May 2024

A tough decision for Australia’s useless politicians?

Friday blog

As this is a bit of a continuation of my Wednesday/Thursday blog, I’ll just leave this one up for one day.

Floods – Australian government’s response

Faced with massive flooding, which has caused around 50,000 Australians to leave their homes, Australia’s government have to choose between two possible courses of action:

Solution 1 – Improve flood management and water retention schemes

The Australian government could look at the weather history from the last 150 years and notice that their country’s weather seems to alternate between floods and droughts:

(to see article more clearly left-click on it, then left click again)

Or the politicians could even look at a poem “My Country” by Australia’s most famous poetess Dorothea Mackellar written in 1904 when she was 19 years old and which contains the verse:

I love a sunburnt country,
A land of sweeping plains,
Of ragged mountain ranges,
Of droughts and flooding rains.
I love her far horizons,
I love her jewel-sea,
Her beauty and her terror –
The wide brown land for me!

Noticing that Australia’s weather seems to alternate between floods and droughts, Australia’s government could then decide that they should spend billions of Australian taxpayers’ money improving the country’s water management systems – building dams and flood defences, prohibiting housing on flood plains etc etc – both to mitigate future floods and better conserve water for inevitable future droughts.

Solution 2 – Change Australia’s climate by cutting CO2 emissions

The other possible solution to Australia’s floods and droughts would be to change the world’s climate by spending billions of dollars of Australian taxpayers’ money reducing the use of cheap, reliable fossil fuels and moving to expensive, unreliable supposed ‘renewable energy’.

Here are Australia’s  annual CO2 emissions compared to two nearby neighbours – China and India:

(to see chart in glorious widescreen technicolour, left-click on it, then left click again)

I think you can already guess which of these two solutions the new Australian Labour government, enthusiastically cheered on by most of Australia’s mainstream media especially the ABC (Australia’s version of the UK’s BBC), has chosen. Though I suspect the previous Scott Morrison Liberal government would have done exactly the same idiotic thing.

The world has gone mad

How the world’s two great dictators – Xi PingPong and Vlad ‘The Impaler’ Putin must be laughing:

I bet the two great dictators can hardly believe their luck as the advanced democratic West has a self-inflicted nervous breakdown and commits economic and societal suicide in the utterly futile battle to fight a totally imaginary threat – Global Warming or Climate Change or Climate Emergency or Climate Crisis or whatever it’s called this week.

The world has truly gone mad.

Here is Sky News Australia in despair at the Australian government’s Brobdingnagian stupidity. Sadly nobody in any UK mainstream media would dare question the ludicrous climate change cult like Sky News Australia:

5 comments to A tough decision for Australia’s useless politicians?

  • A Thorpe

    “The world has gone mad” – Those few words make more sense than books written about mass formation and totalitarianism. I’m having difficulty understanding why this is happening and how politicians can spout the nonsense in the video. But if Mattias Desmet is right the only way to stop it is by repeatedly pointing out the errors, so if just one person reads this blog today and changes their mind then something has been achieved.

    We can see the madness in history but we are blind to our own madness. The ancient Greeks and Romans used soothsayers to predict the future but why did the masses believe that somebody fiddling with animals entrails could see the future? Romans also claimed to see the Emperors ascending to Heaven and there was a case during the crusades when an entire army claimed to see this (I forget the details). Then we have had human sacrifices to appease the Gods and women burned for witchcraft.

    I am starting to put the insanity of two world wars in the same category. I cannot see the justification for either, but we all know the death and destruction they caused. It was the same madness, and it has continued with Vietnam and wars in the middle east. Why is it that when politicians cooperate and agree that disasters always follow?

    The Iraq war was based on false evidence and desire for regime change. Two men who thought they were important and infallible are responsible for the killing of thousands. They still will not admit their errors and the effects are still with us today.

    We are now in a period where science has been corrupted, first by scientists themselves. I think this is because, as Eisenhower pointed out, they are being funded by the state and keeping the money flowing has become the priority. Then the once respected scientific publications went the same way and the MSM followed. We can see in healthcare that the institutions designed to protect us are funded by those who want to profit from us. The MHRA is funded mainly by Big Pharma. At the top of this corruption are the utter useless politicians. They are all surrounding themselves with people who think the same and dissenting voices are eliminated. This is why Boris failed, but it is possible that he will just be replaced by somebody similar and the ship of fools will sail on.

    The basis of science has been corrupted with the belief that it is based on consensus. The publication of scientific papers was once determined by the editors, then peer review came along and that has been corrupted by the reviewers all adopting a common narrative, so anybody going against it does not get published.

    Einstein received a letter pointing out he was wrong signed by 100 people and his response was why did it need 100, one will do. Science is essentially about proving our theories wrong, but this has changed to the opinion of many determining what is true.

