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How we’ll be nudged/coerced into accepting carbon restrictions?

Monday/ Tuesday blog

In my weekend blog I featured an article from Klaus Schwab’s World Economic Forum website from 14 September 2022 describing a future in which we’ll all have individual ‘carbon allowances’ which will restrict the maximum amount of CO2 we will be permitted to use. Whether our rulers will succeed in imposing these ‘carbon allowances’ on us without people rebelling is questionable. Though our rulers have seen how quickly and easily we submitted to their draconian restrictions on our freedoms during the US/Chinese lab-leaked plague. So our rulers are probably fairly optimistic we’ll cave in to their carbon restrictions too.

In this blog, I’d like to propose the various stages our rulers will use to nudge/coerce us into accepting carbon restrictions on our lives. For clarity, I have expressed this process as a series of stages. But they won’t necessarily be sequential as they will overlap. One reason I thought of describing this process is so that, when it happens and everyone is surprised, I’ll at least have the dubious pleasure of being able to say “I told you so”.

Stage 1: Carbon scoring

All our food now has all kinds of information about its nutritional value which nobody ever looks at and even fewer people understand. In the same way, food manufacturers and retailers will be pressured into giving a ‘carbon score’ to all our food. So obviously a kilo of avocadoes flown in from Peru or wherever will have a much higher ‘carbon score’ than a kilo of potatoes grown in Britain. Following the supposed ‘success’ of carbon-scoring our food, our rulers will extend carbon-scoring to other items that we buy – clothes, white goods* (washing machines, fridges, freezers etc), fuel, travel, flights, holidays and so on and so forth.

*(Apologies for using the term ‘white goods’ as I realise this will now be considered racist, colonialist, white supremacist etc etc. Moreover, no doubt some woke archaeologists will one day discover ‘proof’ that thousands of years ago people in subequatorial Africa had washing machines, tumble dryers and fridge/freezers while we worthless white Europeans were still living in caves)

Stage 2: Self-monitoring

Various apps will be developed so that every time we buy anything, we just need to scan the QR code with our mobile phones and these will then inform us how much carbon we are using every day, week, month and year. This will also show whether our carbon use is above or below recommended levels. This will all no doubt be called something friendly and unthreatening like the ‘MyCarbon Project’

Stage 3: MyCarbon propaganda

This third stage will probably start in schools. Children will be given projects in which they measure how much carbon they and their families are using and will be tasked with finding ways of reducing their own and their families’ carbon usage. Then there will be numerous mainstream-media newspaper, magazine, TV features and blogs on “20 tips for saving carbon” and “How to be low carbon leaders” and “Low carbon life hacks” and suchlike. Any blogs suggesting the whole thing is a load of nonsense will, of course, be censored by the Big Tech companies. And food writers will extol the exciting recipes we can make using only UK-produced food. Then there will be stories of happy families (mixed race, of course, and never white) telling us how they managed to cut their carbon footprints and how much better their lives are now they only eat UK-grown cabbages, turnips and potatoes, adore munching insects and jellyfish crisps, avoid meat, never travel anywhere, make all their own furniture and toys etc and never take holidays. All this will be designed to ‘nudge’ us into cutting our own carbon usage just like these wonderful mixed-race families. No doubt we’ll also be lectured on how much healthier our new low-carbon lifestyles are and thus they are helping ‘save the NHS’ which is ‘the envy of the world’.

Stage 4: Carbon justice taxes

At some point, our rulers will move beyond ‘nudge’ into something more resembling ‘coercion’. Part of this could include carbon taxes whereby a small amount is added in tax to everything we buy or use.  The level of tax will depend on the product or service’s carbon score. To hide the fact that these are actually Pigouvian taxes designed to change our behaviours by making certain things close to unaffordable for ordinary people, these taxes might be called something like ‘carbon justice contributions’ on the basis that the money will supposedly be used to compensate the world’s poorest (most corrupt) countries for the supposed ‘damage’ being caused to their countries by supposed ‘climate change’ supposedly due to the high level of CO2 emissions from advanced (less corrupt) countries. Hundreds of billions will be raised from us in the West by these ‘carbon justice’ taxes and most of these billions will be stolen by the kleptocrat, venal, incompetent, gangster rulers of the world’s 100+ hell-holes which will forever remain poverty-stricken hell-holes while their rulers become multi-billionaires at our expense.

Stage 5: Will carbon allowances ever be imposed?

