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Yet another wonderful video by the magnificent Tony Heller

Thursday/Friday blog

Here’s the amazing Tony Heller of debunking the latest pack of climate-catastrophist lies from the supposed ‘climate scientists’ and the climate-crisis propagandists in the mainstream media.

Tony Heller’s research skills are quite extraordinary.

Unfortunately, due to YouTube censorship, this latest Tony Heller video is not available on YouTube.

So, here’s a link to it:


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1 comment to Yet another wonderful video by the magnificent Tony Heller

  • A Thorpe

    This also links with the blogs on “mass formation”. Heller generally keeps away from any science and refers to past events backed up by newspaper reports of the the time and to recorded data. It is not difficult to understand the points he makes. Many others do the same, your book being an example. Why is it impossible to get this simple message through to people?

    I’m reading a book by Gustave Le Bon, The Crowd, a study of the popular mind. It was published in 1895 but could have been written yesterday. He talks about the crowd having a series of images of their beliefs with nothing to back them up. He compared it to a slide projector, where images just get replaced with another, when they are challenged. It’s easy to see this idea with climate alarm – we have the polar bear at sea, ice bergs calving, chimneys supposedly spewing out CO2, forest fires. They have images and no understanding. These images cannot be replaced with images of no climate alarm because there is nothing to show.

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