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I recommend the Daily Sceptic’s daily newsletter

Wednesday blog

I had an article published today on the Daily Sceptic’s website and in their daily newsletter:

I recommend that readers sign up to the Daily Sceptic’s daily emailed newsletter. It’s free and, because it uses a wide range of writers, can cover more subjects in greater detail than I can. Plus it deals with the stories the mainstream media is terrified to mention.

3 comments to I recommend the Daily Sceptic’s daily newsletter

  • Hardcastle

    Three websites I look at everyday to maintain my sanity.Snouts in the Trough,Daily Sceptic and Conservative Woman.All contain excellent articles on a daily basis but also some articulate and sometimes amusing letters in reply.

  • A Thorpe

    I do the same as Hardcastle. Be warned about the Daily Sceptic that if you register to get email notifications but don’t set up an account it results in problems if you then want to register to comment. I had to contact them but didn’t get a final response. I did sort it out so perhaps they resolved the problem and didn’t inform me.

    As Hardcastle says it is good to know there are others with the same views, but nothing is really being achieved. I feel I am just reading the same issues repeatedly and it is becoming a waste of time reading the articles. Mattias Desmet said the way to deal with groupthink is by constantly repeating arguments against them in the hope they will finally get the message. Others have said they will never accept that they are wrong and will just move on to more nonsense.

    GB News is becoming unwatchable. They also go over the same issues. They cannot get any of the people responsible to be interviewed and I have my doubts about just how much the presenters understand especially on climate and energy issues. It is mainly opinion from journalists dressed up as facts. Some of the panel discussions are more like comedy news

    On the issue of excess deaths Tom Jefferson and Carl Heneghan seem to know what they are talking about and today they have published an article with eight points to consider and vaccines are not mentioned. Norman Fenton has done a lot of work on the statistics and his conclusion is “Overall, the ONS dataset is so compromised with inaccuracies, anomalies, and biases that it cannot be used to reliably determine vaccine efficacy and safety.”

    There’s only one conclusion about almost everything and that is the people who are responsible refuse to accept responsibility and that is because they know that they cannot be held accountable – so they do nothing.

  • Hardcastle

    Some light at the end of one tunnel.Articles in the MSM pointing out the realities of electric cars and other impossibilities surrounding “net zero”.They are still sticking to the general climate change narrative though.Cracks appearing in the dams!

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