going to give that up. The problem is that we have too much government and ever increasing sizes of the state around the world. There has been a steady process of people giving up personal responsibility for their lives to the state. This is socialism doing what it always intended to do – have complete control over everything and everybody with the overall message that they are protecting us. That was how Hitler took control. The objectives of the Frankfurt school have been implemented as part of this process. We either accept it, or revolt now before it is too late and I cannot see that happening because life in the west is still easy for most and they are still living in fear of fake climate and disease crises.

  • Stillreading

    Younger generations – by that I mean most people under about 50 with whom I have attempted to discuss the issues written about today – regard those of us who subscribe to such views
    as either ridiculous conspiracy theorists or suffering from galloping senility. In general the younger generations view the notion of digital currency as nothing but a marvellous convenience. Imagine no longer having to carry around those pesky plastic bank cards, even less banknotes or those irritating coins which fall out of purses and cause holes in trouser pockets! Just wave a phone in the general direction of the digital equivalent of a till as you exit the store, every single item you have picked off the shelves having already been noted and registered in your name. (No. You can’t have chocolate today. Our records show you are already obese and are liable to require costly medication soon if you don’t desist!) What a wonderful world it will be! Younger people don’t even seem particularly to be concerned about digital ID – which is any case is inevitable once digital currency becomes the sole means of commerce. When I have pointed out that once digital ID has become compulsory, rationing of fuel for home and personal transport and for flying on holiday, limitations on entitlement to the “wrong” food (i.e. first class animal protein in all its forms) and restrictions on all “fun” activities for those who refuse compulsory medical procedures will inevitably follow, their eyes glaze over. They refuse to think that far ahead, one suspects in fact because of fear of where their thinking will lead. These are well-educated people I am talking about, not empty vessels in the skull department. They prefer to take the view that they will cross those bridges should the time come. Bread and Circuses. Well, the bread will be severely rationed and the circuses will cease. It WILL come. But it will be their world when the worst happens, since I suspect many reading this blog will no longer be around. I doubt I shall be. Sad though. Our nation has a wonderful history of which we should be proud, as indeed do most European countries, irrespective of us having been at war with most of them over the centuries and they with each other. Sorry! I forgot! We are supposed, are we not, to deplore every single scientific, medical, artistic, musical, literary advance ever made in Europe.

  • tomsk

    Ignored by the media because they own the media. Thankfully there are people like Mark Steyn and Neil Oliver on GB News who raise such issues amongst others.

  • Stillreading

    Yes tomsk. Neil Oliver was excellent on this very topic yesterday evening, starting 6 p.m. and no doubt available on YouTube now.

  • Marc Ager

    Mark Steyn suffered two heart attacks and has not been hosting his GB News show for many weeks. Let’s hope that he makes a full recovery.

  • Marc Ager

    GB News – Neil Oliver | Saturday 4th February –

    Neil’s excellent monologue begins at 9 minutes into the show.

  • tomsk

    Hello fellow red pilled folks. Every week Neil Oliver issues a Churchillian monologue on issues MSM wont touch. 6PM every Saturday channel 236 GB News.
    As for Mark Steyn, he is back soon, he had two heart attacks, he didn’t realise the first one was such. He’s filmed from his GB News desk announcing his comeback but he’s still doing his non GB News stuff, check his website. He is an absolute legend for calling out Covid, deaths, lies, grooming gangs, police corruption.

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