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Our useless, useless NHS still hiring Equality and Diversity managers

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This is Amanda Pritchard:

Wikipedia tells us that Amanda Kate Pritchard is a British healthcare official and public policy analyst who has been the Chief Executive of NHS England since 1 August 2021. Pritchard previously served as chief operating officer of NHS England and as chief executive of NHS Improvement from 2019 to 2021.

She gets paid (please note I did not use the word “earns”) about £260,000 a year and no doubt will soon get a few gongs and a seat in the Lords as all those of her ilk invariably do.

You may have thought that there were some small problems with the NHS England – people waiting 10-20 hours for an ambulance, possibly 500 people a week dying early due to failing healthcare, some the worst cancer survival rates in the developed world and so on. Ms Pritchard and her legions of managers, many of them also on 6-figure salaries, seem to me to be blissfully unaware of these issues and are pushing ahead with hiring even more DIE (Diversity, Inclusion and Equality) managers apparently in the belief that more DIE managers is just what is needed to solve the NHS’s current problems and improve patient care.

I have blogged about this several times. What I have done differently in this weekend’s blog is include parts of the job descriptions (or non-job descriptions?) of these utterly useless individuals.

For reasons of space, I have just included four DIE vacancies posted within the last few weeks.

Please note that Pennine Care NHS Trust is hiring not one but two of these supremely pointless individuals. I don’t know whether every ambulance in the Pennine Care NHS Trust reaches patients within the targeted times, whether Pennine Care NHS Trust’s cancer survival rates are among the best in the world, whether Pennine Care NHS Trust is such a perfectly-functioning healthcare organisation that it simply cannot improve its performance and so can  afford the time and expense of building an army of DIE managers. Or perhaps, Pennine Care NHS Trust’s executives (for whom Amanda Pritchard is responsible) are a bunch of incompetent dolts who haven’t a clue about what their jobs are?

Anyway, please enjoy reading about the wonderfully useful people our envy-of-the-world NHS is busy hiring.

Looking at the job descriptions, you might be forgiven for thinking that our NHS now prizes ‘diversity’ above ‘effectiveness’. So candidates with lower skills, but higher diversity scores, are being prioritised in recruitment. Being slightly old-fashioned, as a potential patient I would prefer medical staff with the highest skills even though they may not be sufficiently ‘diverse’ for Ms Pritchard’s growing army of DIE managers.

Head of Equality, Diversity and Inclusion
NHS Birmingham and Solihull Integrated Care Board
£56,164 – £65,262 a year – Permanent
Full Job Description

The post-holder will seek out and interpret national guidance and legislation relating to equality, diversity, and inclusion giving specialist advice to directors and managers, clinical leads and Board members to ensure due regard for equality and diversity in their ongoing work programmes.

The post holder will create and deliver an ambitious and robust series of plans that addresses E&D, inclusion, wellbeing, and human rights issues internally and for patients. The post holder will be specifically accountable for the Workforce Race Equality Standard, Workforce Disability Equality Standard, Equality Delivery System, The Race Code, LGBTQ+ Framework, NHS England (Midlands) Race Equality and Inclusion Strategy, Race Pay Gap reporting and identified areas of the national staff survey. Information and analysis on these areas will be produced for the ICB and the ICS.

Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Partner
£48,526 – £54,619 a year – Full-time

Full Job Description

This new and exciting role within the Workforce and OD Directorate will work closely with Workforce and OD colleagues to partner the business and build upon the Equality Diversity and Inclusion foundation that has been built in the organisation.

Working as part of the Workforce and OD Directorate and reporting into the Deputy Director of Workforce and OD, you will need to be passionate about developing a diverse and inclusive culture and have a value set that fits with our Trust and the NHS.

You will be prepared to constructively challenge the status quo to deliver upon the objectives set within the People and Trust Strategy, you will understand that our staff really are our greatest asset and actively seek to deliver a proactive, expert and professional EDI service that achieves the best outcomes for workforce diversity.

With every day presenting you with a myriad of challenges, you will excel in this role if you are organised, analytical and have excellent people skills, you will also have:

  • Exceptional communication, influencing and presentation skills, with the ability to work in an environment building relationships with a number of internal and external stakeholders
  • The ability to develop bespoke and creative solutions to EDI challenges as well as to meet the objectives set within Trust strategies, as well as to respond to (and deliver upon) local, regional and national reporting and plans

In return, you will be offered the opportunity to work within a supportive environment, within a team that understands having fun and enjoying work is important to building successful teams and services. You will be empowered to make a difference and contribute to the overall effectiveness of the Workforce and OD Directorate.

Humber Teaching NHS Foundation Trust understands the importance of maintaining a work life balance and as such we fully encourage and support a wide range of flexible working initiatives. If the working hours/arrangements for this role do not meet your requirements, please don’t let this deter you from applying, we would welcome an application from you and will happily discuss any working arrangements that differ from those advertised. This role will involve a blend of remote working and office working, depending on business need.

We are an award winning and CQC rated good, health and social care Trust that delivers care to communities in Hull, East Yorkshire, Scarborough and Ryedale and Whitby. We deliver safe, effective and integrated health services that improve the physical, mental and social health and wellbeing of our patients and service users.

Head of Equality, Diversity & Inclusion
£56,164 – £65,262 a year – Full-time

Full Job Description

We have exciting opportunity to lead our growing Equality, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI) Team at Pennine Care.

We welcome candidates with a clear and demonstrable passion and/lived experience.