While I feel reasonably confident that stages 1 – 4 will happen in some form or other, there’s more doubt about whether our rulers will go as far as imposing Stage 5 – individual and family carbon allowances which will restrict how much we can eat, buy and travel. As I explained in my weekend blog, if these carbon allowances are introduced, they will be backed up by carbon-trading schemes whereby we dirty, unwashed, ignorant, planet-destroying plebs will be allowed to sell some of our dismally-small carbon allowances which can then be bought by the political, media and business elites so that they can continue to live lives of unlimited luxury while we huddle in our tiny, barely-heated, minimally-furnished homes eating cheap almost inedible garbage.

It will be interesting to see if things go this far before the whole man-made climate change nonsense is exposed for the scam which it is.


As American baseball player Yogi Berra said:

It's tough to make predictions, especially about the future - Yogi Berra - Team Hewins

So, you can believe my predictions or reject them. Up to you.

But it’s still probably worth trying to predict how our rulers will push us into the world they are planning for us as foreseen is forewarned.

4 comments to How we’ll be nudged/coerced into accepting carbon restrictions?

  • Hardcastle

    I think you are pretty near the mark David,particularly if you take into account the ludicrous carbon credit scheme already in place which is distorting the realities of running an economy.I am still hoping that the natural world will supply us with an unusually cold winter which will open the eyes of populations to the reality of net zero.They cannot talk their way out of low temperatures,lack of reliable energy and the rather unpleasant consequences.They will try of course,but reality trumps all in the end.

  • A Thorpe

    Foreseen is forewarned. This is exactly what our scientists are doing. They saw that the use of fossil fuels is releasing planet warming carbon dioxide and warned us that we must stop their use. Our biologists developed new 100% effective and safe vaccines for rapid response against new diseases and our politicians worked out additional social behaviour patterns to deal with pandemics. We can see from the evidence that we are not doing enough to prevent a bigger disaster, and some people are not helping by claiming we should not be following the scientific advice and the wisdom of our politicians and celebrity helpers. These people are the enemy of civilisation and must be eliminated.

    I think we are arriving at a point where this “world government” narrative is going to be tested. We have become used to an easy life of plenty and the masses will not accept it being taken away. Climate change is something to get emotional about but we blame others rather than doing something. Covid was unknown and something to fear but being paid to stay at home was a good incentive to “behave and accept the rules”. Rationing after the war wasn’t too bad but we really had nothing anyway and I cannot see something similar being accepted now. It could be done gradually and recently I saw an example in my local Co-op. An elderly man came wanting an ice cream from a display by the door. It was empty and an assistant told him that the government did not allow ice cream on display because of the sugar content. I have no idea if that is true. The big issue as Hardcastle points out is energy. We are not going to accept power cuts with no access to entertainment and the internet, especially if we are also cold.

    If any of David’s predictions are true, then they need monitoring of all of us and this is what we must prevent. I received two text messages in the last few days which I think were fake. The first was asking me to apply for a covid passport and the second was to tell me I had been in contact with somebody who tested positive for covid. I haven’t been vaccinated or have any monitoring apps, but the extension of personal control could start this way by more fear propaganda and monitoring claimed to be necessary for our safety.

    I don’t believe that the WEF is very significant. I saw a comment a few days ago saying it is basically a meeting place for the real players and we have to work out who they are. They are mixed in with all the politicians who are just their puppets. It said the WEF statements are mild compared to the actual plans that the true players will impose on us. But they don’t really have plans for us, we will just suffer the consequences of the plans they have for themselves.

    I am coming to the view that all we are seeing a money laundering scheme that has been going on for over a hundred years and the various narratives are just to hide this. The basis of the scheme is continual wars, so we had two world wars, Vietnam, the Balkans, Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya and now Ukraine. There was no justification for any of these wars. Politicians created them. Worthless money is printed and laundered through the wars, ending up as taxpayer debt with the rich increasing their assets. The pandemic did exactly the same. African leaders benefit from this but are irrelevant compared to the accumulation of wealth in the west who are the ones we need to be concerned about.

  • Ed P

    Carbon-based life-forms plan their own nemesis…

  • Brenda Blessed

    The leadership across Christendom is literally possessed by creeping subterranean demons that have been undermining all of its institutions systematically for at least six decades, starting with equality and now employing a tsunami of other lies and deceit.

    The new Italian PM, Giorgia Meloni, calls them monsters and tells the west that it is under attack by its own people in charge.

    The governments across Christendom knew that there was no need for lockdowns from early on in 2020 but kept having them in order to usher in the cost of living crisis and inflation and rising interest rates that any child with a good pass in GCSE Economics could have predicted.

    The amount of damage to the environment and the suffering to people, their animals and the wildlife that all of this evil is bringing about must be paid for by the leaders in the media, big tech, big pharma, the medical establishment and government who visited it on us.

    It should make the activities of the Nazi hunters look like a minor exorcism.

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