June 2024

Not laughing now, eh Fritz?

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How the Germans all sniggered and mocked when President Trump gave a speech at the United Nations in 2018 warning that Germany would become totally dependent on Russia for its energy.

Click on link below to see Trump’s warning, Germans’ reaction and latest US media headlines about Germany’s dependence on Russia for its energy.

But in an interview with the New York Times on 5 April 2022, the German Finance Minister, Christian Lindner, said: “It was a mistake that Germany became so heavily dependent on energy imports from Russia.”


3 comments to Not laughing now, eh Fritz?

  • Jeffrey Palmer

    It all depends on how you look at it.

    If Western politicians hadn’t been dumb enough to make their countries dependent on Russia for the means to keep their people warm and their industries running, NATO could have had us in WW3 right now.

    As it is, this civil war between two rival groups of Russian Slavs and their deeply corrupt oligarch masters has merely resulted in bluster and posturing from such nonentities of Johnson and Truss – all that they’re actually good at – and a satisfactory increase in profits for arms manufacturers. Who doubtless had been looking on jealously as Big Pharma received a bonanza of taxpayers’ money during the ‘Pandemic’.

  • A Thorpe

    There’s a general issue here about all resources. America is in a good situation to be self sufficient in many areas, but Europe certainly isn’t. But incompetent politicians make this worse with their belief in humans destroying the earth and their determination to live with nature, and they have a lot of support for it. Biden is a disaster for USA energy policies and now it has to import energy.

    In the UK we can frack for gas and apparently have huge reserves. I’m not sure about the rest of Europe. The remaining German nuclear power stations are close to the end of their planned life so I can see the reluctance to keep them running. There is nothing wrong with getting gas from Russia but the government decided politics was more important than energy when their energy situation was in chaos. Being important on the world stage is a priority over everything.

    We have to get resources we don’t have from somewhere and that means keeping on good terms with the chosen suppliers. What happens with food supplies? The population of Europe is increasing with immigration, but where is the food going to come from? We have to pay for everything we import and that means exporting to pay for it. The west has forgotten the basics. Trade is essential and wars disrupt trade. I also heard a view that China is running out of water for its largest cities. Is that going to be the next panic.

  • david brown

    The money Germany is paying Putin each month for gas is helping fund his savage criminal war in Ukraine. As Germany controls the EU it will do nothing to annoy Putin.
    RE A Thorpe comment above – the UK, due to open borders, population is increasing. Some ten years ago The Independent newspaper run an article claiming that food manufactures estimated the UK population was around eighty million.
    Re fracking the UK has a large shale gas field which can be accessed via fracking. The alleged risks are moderate even if true.

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