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Get jabbed – get Covid?

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Something most curious is happening with the Wuhan lab-leaked plague in Israel. The more people get 3rd and 4th WuFlu jabs, the higher the number of WuFlu cases seems to be.

If I remember correctly, Israel did a deal with Pfizer early on in the pandemic such that Israel would get lots of the Pfizer Chinese plague jabs and in return Israel would provide Pfizer with lots of real world data on things like Covid infection rates. I also understand that Israel started jabbing before most other countries and Israel is the most jabbed country in the world. The population is 9.2 million. Of the 9.2 million 6,710,075 million people (probably most of the adult population) have had a least two vaccination shots, while 4,495,077 million have had three, and 813,632 have had four.

Here’s the latest chart of Covid-19 cases per million of the population for Israel:

(to see charts more clearly, left-click on the chart once, wait till a small version appears, then left-click again and you’ll have the chart in glorious widescreen technicolour)

As you’ll see, there was a massive spike in infections per million of the population at the start of 2022. I suppose this must have been when the Omicron variant spread.

To put the Israel Omicron spike into context, here are the infection per million of population rates for a few other developed countries:

Now, all these countries are pretty close in levels of Covid infections, though heavily-vaccinated Israel is second highest. But please note how much higher the Omicron spike in heavily-vaccinated Israel is compared to other developed countries – Israel is several times higher than most of the other countries.

Why did Israel have so many infections?

There are two main theories as to why the infection rates in heavily-vaccinated Israel spiked so much higher than in other countries:

Or, of course, the large Israel spike may be due to a combination of the above.

However, the “fact checkers” at Reuters and the Big Tech companies have been busy claiming that multiple Covid jabba-jabs do NOT weaken the body’s immune system.

“COVID-19 vaccines do not weaken your immune system’s ability to respond to other infections so getting your jab will not make you more susceptible to colds or flu,” said Dr Doug Brown, chief executive of the British Society for Immunology. “After COVID-19 vaccination, your immune system is just as able to fight off infections by cold or flu viruses, and it will be better prepared to protect you against COVID-19.”

So the massive infections spike in Israel will forever remain a mystery.

Better than Mad Cows?

If I remember correctly at the time of the ‘Mad Cow’ disease outbreak in the UK, our rulers had a choice – either slaughter 6.5 million cattle or else vaccinate them. The choice was made to slaughter rather than vaccinate.

Perhaps we should consider ourselves lucky that with the Wuhan Mad Chinaman disease, our rulers decided we should be vaccinated rather than slaughtered?  After all, the untested and largely ineffective vaccines will only kill a few people.

3 comments to Get jabbed – get Covid?

  • Bad Brian

    When we were written to advising us that we were to jabbed for Covid, there should have been an tick box where people could have opted to be slaughtered instead.

    Think how that could have taken pressure off the NHS long term and how much of the £38 billion spent on track and trace could have been saved ?.

    Richi Sunnik could have saved himself some shoe leather by , serving less slices of Pizza and collecting fewer vouchers on a Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday only. The dead don’t eat Pizza. Fortunes could have been saved.

    The thorny question of Scottish Independence would have gone away as I and millions of my fellow Scrots would have willingly ticked the ” Please slaughter me box” if only to avoid having to listen to the BBC Scotland SNP broadcast, each and every day by Nichols Sturgeon, banging on about how Scotland is leading the world by sawing the bottom half of classroom doors off to improve ventilation. Once that was completed inside nine months, she planned to continue her “Cannae be too careful ye ken” policy and intended to remove the bottom half of every school railing in the country.

    I could be surrounded by 70 virgins right now had the “Slaughter me “option been available and another box inserted whereupon I could have changed my religion to Moslem rather than remaining the Staunch Hard line Protestant that makes me so popular at dinner parties.

    If the “Please slaughter me” policy had only been sold to the public as somehow people “doing their bit” to save the NHS, the departure lounges in UK airports would have tumbleweed blowing through them and the various shops such as “Build your own gollywog” would probably have closed ages ago despite additional help from the government furlough scheme in keeping such essential businesses going.

  • Ed P

    Now there’s a ‘new version’ of Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease about, which allegedly takes only a few months to kill (when previously this was a decades-long, slow decline sort of illness). Strangely, it’s only seen in the jabbed.
    So, as monkey-pox has not produced the desired public fear, let’s have another scare!

  • A Thorpe

    I would be cautious about comparing countries. Prof Norman Fenton pointed this out because they have different ways of classifying cases and collecting data.

    In the case of Israel, sometime ago they were reporting that all the cases were the unvaccinated, as part of their campaign to get more vaccinated. I have an article about it but cannot find it to quote the exact numbers. They tested a small proportion of the vaccinated once and tested all the unvaccinated several times during the time of the study, so they found cases in the unvaccinated. In the data you provide we don’t know the vaccination status, but Israel could be testing more of the population now compared to other countries, as you point out.

    There could be a problem with all the data in the graphs because it is cases per million people and we do not know how they arrived at these figures or the number of tests. Our last lockdown was based on total cases and it took Norman Fenton to point out the obvious, that the cases per 10,000 tests remained about the same. It was a peak of testing, not a peak of cases and the government introduced another pointless lockdown. The incompetence, or perhaps deliberate misinformation, is astonishing.

    The graphs are just infections and we do not know the severity, or hospitalisations and deaths. You point out the possible weakening of immune systems but the governments and health authorities seem to be silent on this issue. There are thousands of reports of side effects and some deaths now caused by the vaccines and this is being ignored. I think it is wrong to assume reported issues are all vaccine related because health care declined during lockdown. It is important to find the actual causes. I’m convinced that the vaccine programme should be terminated until the adverse events and deaths are investigated. We also know that some batches are associated with most events so there could be a manufacturing problem.

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