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An unbelievable degree of stupidity?

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The Blair creature rises again

I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but the (IMHO) repulsive, lying war criminal, Tony Blair, has thrust his way back into the fawning media. This week he’s getting media attention by claiming that 70% of all young people should go to university. At the moment the figure is already far too high at around 53%.

This is, in my humble opinion, stratospheric stupidity for at least two reasons:

  • we already have a massive oversupply of heavily indebted Uni graduates who will never get graduate-level jobs and thus never repay their £50,000 to £60,000 graduate loans
  • the extraordinary obsession with hiring only university graduates is destroying nursing, policing and the prison service
Too many graduates? Let’s produce even more!

Most graduates in serious subjects – science, technology, biology, engineering etc – will get well-paid graduate jobs. But they are in a minority as the greatest growth in student numbers has been in subjects like Media Studies, Psychology and various other Micky Mouse time-wasters

Here is a simple graph showing the number of entrants to law degrees, the number graduating and the number of training places available:

Hopefully, I don’t need to explain what this is telling us.

Oh, and I recently phoned a call centre and found that the guy I was talking to had a degree in Law. Well, at least he had a job. And a call centre is probably marginally better and more mentally stimulating than flipping burgers and asking people if they want a medium or large fries with their burger.

And here’s a simple table showing the number of students starting courses in Psychology, Social Work and Law compared to the number of training places available:

Subject Starters
Psychology 27,115
Social work 24,610
Law 26,815
Total 78,540
Training positions available 15,700
Projected oversupply of law, social work and psychology graduates 62,840

This shows an oversupply of around 62,840 a year.

So, what is Bomber Blair’s solution to this massive oversupply? Send even more suckers to university to build up massive debts that they can never repay.

Destroying nursing, the police and the prison service?

But the most destructive consequences of too many graduates is the decision by the geniuses who run nursing, the police and (I believe) the prison service that all new entrants should have university degrees.

Wrecking nursing?

In 1986, under Project 2000, the NHS started moving nurse training away from hospital-based schools into colleges and universities. The next change was that nursing started to morph from being a (usually 18-month) diploma qualification to becoming a 3-year degree. Then in 2009, the Department of Health announced that by 2013 it would require all new entrants into nursing to be graduates.

At first the necessity for nurses to have a degree wasn’t too much of a problem as, until 2017, nurses were given bursaries to help cover their tuition and living costs. But in 2017, these bursaries were abolished and student nurses were forced to take out loans just like most other students. The result was an immediate drop of 23% in the number of people applying to study nursing. And it’s going to take many nurses an awfully long time to pay back student loans of tens of thousands of pounds on a nurse’s salary

There is also a mass of evidence around things like hospital-acquired infections and deaths due to poor care (think Mid-Staffs NHS Trust) which suggest that forcing nurses to have uni degrees wasn’t such a great idea. As a senior intensive care nurse explained:

“… many ‘graduate’ nurses feel they are too superior to clean floors and change beds. As a result, the incidence of lethal hospital infections is going through the roof. Indeed, many patients would be horrified by how today’s nurses even ignore essential routines such as regular hand-washing….. Student nurses were removed from the hospitals and trained in lecture halls, rather than wards. Many less glamorous but vital elements of nursing care – such as cleaning dropped off the syllabus and were replaced by empty, jargon-filled theorising about ‘holistic care’ and ‘cultural sensitivities'”

Destroying the police?

The College of Policing introduced a new career framework in 2020 which required all police recruits to either already have a degree or to acquire one while working as a police trainee on the Police Constable Degree Apprenticeship scheme.

You or I might wonder whether someone who has the academic inclination to study to degree level is really the right person to patrol a crime-ridden, violent, vibrant, multi-culturally-enriched inner-city housing estate. Or whether more practical skills might be more relevant. But this doesn’t seem to have occurred to our over-paid, over-pensioned top police bosses.

Anyway, we’re already seeing the effects of preferring recruits with degrees rather than those with qualifications from the University of Life. In 2021 around 9.1% (2,567 out of 28,173) of new police recruits quit before completing their training. Some of them quit within just a few weeks of starting because they were shocked by the violence and didn’t want to work weekends and nights. Many more (sorry, I don’t have the numbers) quit within a couple of years of completing their training.

One police boss with a bit more brains than his colleagues tried to warn his top brass that policing was not “an extension of university” and therefore insisting on police having or gaining a degree might not be appropriate for policing Britain’s knife- and gun-crime-swamped streets.

