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Could someone please remind me why Britain went into lockdown?

Monday/Tuesday blog

I’m running a bit late today, so I’ll keep this short.

Why did we lock down?

We all know that Britain went into economically-disastrous lockdowns to supposedly avoid the hundreds of thousands of deaths from the Chinese lab-leaked plague predicted by the Bonking Boffin at Imperial College. And, I’m sure you all remember how Sweden chose a different path avoiding lockdowns and preferring to keep life as close to normal as possible.

Hopefully you’ll all also remember how at press conference after press conference our ‘journalists’ lambasted Boris Johnson for not locking down harder and faster. I’d like to name some of those journalists, but worry about the legal implications so I won’t. Hopefully you’ll know who they were.

What I haven’t seen from our lockdown-loving politicians, medical experts and journalists is any analysis of whether lockdown Britain performed any better than no-lockdown Sweden in terms of avoiding excess deaths. So I thought ‘d spend just a couple of minutes digging up the data.

Here it is. This is a chart comparing excess mortality for the UK and Sweden as a percentage increase in the expected number of deaths:

(to see chart in glorious widescreen technicolour, left-click on it and then left-click again)

Ooops and double oooops!

There seem to be two interesting issues emerging from this chart:

  • Excess mortality in the UK and Sweden followed very similar paths
  • Excess mortality has consistently been significantly higher in lockdown Britain than in no-lockdown Sweden

Of course, there could be several factors for lockdown UK having a higher excess mortality rate than no-lockdown Sweden. These could include things like the UK’s greater population density and higher rates of obesity and general ill-health in the UK population.

But even taking these factors into account, the chart does suggest that the ruinously-expensive, economy-wrecking lockdowns imposed in the UK had absolutely no beneficial effect in reducing excess mortality rates and may even have increased them by isolating people in their homes and discouraging people from seeking medical attention for conditions like cancers and strokes.

It’s a pity none of our useless politicians, now-knighted medical experts and supposed ‘journalists’, who were so keen on having us all locked down, have managed to find just a few minutes to produce the chart that I have made. Then maybe they could have apologised to us for getting things so wrong and helping ruin many thousands of businesses and hundreds of thousands of hard-working people’s lives.

Will the UK really reach 41ºC on Monday and Tuesday?

I know you should never make predictions, especially about the future. But I can’t help wondering if the UK’s temperature really will hit 41ºC on Monday ad Tuesday and kill thousands of people.

It will be interesting to see if this actually happens or whether all the dire warnings from our climate-catastrophist political rulers, the useless Met Office and our net-zero-propagandising mainstream media were all a load of scientifically-ignorant, control-the-plebs fear-mongering.

I suspect the latter will be the case.

If so, will our incompetent political leaders, the ‘experts’ at the Met Office and the hyperventilating, panic-stoking journalists apologise?

7 comments to Could someone please remind me why Britain went into lockdown?

  • Paul Chambers

    The media are receiving handouts from the Gates Foundations so are completely partial on lockdowns. Who knows what other money is sloshing around to influence decision makers or even threats to their safety if they are refusing.

    I will make a prediction that 40 degrees will be triggered at Northolt west London today or tomorrow and it will be global news. They wont tell you that the measuring apparatus is located within an airport and the record temperature will only be recorded for a few seconds. Possibly as a private jet lands maybe with Bill Gates on board to direct his minions in the race for PM.

  • ern


    You’re on the right track, I’m sure of it.

    The numbers on the charts don’t seem too convincing to me, but then, I’m not yet a computer.

    It’s been known for ages that the “world-will-burn-if-we-don’t (… fill in as required …)” and cheating climate changers/manipulators have taken readings from gauges at airports close to runways and taxiways.

    We shall see, maybe ?

  • A Thorpe

    I’m getting more and more sceptical about everything I read because the data is not accurate and it needs an expert to analyse it. The first problem is that we do not know the number of people in the country and it is out by millions. Prof Norman Fenton identified this problem. Even the government is not consistent. The ONS and NIMS (immunisation service) use different figures. This weekend I saw an article by Amanuensis on the Daily Sceptic saying the same as Fenton. This means that mortality rates are not accurate and if the analysis involves separating vaccinated and unvaccinated it creates more problems. It is assumed that the number of vaccinated is recorded but there is no record of the unvaccinated and this is done by difference using the incorrect population data. As a result we get claims that more vaccinated are dying and also that more unvaccinated are dying, depending on the data assumptions, and the truth is as elusive as ever. It is completely farcical.

    The last work I saw from Fenton about deaths was that there was no benefit from the vaccines and also no sign of increased risk. Amanuensis has said that the data do not provide conclusive proof that the vaccines are killing people, but says something odd is going on. The uncertainty about the benefits of the vaccines and the danger now justifies a worldwide halt to their use and it should be implemented without delay.

    I saw a video interview with Fenton where he mentioned problems with excess deaths but he did not explain it. It seems to be based on an average over previous years, but different numbers of years could be used. In the UK the years before covid had very low mortality rates so that gives the impression of higher mortality rates in the covid period. If there has been a period of lower deaths it must mean an increasing number of elderly with serious health issues. When you look at 2020 there was a peak in the spring, but lower numbers in the autumn, so death more or less balanced out. Depending on the period used, the conclusion can be different. It is just the same with the climate graphs we are shown. The start year can be selected to prove anything.

    Tony Heller has been exposing the lies about heat waves in his videos. Knowing it was hotter in the past doesn’t help us keep cool but it does help us keep some perspective on the issue. Heller showed two maps, I think produced by NASA of world temperatures and another of measurement sites. It was obvious that most of the temperature and especially the hottest places in Africa had just been made up. Anybody can take a thermometer, put it in the shade, put it in the sun, (both off the ground) and then put it on a hard surface and the temperatures will all be different. Paul rightly says the highest temperatures are being deliberately manipulated.

