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The sad sad snubbing of Joe ‘No Mates’ Biden

Thursday blog

I started writing this blog yesterday when I thought that no UK mainstream media would cover this story. However, during the course of yesterday, it was mentioned first in the online version of Daily Express and then later in the Daily Telegraph. I think GB News also briefly mentioned it yesterday evening.

But neither paper nor GB News really showed the full story, so I’ll do it here.

The 11-minute video below features Tucker Carlson claiming that the US Democrats are planning to dump Joe Biden. The whole video is worth watching as it is (IMHO) one of Tucker Carlson’s best. But there are two key parts of the video featuring two scenes from a reception Biden has just held at the White House for various Democrat bigwigs, hangers-on, sycophants and gravy-train riders.

The first scene – from 3 minutes 12 seconds to 3 minutes 25 seconds shows a doddery, clearly senile Biden wandering around his own reception as if he doesn’t know where he is, who these people are and why he’s there at all. This is pretty sad to see.

It reminds me of how my mother, who had dementia, would also get confused and lost when in a situation where there were more than two or three people. My mother is now with the angels. Though, given the fact that my increasingly irascible and irrational dementia-affected mother spent the last five years of her life shouting at neighbours, waiters in restaurants, children playing outside her flat, her doctors, her doctors’ receptionists, her dentist, her dentist’s receptionists, her pharmacist, bus drivers, shop assistants, her carer (my wife) and anyone else who came within shouting range, I’m not sure how pleased the other angels will be to have my dear mother for the rest of eternity.

Anyway, enough of my charming mother and back to Biden.

The second scene from 3 minutes 31 seconds to 4 minutes 32 seconds is truly pitiful. In it Biden approaches a group of invitees including Vice President Kamala Harris surrounding former president Obama. At first Biden hangs around expecting the group to bring him in to join them. After all, he is the US’s top politician and the leader of the free world. But they just ignore him. Then Biden puts his hand on Obama’s shoulder to make him aware that Biden wants to come into the group. Shockingly, they continue to ignore him. This is elder abuse.

I don’t know much about US politics. But I suspect the Democrats will have to stick with Biden till after the November 2022 mid-term elections because the only alternatives they have – the (IMHO) loathed and loathsome Kamala Harris and the (IMHO) even more appallingly repulsive Nancy Pelosi – are even worse than Dementia Joe. But, if the Democrats get slaughtered in the mid-terms, which seems likely, the firing squad will be assembled and ex-president Biden will have to go back to hiding in his basement or get carted straight off to the old folks home.

Here’s Tucker Carlson:

6 comments to The sad sad snubbing of Joe ‘No Mates’ Biden

  • twi5ted

    Obama is still pulling the strings of the Dems and so really Biden should have been sycophantically sucking up the same way as all the rest of the troughers were. Similar to Blair’s influence in one party Britain where they nearly all bow to kiss his ring.

    Ironic how the authoritarian leaders for life are disparaged around the world yet the US has Obama and we have Blair. Both with huge influence without any democratic mandate.

    Biden’s job is to look reasonable for middle america whilst the radical wef euro agenda is attempted to be implemented. Thank goodness we got lucky with Biden because their hands were forced to go early before another sock puppet like Clooney or Hanks could be installed aka Zelenskyy. Probably should thank Trump as well for this.

    But given he is all they got, and Obama cannot return without total collapse, its likely we have to continue to watch this car crash play out and hopefully their hands will be tied from doing anything too horrific by the mid-terms. Hope they dont start ww3 this summer.

  • A Thorpe

    This is what you get with democracy. As Plato basically said, democracy results in electing the most incompetent to the most important job. But Tucker makes another point at the end, which I keep saying, which is that it is only the party that matters. The political parties must go if we are to live in a free world.

    I have just started reading Socialism by Ludvig von Mises, first published in 1951. This is what he says in the introduction: “The world is split today into two hostile camps, fighting each other with the utmost vehemence, Communists and anti-Communists. The magniloquent rhetoric to which these factions resort in their feud obscures the fact that they both perfectly agree in the ultimate end of their programme for mankind’s social and economic organization. They both aim at the abolition of private enterprise and private ownership of the means of production and at the establishment of socialism. They want to substitute totalitarian government control for the market economy….. ‘Paternal’ care of the ‘Welfare State’ will reduce all people to the status of bonded workers bound to comply, without asking questions, with the orders issued by the planning authority.”

    He describes perfectly the New World Order. It is socialism.

  • Jeffrey Palmer

    My guess is that Michelle Obama is being groomed for the job.

    Obama himself was the Dem’s most popular politician and appears to remain so, and Michelle is adored by the Left media – she would have Oprah campaigning for her 24/7, for a start.

    The above video proves conclusively that Barack Hussein is still the idol of the US billionaire Left. And the billionaire Left are not going to give up on power under any circumstances.

  • Carolyn Hill

    What worries me is the quality of candidates for president of the USA. Look what they’ve had on offer over the last 10 years! The system is very far from a democracy when only multi-millionaires or billionaires can apply. “Anyone can become president of America” is a myth.

    I did feel sorry for Biden but he shouldn’t be there is the first place and if he was the best the democrats had to offer it doesn’t bode well.

  • Brenda Blessed

    Start a “Vote independents Movement” (VIM). – The aim of which would be to convince people to vote for independent candidates while the voting system still exists. Instead of voting for the parties that have morphed into you-get-liberals no matter which party you vote for.

    It is waste of time starting new parties. The nihilistic liberal-decadents will have screwed everything up beyond recovery long before people can be convinced to vote for a new freedom-based party, which will probably also become liberal-decadent.

  • A Thorpe

    Following my comment above, I have just read this article from Mises Wire about democracy:

    Every sentence is a gem, including this: “Democracy is about hurling crap at your opponent, while conveniently forgetting that you yourself are full of it.”

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