June 2024

Who next for the ludicrous Nobel Peace Prize? Saville? Mitchell? Blair? The Muslim Brotherhood?

In 2007, Al Gore and the U.N.’s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) won the 2007 Nobel Peace Prize. We now know that most of what Gore and the IPCC claimed was a bunch of exaggerated claptrap using dodgy data and biased computer models. In 2009, Barack Obama received the Nobel Peace Prize just nine months after becoming US president – basically before he had done anything to deserve winning it.

Now the Nobel Peace Prize has been awarded to the undemocratic, wasteful, corrupt EU (EUSSR). The Nobel committee credited the EU with spreading peace and democracy. But the EU is a massive self-serving bureaucracy that ignores the results every time people vote against its efforts to create a European superstate ruled by unelected bureaucrats. That the EU should get the prize is beyond belief. Moreover, it’s more than blindingly obvious that it has been NATO’s military force, rather than the overpaid, overpensioned, expenses-fiddling, kleptocratic Brussels bureaucrats that have kept the peace in Europe for the last 67 years.

But the announcement was greeted with absolute delight by the Guardian.

So who is going to be next for the now utterly discredited Nobel Peace Prize? Jimmy Savile for his services to children? Andrew Mitchell for his dedication to promoting a classless society? Tony Blair for his success as Middle East Peace Envoy? Or perhaps the Muslim Brotherhood for spreading enlightenment and tolerance throughout the world?


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