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The real people smugglers are our own ruling elites

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If you haven’t had time to read my Monday blog, I recommend it. It’s quite short and exposes how our beloved NHS is squandering the extra billions we’re showering on it.

I’ll give you a clue – Diversity, Equality and Inclusion Managers

Priti’s people smugglers

We have heard much over the last two years from the (IMHO) totally pointless waste of skin, Home Secretary Priti ‘Useless’ Patel, about how she’s supposedly ‘tackling the evil people smugglers’.

At the same time, our rulers have repeatedly preached to us that we have an obligation to look after supposed ‘child refugees’. Here are some of those ‘child refugees’:

In the meantime, Border Farce and once-respected RNLI send their vessels out every day to ferry hundreds of uneducated, unemployable, West-hating, religiously-backward, rape-obsessed young men from French beaches to bring them in comfort and safety to their 4-star hotels in the UK. All the time, our Government claims that these young men (there are rarely any women and children) are genuine refugees.

A hotel I often walk past has been commandeered by our rulers to house some of these illegal migrants. But before it could be used, we UK taxpayers spent hundreds of thousands of pounds on the hotel’s complete refurbishment. Clearly a hotel, which was once used by UK holidaymakers, was not considered to be of a sufficiently high standard for the Third-world garbage being brought into the UK by Patel’s Border Farce and the RNLI.

And now, the Home Office refuses to release any information on how many hundreds of Third-worlders it is smuggling into our country every day.

Don’t be surprised when (IMHO) people-smuggler Priti’s backward, uneducated, unemployable invitees start leaving their mark on British society:

An Irish farce?

First our rulers lied to us about who they were really bringing into our country. Then they covered up how many illegals they were bringing into our country. And now it seems that Ireland’s ruling elites are playing the same game.

The Irish Government has already taken in over 9,000 supposed ‘Ukrainian refugees’ and has suggested it might even go as high as 200,000.

As the Irish population is only about 5 million, this would be equivalent to the UK taking in 2,600,000 Ukrainian refugees.

But who are the ‘Ukrainian refugees’ arriving in welcoming Ireland?

As you’ll know, all Ukrainian men aged between 18 and 60 are not permitted to leave Ukraine as they are needed for the armed forces to fight against Mad Vlad Putin’s 169,000 heavily-armed invading murderers, torturers and rapists. Some Ukrainian men have claimed to be transgender in order to flee. Apparently Ukrainian border guards checked and the trannies were sent back to defend their country.

So, only Ukrainian women, children and men over 60 are permitted to flee the country.

Here’s a short video of a citizen journalist trying to interview some very suntanned Ukrainian men who are apparently all aged well over 60 and who are celebrating arriving safely in Southern Ireland from their home country – war-ravaged Ukraine.

No doubt they’ll all be welcomed by the Irish authorities and be given homes and money and be allowed to steal and rape at will while the Irish police (just like the British police in most of our towns) look the other way as they won’t want to be accused of racism or upsetting community relations.

You won’t see any mainstream media covering this story:

4 comments to The real people smugglers are our own ruling elites

  • Hardcastle

    There is only one logical explanation for this and it is a deliberate policy of population replacement being implemented by nearly all governments of the Western world.This “conspiracy” theory will not be a surprise to the regular readers of this blog.Now why would they want to do this to their own people? Discuss.

  • A Thorpe

    The logical explanation is the same for everything. The government believes they are in control. They can control the climate by bankrupting us and destroying our energy supplies and economy in the process. They can control a virus by forcing an experimental treatment on us that could be killing more than the virus and their other measures have added to the destruction of the economy. They are supporting the Ukraine war by sanctions with more destruction of our economy. They think they can control and stimulate the economy by printing worthless money and control inflation by increasing interest rates. They get away with this because they have brainwashed most of the population into believing that the government is here to help them in exchange for a bigger financial contribution to government funds and giving up all their freedoms.

    So obviously the government has no control over asylum seeker numbers. What can they to do? They cannot send them back to the last country they left to come here because they don’t want them, anymore than we would accept them back if they left the UK to go elsewhere. They can’t send them to their own country because they destroy documents. The question is why do they want to come here? It can only be because they think it is better than all the other options. Why is it so easy for them to get here? Because the EU countries have no internal borders and they do not police their external borders. Britain isn’t the only country with refugees and it would be interesting to see the numbers for other countries.

    Why are there so many refugees? Because of war, poverty and corrupt governments. We would be doing the same if in their situation. Every war they are escaping from, Britain has been involved in. We send foreign aid to help but it ends up in the hands of corrupt governments. The only solution is investment and trade to increase wealth in these countries but this will not happen with corrupt governments and it would mean competition for the west which they do not want.

    Look on the bright side. The refugees will move on when they have consumed all our wealth.

  • Brenda Blessed

    Thorpe has done a very good job of listing and explaining most of the actions that our own liberal-decadent people are engaging in to destroy the national identities of the UK.

    I have spoken to many of these globalist-supporting liberal decadents. When asked if they would like to see the human race become one colour – brown – they all agree that that would be an excellent and badly-needed way of getting rid of racism. Just as none of them will ever admit that only women have a cervix.

    But when you look at nature where do you find sub-species breeding with each other in order to reduce the diversity of species into just species?

    Here is one of many examples. The sub-species of the crow species will never breed with each other. You will never see jackdaws, jays, rooks, ravens, magpies interbreeding. You won’t even find blue tits breeding with great tits. Another example: the white rhino would rather go extinct than breed with a black rhino. That is the way of nature. Why would it be any different with humans?

    We must all know by now that there are no lies, no falsifications and no banning/censorship that these liberal decadents won’t engage in in order to realise their destructive intentions.

    Therefore, they need to be studied so that the reasons for their inverse instincts and nihilism can be fully understood. Do they rely on alcohol abuse or need to take narcotics or anti-depressive drugs, etc, in order to get by in life, etc.

    Looking at them, it seems to me that ideologically- obsessed people who deliberately want to get rid of their own people are physiologically exhausted. Are clapped out.

    Decadents instinctively seek other decadents as partners and have children who are more decadent and obsessive than they are. Their main aim in life is to get into positions of authority in government, the media, entertainment, education, teaching and advertising so that they can realise their nihilistic ideological obsessions.

    We have reached the point now at which even the police and the military have become infested with them.

  • bad brian

    This lot will be on the first P&O ferry ( Not as crew) ready to disembark in Liverpool complete with shamrocks and welly boots. We will waive them in pretending they are Irish.

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