Putting paid to our prisons?

Prisons used to be (I believe) a major employer of people who had formerly served in the military. But, of course, that has all changed as prison bosses wanted to move with the times by deciding that university graduates would be much better suited to looking after violent, dangerous and devious criminals than ex-service personnel. I could go on by describing the almost catastrophic damage being done in our prisons by prison bosses’ decision to prioritise graduates over former members of the military. But I’m sure you all have sufficient imagination to picture the utter chaos this decision has caused in our prisons.

If not, there is a book – INSIDE PARKHURST – by a former prison officer warning us of the problems the prison service’s enthusiasm for university graduates is causing.

If the subject of Britain’s disastrous fixation with increasing the number of people going to Uni really interests you, you could always buy a copy of my book THE GREAT UNIVERSITY CON How we broke our universities and betrayed a generation

Though I’d much prefer it if you bought a few copies of my latest book THERE IS NO CLIMATE CRISIS:

You can always use it for propping up a wonky table or as a draught blocker under a door if you don’t want to read it.

5 comments to An unbelievable degree of stupidity?

  • A Thorpe

    It isn’t about education. The education system is a wing of the government propaganda machine. University is perfect since it separates students from their families and their influence. Although after years of this the parents are already brainwashed. Most will never earn enough to pay back the money so it all adds to the growing government debt mountain that we cannot repay. Belief in the new world order that Blair supports is well established in universities.

  • Ed P

    Blair’s own education (in law, ha ha) should be examined to determine when he went over to the dark side.

    Was it before or after the lizard implant?

    Where did he stash the 30 pieces of silver?

  • Brenda Blessed

    Requiring people to have degrees to work in sectors of the economy that used to require a school-leaving certificate of education, such as CSE, O Level, GCSE and A level, means having to dumb-down or micky-mouse the degrees.

    The boss of the Plimlico repairs-and-maintenance company has said on GB News on several occasions that there is a serious skills shortage due to the lack of vocational training.

    All of which has to be deliberate, with the aim being to draw immigrants into the country in large numbers to provide the missing skills and to help destroy the national identities of the English, Scots and Welsh, which suits the globalist agenda of open borders and the re-entry into the EU.

    It also has another very unfortunate outcome. Going to university and getting a useless degree means becoming hugely indebted for the privilege. Current students in England and Wales, for example, could soon see the interest rate they’re charged jump from 4.5% to 12% when the base bank rate of interest is currently 0.5%. This is nothing short of deliberate insanity. When we had the best education system in the world, when less than 20% of students went into higher education, a university education was free to the student Getting up to 50% meant having to introduce ever-rising fees.

    The combined effect of not getting a good job and being saddled with an unpayable debt is going to create deeply resentful, depressive nihilists whose negative left-wing instincts will be aimed at bringing everything down.

    In my opinion, all of the crises that the West has had to face from HIV AIDS to the unnecessary wars to the migrant crisis to the so-called pandemic to the so-called climate emergency to the gender confusion to the resulting cost of living crisis, have been deliberately engineered to weaken and depress and disorientate in order to make the implementation of a state-controlled Marxist world government possible.

    Very much less than this amount of anti-nature and seeming stupidity would have had to be deliberate. But, blinded by the unprecedented amount of BS, even now, few are they who can see the wood for the trees.

  • Marc Ager

    The globalist liberal powers that be across the West are telling us in everything they do, with all of the mindless xxxx- shovelling garbage they are feeding us with non-stop, that they are p***ing in our stupid compliant faces because we deserve it. It is not they who are stupid, it is we who are stupid for putting up with being constantly humiliated.

    Here is a good example that is not given much exposure, not even on GB News, because its armour is the racism agenda. Simon Webb’s YouTube channel has some good stuff on it. He has managed to keep it monetised.

    Must one be obsessed with race to notice the bias of the BBC towards a certain ethnicity? –

  • Hardcastle

    I agree Thorpe,it had little or nothing to do with education and I was employed in it for 40 years.It was all about the control and influence on young people.Heaven forbid they should go into the workplace at 16 and gain real experience of working life and meet and be influenced by experienced,realistic and skilled employees.No,much better to force them to stay in education to 18 then onto Uni at 22/23 to be indoctrinated by academics,most of which are political leftists who have never worked in a wealth creating activity.How many “graduates” do you meet,who are clueless about the world around them but full of entitlement and determined not to get their hands dirty.Interesting to note the vast number of entrepreneurs,engineers and scientists who achieved great things without a formal education.Makes one think.

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