    Politicians want to be liked more than anything and this is why they adopt the mass opinion, as we see in the video. I think it was Thomas Sowell who said why do they think they will get a different result by repeating the same thing. They cannot see that the net zero policies are achieving nothing and of course that is because it is based on fake science, which they also cannot understand. They refuse to see the evidence before their eyes and the evidence from the past. Tony Heller is doing an excellent job on reporting past climate events for comparison. The politicians are people with high IQs and look where that gets us.

    Thanks for keeping this blog going and bringing issues to our attention. It proves a glimmer of hope in a mad world.

  • A Thorpe

    I have just received a message about a post on PSI which discusses the corruption of climate science. It is based on views of a German climate expert, Hermann Harde, who has just retired and is now speaking out now he doesn’t have a job to lose. Better late than never I suppose, and presumably he has been teaching nonsense to his students to keep his job.

    This is a link to it:

  • Brenda Blessed

    It could not be more obvious now. The liberal globalist world order are acting in scripted accord to bring upon the world a Chinese-style totalitarian world government.

    They have seen for a few decades now how technology, including genetic technology, can be used to bring almost total control over the world’s population. They are undermining every aspect of human and animal life on this planet with lies and falsifications in order to realise that aim.

    The “pandemic” and “climate emergency” and bringing about unnecessary third-world migration into the prosperous west are the three biggest falsifications. The vaccinations are delivering genetic control and the climate emergency is being used to bring impoverishment. Marxist totalitarian government requires that most people own next to nothing. Hence the head of the World Economic Forum, Klaus Schwab, saying that “You will own nothing and you will love it.”

    But there are many micro lies and falsifications being used, such as the gender confusion, the undermining of the male in favour of the female, filling parliaments with rubber stamps instead of people of character and integrity and the use of black people, a very small minority in the UK and most other western countries. The BBC is obsessed with making out that black people have been in the UK since Hadrian’s Wall and the entertainment industry is using black actors to depict white people. Simon Webb’s History debunked YouTube channel exposes these micro lies and falsifications brilliantly.

    The education system has been and is being dumbed down in order to produce more “successful” school and university students from the minority populations – definitely here and in the USA and probably also across the EU and Anglosphere.

    The UK depends on the quality of its population in order to earn its living. Therefore anything that undermines that quality is going to have cripplingly adverse economic effects.

    Here is a link to Jordan Peterson’s YouTube channel in which he educates us us about previous communist totalitarian governments.

    The Truth About Communism –

  • Brenda Blessed

    And below is a link to a good video by Simon Webb on his History Debunked YouTube Channel.

    He provides a link under the video to a long article that he wrote himself about how education is being undermined in the UK.

    How the quest for diversity is wrecking higher education in Britain –

  • Eric Legge

    Here is what Nietzsche wrote in his book called “The Will to Power – An attempt at a revaluation of all Values” that Jordan Peterson mentioned in the video that Brenda posted. Communism had not come into existence when Nietzsche wrote it.

    “Socialism ― or the tyranny of the meanest and the most brainless, ― that is to say, the superficial, the envious, and the mummers, brought to its zenith, ― is, as a matter of fact, the logical conclusion of “modern ideas” and their latent anarchy: but in the genial atmosphere of democratic well-being the capacity for forming resolutions or even for coming to an end at all, is paralysed. Men follow ― but no longer their reason. That is why socialism is on the whole a hopelessly bitter affair: and there is nothing more amusing than to observe the discord between the poisonous and desperate faces of present-day socialists ― and what wretched and nonsensical feelings does not their style reveal to us! ― and the childish lamblike happiness of their hopes and desires. Nevertheless, in many places in Europe, there may be violent hand-to-hand struggles and irruptions on their account: the coming century is likely to be convulsed in more than one spot, and the Paris Commune, which finds defenders and advocates even in Germany, will seem to have but a slight indigestion compared with what is to come.

    “Be this as it may, there will always be too many people of property for socialism ever to signify anything more than an attack of illness: and these people of property are like one man with one faith, “one must possess something in order to be someone.” This, however, is the oldest and most wholesome of all instincts; I should add: “one must desire more than one has in order to become more.” For this is the teaching which life itself preaches to all living things: the morality of Development. To have and to wish to have more, in a word, Growth ― that is life itself. In the teaching of socialism “a will to the denial of life” is but poorly concealed: botched men and races they must be who have devised a teaching of this sort. In fact, I even wish a few experiments might be made to show that in socialistic society life denies itself, and itself cuts away its own roots. The earth is big enough and man is still unexhausted enough for a practical lesson of this sort and demonstratio ad absurdumb ― even if it were accomplished only by a vast expenditure of lives ― to seem worth while to me. Still, Socialism, like a restless mole beneath the foundations of a society wallowing in stupidity, will be able to achieve something useful and salutary: it delays “Peace on Earth” and the whole process of character-softening of the democratic herding animal; it forces the European to have an extra supply of intellect, ― it also saves Europe awhile from the marasmus femininus [feminine decay or atrophy] which is threatening it.”

    Note that he uses the words “feminine decay” not female decay. He was well aware that modern men could be feminine. He said that all ideologies are feminism – the inability to live with reality.

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