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Illegal migrants – will ‘honest’ Rishi Sunak ‘do a Blair’?

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Big talk, big promises

Last week our tough, young, multimillionaire PM, Rishi Sunak, promised more staff to help clear the UK’s backlog of asylum claims by the end of next year. The BBC reported that under a plan unveiled by the prime minister, a dedicated unit of 400 specialists will be set up to handle claims from Albanians.

The asylum backlog has ballooned in recent years, with 117,000 outstanding claims, relating to 143,377 people, who are waiting for an initial decision on their application and unable to work. Of these, nearly 100,000 people have been waiting more than six months. In the Commons, Mr Sunak said the government expected to “abolish the backlog of initial asylum decisions by the end of next year”. Mr Sunak also promised to bring forward a new law to “make unambiguously clear that if you enter the UK illegally you should not be able to remain here”.

As we all know, every single one of these illegal, benefits-scrounging, mostly uneducated, mostly unemployable, mostly backwards, often western-values-hating migrants came to the UK from a safe country – France. So every single claim for asylum should be automatically rejected the moment they arrive on our shores and the lot of them shipped off to a country of their choice – just not the UK. Yet, in spite of this obvious negation of the migrants’ spurious claims for asylum, our useless excuse for a government seems incapable or unwilling to do anything

Though, of course refugee charities branded the plans “cruel” and “ineffective”.

Doing a Blair?

How will Sunak and his Border Farcical bureaucrats reduce the backlog of totally fraudulent asylum claims. I guess there are two main possibilities.

Either the Border Farce and immigration officials could forensically examine every asylum claim, reject those which were baseless and then deport the fraudulent economic migrants trying to get a comfortable life on benefits and crime in the UK all while living within easy raping distance of local schools.

Of else, our rulers could ‘do a Blair’

When Blair was criticised for the large number of asylum applications over the five years from 1997 (when New Labour were first elected) to 2002. He promised to cut the number of asylum applications. By 2005, honest Tony Blair was able to boast: “Asylum applications have fallen from over 8,000 a month to just over 2,000. The next set of statistics will show that monthly applications are back to their lowest level since March 1997”.

The chart above shows how trustworthy Tony was able to deliver this tremendous achievement. The dotted line is the number of asylum applications. The solid line is the number of UK citizenships granted. What seems to have happened is that potential asylum-seekers were told that if they didn’t apply for asylum but instead sought UK citizenship, they would be granted citizenship no questions asked. British passports were being showered on illegals like confetti.

I produced this chart for my 2008 book Squandered: How Gordon Brown is wasting over one trillion pounds of our money:

Squandered: How Gordon Brown Is Wasting Over One Trillion Pounds of Our Money. David Craig

At the time this complete fraud, like many other New Labour frauds I exposed in my book, was not mentioned by any of the mainstream media. But you have to remember, this was a time when Blair’s press people had almost complete control over the media. Any political journalist writing critical stories would be excluded from supposed ‘scoops’ and so would be out of a job. Whereas those writing positive stories on the Blair/Brown government would be given exclusive stories making it look like they had deep inside knowledge of what was going on in government. As I’m sure you know, the TV comedy series ‘The Thick of It’ was based on the Blair/Campbell government.

So, what will Sunak do?

I’ll leave it to you to guess which approach Sunak and the worse than useless Tories will take to clear the asylum applications backlog:

  • will Sunak and Braverman instruct their officials to rigorously examine every asylum application rejecting those that are invalid and deporting anyone with spurious claims?
  • will they instruct immigration staff to shower illegal migrants with British passports as fast as possible – ‘do a Blair’ – so they can pretend that the Tories have kept their promise to clear the backlog?

A cynic might suggest that the lying, devious, self-serving, gutless, invertebrate Tories will give a virtual amnesty to illegal migrants allowing them to stay in Britain and thus providing a massive incentive for hundreds of thousands more to head for our shores.

In this Monday’s Times there was a large article titled “Britain could welcome a million migrants a year to help fill jobs” along with a picture of probably mostly criminal Albanian young men being ferried into Britain by an RNLI rescue boat. Please note the language used by the Times headline writers. They could have written “Britain could admit …“. This would suggest that we British have the right to choose who can and cannot enter our country. But instead, the Times writes “Britain could welcome …”. The word “welcome” suggests that we should be grateful that mostly uneducated, mostly unemployable often criminal Third-worlders want to come to our country.

The Times used to be a newspaper which reported the news. But in recent years, like most of the mainstream media, it has become a propagandist tool pushing stuff like climate change nonsense, economically-destructive net zero, Covid lockdowns, fake ‘miracle vaccines’ and, of course, disparaging anyone suggesting that the Chinese lab-leaked plague could have leaked from a filthy, badly-run Chinese lab. And now the Times is pushing the ‘immigration is good for you’ lie. It seems we’re being softened up by the mainstream media to accept mass immigration and our own cultural, economic and societal suicide.

Klaus Schwab and his chums at the WEF must be delighted at how their plans for a borderless world and the great replacement of white people by millions of diverse, vibrant, multi-cultural Third-worlders are progressing.

5 comments to Illegal migrants – will ‘honest’ Rishi Sunak ‘do a Blair’?

  • A Thorpe

    Why not let people decide their nationality, just as they can decide their gender? Problem solved. In fact let them decide on their qualifications and solve the skill shortages as well.

  • david draig

    In countries like India and Pakistan everything is so corrupt that you can be whatever you can afford. I believe that after one Pakistan Airlines crash they found that around 30% of pilots had bribed in order to get qualified. In Africa, it’s probably even worse. So we’re already near to the utopia you suggest.

  • Ed P

    I now self-identify as the ruler of these lands of Albion – please open the castle door and let me in!
    PS: I’m not Albanian.

  • Paul Chambers

    If you shut your eyes and listen to Rishi he even sounds like Bliar.

    The one good thing Andrew Neil did at GB News before he imploded was interview Rishi. It was the same as Farage with Clegg. These globalists have nothing their whole ideology is getting the turkeys to vote for xmas and to try and look reasonable whilst sizing us up for the slaughter house.

    They believe its all about presentation hence there is one approved ideology and they are their to sell it. If you look at MPs these days a lot of them are appealing to look at quite polished more like tv presenters.

    So yes we will hand out citizenship like confetti. GDP will rise, debt will rise, overcrowding will rise but freedoms will continue to be curtailed to make it work. But one thing that will not rise is GDP per capita and that means we all have to get poorer to support the likes of Rishi and Bliar to support their flawed ideology.

  • Val Manchee

    As a WEF puppet, Sunak will do whatever Schwab tells him to do. I wouldn’t be surprised by an amnesty but a Blair deceit might be a better political move.

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