    We have a pandemic of lies and the journalists are part of it. Climate change and the pandemic have the same characteristics. There are opposing views with the public in the middle not knowing who to believe, and they will always believe the view that presents the biggest danger for them. Why is it impossible to bring the two sides together to resolve the issues? It is a failure both of government and MSM and as Paul says they seem to have been bought off.

  • Stillreading

    Lies, more lies and manufactured “statistics”! The first lockdown was justified – just! – because no one truly knew what we were dealing with. Once we did know, there should have been immediate acknowledgement from the self-styled “experts” that we all had just to get on with it, live with covid and accept that yes, some people (the grossly obese, those chronically unhealthy because of their chosen life styles, the very old and those with pre-existing morbidities) would die. Imposition of further lockdowns and mask-wearing mandates – which the “scientists” are panting to re-introduce – will be a further test of public compliance, leading to total population control. The disastrous thing is that the majority will almost certainly unquestioningly comply. Can people not see that we, the plebs, the great unwashed, are being slowly but relentlessly coralled into cages where we shall no longer eat meat, shall no longer be permitted to own our independant transport, shall no longer fly to foreign countries, shall be able to heat our homes only to minimal levels, shall be unable even leave those homes without permission? As for the “catastrophic climate change” and “unprecendented UK temperatures”, at this moment, in the interest of objective investigation, in my living room the temperature when I looked at my thermometer about 30 mins. ago was a very pleasant 28 degrees. Very nice thank you! In the garden, on a flat south-facing surface, it currently is reading (I’ve checked it 30 seconds ago)37 degrees. Not, admittedly, the “catastropohic” 40 degrees promised by the doom mongers, but not that far off. I certainly don’t want to go outside and sit in that degree of heat, even less do a manual job, but to close schools – again! – to tell people to “stay at home”? To issue instructions on the minutiae of personal care? Idiotic! I am old and I well recall the wonderful summer of 1976, when day of glorious warmth and sunshine followed glorious day. Yet we all went to work as usual. Our chldren went to school and played outside in the sun during their breaks. And we didn’t have the benefit of air con, either in the cars in which we drove to and from work, or in our work places! Hose bans were almost universal in the UK. We baled out our baths to flush the loo and used washing-up water (no water guzzling dishwashing machines then) to water the garden. Many areas had no water through their taps at all, but endured standpipes in the streets with water supply limited to a few hours a day. And know what? We survived! We actually enjoyed the heat. As far as I can recall there were no cautionary warnings of imminent death if you went for a walk. I clearly remember striding over the South Downs and looking at a landscape devoid of all green other than a few pines standing clear of the shrivelled brown grass and deciduous trees and shrubland. As for the wildfires spreading across Spain and France, what is starting these? As far as I know the only natural means is lightning strike. Have there been storms in these areas? Trees do not spontaneously ignite, so absent lightning, the fires are being caused either by debris left behind by humans (glass which focuses sunlight to ignition point, discarded still burning fag ends) or are the work of malicious individuals who relish causing destruction and possibly death. I hold bets with myself now as to the first words I ahall hear when I switch on R4 or TV news – covid, pandemic, climate change, unprecedented, or words closely associated thereto. Followed at the moment of course by “prime minister” and the distortion of the actuality to which this leads.

  • Bad Brian

    Scrotland is reading 28 C which is 82 degrees in old money.

    When I was a lad, that was the magic number the thermometer had to reach before we could swap our duffel coats and replace them with double knit cardigans that mum produced whilst whittling away the time on the long dark winter voyages until whaling was eventually banned about 1959.

    The Cardigans were a kind of folk art along the lines of the Bayeux Tapestry where each cardigan had a picture of my mum wielding a spear at the front of a small boat being rowed furiously by her whaling chums, closing in on a lazy fat whale. The next scene would be the struck whale diving into a crimson pool of its own blood as the ladies in the boat danced with a savage glee. The last scene was the dismembering of the whale and rendering it lump by lump into the blubbering pot surrounded by thick black smoke hanging in the air.

    If you tried to ban whaling now, you would be cancelled by hordes of woke students trying to protect my mum’s traditional way of life and going into vegan wholefoods shops to demand whale sandwiches.

    Apparently the cardigans are quite collectable and still sell well in Norway and Japan.

  • David Craig

    I recommend you keep all those cardigans as you’ll need them in the People’s Democratic Republic of Scotland twinned with North Korea this coming winter when neither the Scots nor the North Koreans will be able to afford to heat their homes.

  • Roy Hartwell

    Stolen from another site:

    ‘1911 United Kingdom heat wave was one of the most severe periods of heat to hit the country with temperatures around 36 °C (97 °F). The heat began in early July and didn’t let up until mid September where even in September temperatures were still up to 33 °C (91 °F). It took 79 years for temperature higher to be recorded in the United Kingdom.’ Note the DURATION as opposed to our current short-term heat !

    The only ‘climate related deaths’ the MSM are reporting are those of youngsters leaping into cold water, rivers or lakes, and drowning ! Not really weather related !

    I see more and more data from countries such as Singapore and New Zealand (not forgetting our own Scotland!) are seeming to show quite strongly that not only were masks NOT effective against Covid transmission but might actually have WORSENED transmission.

    As for the lock downs, I agree the first had a level of justification given the unknowns but the major thrust should have been offering protection and support to known vulnerable groups whilst allowing the economic activity to continue. The later lockdowns were an absolute disaster and unnecessary, only justified by Prof. Bonking’s highly flawed ‘modelling’.

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