This is a key senior which at its heart will help us continue our journey in creating a truly inclusive culture where everyone can be their true selves at work and ensuring fair access to our services and improve the outcomes and experiences of our service users. people can be their authentic self and where access to and experience of our

We are looking for a passionate EDI leader with ideas for improvement and an eye on delivering and driving our ambitious agenda. The successful candidate will be highly knowledgeable about the issues facing minority and/or under-represented groups and have the inter-personal skills to engage with and involve a range of diverse groups and individuals to ensure our work is informed and supported by people’s experience.

To be successful, you will be an authority in EDI best practice, knowledge and application. You will be able to demonstrate significant recent evidence of leading and implementing initiatives achieving equality improvement outcomes. You will be an advocate for diversity and inclusion and have the credibility and influence to work with people at all levels to put EDI at the heart of everything we do.

A strong communicator and influencer, you will develop effective working relationships both strategically and operationally across a range of settings, in order to deliver our EDI priorities and to continue to mainstream EDI best practice across all aspects of our patient services and our workforce.

You will lead on the development and implementation of the Trusts strategic EDI objectives ensuring the involvement of diverse groups and people with lived experience in the development and implementation of our plans.

Equality, Diversity, and Inclusion Project Officer
£33,706 – £40,588 a year – Full-time

Full Job Description

Do you have the passion to make a real difference to the lives of others?

The Trust’s Equality, Diversity, and Inclusion (EDI) Team are looking for a passionate individual to join their team to support the delivery of a wide range of innovative interventions to support the Trust on its EDI journey.

We are offering you the opportunity to become our EDI project officer, supporting the implementation and delivery of programmes from our anti-racism approach, health inequalities to strengthening our staff networks, to name a few!

We are looking for someone with enthusiasm for EDI, who can work creatively and respond positively in a constantly evolving environment. A personal interest in EDI is important too.

We are proud to provide high quality mental health and learning disability services, both inpatient and in the community across five boroughs of Greater Manchester – Bury, Oldham, Rochdale, Stockport and Tameside and Glossop.

This is an exciting time to join our EDI team as we develop our ambitious EDI strategy for the future. You will have a pivotal role in supporting the Trust to build inclusive environments that promote equality of opportunity and diversity for all staff members, service users and their families and local communities the Trust serves.

The ideal candidate will have a real drive and passion for EDI and to make a difference to people’s lives. You will be a creative individual with the ability to plan, deliver and implement innovative ideas and measure success of their impact as well as support the Trust’s with its annual EDI submissions, and provide guidance to managers and staff on all things EDI.

5 comments to Our useless, useless NHS still hiring Equality and Diversity managers

  • Ed P

    Pritchard is not a medic, so is unlikely to put funding medical services above her pet projects.
    I visited a hospital yesterday (helping a friend to an appointment) and was impressed by how well it was running – people being seen on time, no ambulances waiting, clean and tidy, etc. This was in the affluent Tunbridge Wells area, so it was undoubtedly not representative of the whole country. But it did show that some hospital managements are capable and maintaining standards.

  • Alan Thorpe

    Why doesn’t the nurses union point out how this money could be used to improve health care? Because they don’t really care what goes on provided their members are better paid. This is what happens with socialist care.

  • Marc Ager

    They obviously get paid so highly so that they can afford to use private provisions for everything, including getting to work during strikes, instead of suffering themselves from what they are helping to bring about.

  • Jeffrey Palmer

    My, what an old-fashioned idea – that the NHS exists to provide treatment for sick patients!
    How quaint, when we all know that the whole point of any public institution is to provide ever-increasing jobs and remuneration for the ever-increasing numbers of non-productive citizens turned out by the national ‘education’ system. Not to mention the tens of thousands of eagerly welcomed, barely-educated imports.
    A bit of research the other day revealed that the NHS is the fifth largest employer on the entire planet. Yet is incapable of looking after the sick component of just 0.87 of the world’s population. It certainly takes some doing to reach such a global level of incompetence, and in a weird way I think that deserves some kind of acknowledgement.

  • jane

    Apply for Position: Head of Equality, Diversity and Inclusion

    Hey Jameila

    Job reference: 529-4886362
    Employer: NHS Birmingham and Solihull Integrated Care Board

    I saw your job advertised on the job website:

    I am applying for this job, but the link on your site says:
    There was a problem contacting the server.

    The deadline is 10th of Jan. Is this some sort of Nazi Paedo Retard – like plot,
    specifically to stop me getting this job. I need to know.

    I breath diversity. My mum is Jewish and my Dad was black and they
    met in 1958 in their jobs at the BBC in the Diversity Programming dept.
    Also my boyfriend is a lesbian and if we have a baby, we’ll def call it
    Meghan Markle, (or Adolf) regardless of the sex assigned at birth.

    Only through education programs talking about entitlement
    and prejudice against snowflakes, can we possibly reduce
    the NHS waiting lists. Paying me £65,000 a year to talk about
    this bollox is a sound investment for now and the future. (At least for me it is)
    I would def want to include Nazis Paedos & Retards in any
    future consideration of minority groups who need support
    and love, coz they always get left out of huggy feeley inclusivity
    in society. (Serial Killers will be in the next consideration if this goes well)

    My MP will act as a Reference as to my possibly good character.
    At least if you give me the job, I’ll have less time to write to her
    about all that is wrong with the Country.
    ie. The existence of jobs like these.

    Or you can dump this rubbish, dump the majority of such jobs,
    and you know, just have doctors and nurses and beds.

    You need beds. Lots of bed.

    Suzanne, if my application is successful, please take this
    as my formal notice of resignation as your Chief of Staff.
    Suzanne, it was a pleasure working with you.

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