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Australian Government admits Covid vaccines can kill

Wednesday blog

Readers might be slightly bemused by this story which I don’t believe you’ll see reported by any of the UK mainstream media.

We all know the “miracle vaccines” are totally safe. At least that’s what our rulers, our leading scientists, the big pharma companies and all the mainstream media have repeatedly told us.

Nevertheless, the Australian Government has set up an official compensation scheme for the families of people killed by the totally safe miracle vaccines:

Just to prove that I’m not a crazed, science-denying, tin-foil-hat-wearing anti-vaxxer making this story up, here’s a link to the official Australian Government website explaining the scheme:

It’s a pity no journalist, either in Australia or the UK, noticed this when the Australians were angrily hounding tennis player, Novak Djokovic, out of Australia when he refused to get the totally safe (but sometimes deadly, especially to elite sportspeople) miracle vaccines.

Total madness?

My thanks to the first two readers who have written comments. What I failed to say in this very brief blog was to give a conclusion.

The vaccines are not (I believe) what we would traditionally have thought of as a ‘vaccine’. They merely reduce the risk of serious illness for the elderly and vulnerable. This was no doubt worthwhile in the first phases of the Chinese Wuhan lab-leaked plague and probably saved many lives. But to carry on vaccinating is questionable as the Chinese plague has become less dangerous. As for vaccinating our young people and children, whose risk of serious illness from Covid is minimal, with a chemical mixture whose effectiveness is just a few months and whose long-term effects are completely unknown, this is complete and irresponsible madness.

But our rulers – politicians, scientists and mainstream media – have painted themselves into a corner. Having virtually forced us to take their vaccines, they cannot now turn round and admit that mass vaccination is unnecessary. And so the vaccinations continue…….

6 comments to Australian Government admits Covid vaccines can kill

  • Stillreading

    Although the covid vaccines – which aren’t vaccines in the sense in which the term has been used since it was realised that milkmaids who contracted cowpox (vacca = cow) developed a natural immunity against the deadly smallpox – these mRNA based products certainly have prevented significant deaths from the initial, most virulent, strain of covid-19. However, as we are now learning, this protective effect is strictly temporary. I was pleased to receive my first jab and have subsequently, due to my advanced age, received 2 more, as have several friends around my age plus a close female relative, some quarter century younger, who is an NHS professional. We are all therefore triple jabbed. Despite this, my relative and several of my friends now have, or are recovering from, omicron – or yet another variant. No one really any longer knows! Shall I turn up for a 4th jab when summoned? I am not sure. Probably. But then, I am ancient, statistically I don’t have that many more years before the Grim Reaper summons me, so I may as well grab any opportunity to hang on a bit longer by accepting another 3 months’ immunity. I am, however, in some doubt about the adviseability of the wholesale jabbing of healthy teenagers, particularly sports-loving boys, whose risk of death from covid is miniscule. As for the imminent “roll out” of jabs for 5 to 11 year olds, all I can say is that I consider it diabolical. The work of the Devil indeed. When, previously, has a nation EVER vaccinated an entire generation of children against a disease which will not kill or disable them and which they probably won’t even know they’ve contracted if they do get it, solely for the protection of oldies like me or those who have damaged their health by various overindulgences? Never! All previous vaccines – real vaccines – have been given to babies and children for their own protection. For protection against deadly or permanently disabling diseases – whooping cough, measles, diphtheria, smallpox, polio. No one can say with any certainty what the long-term effects of the covid jabs may or may not be on the developing child. Probably none – but then, that’s what they said when they handed out Thalidomide to women suffering from pregnancy sickness!

  • twi5ted

    The long term health effects of mRNA vaccination are becoming more obvious through published research findings. Meanwhile the government advisors have their heads in the sand. Their careers have been built upon vaccination and now it seems they are prepared to ignore the obvious deficiencies of mRNA vaccination to save the government and lucrative grants from the Gates Foundation aka Sir Twitty.

    The reason they want to vax the kiddies is it then indemnifies their sponsors if it is a public health programme like mmr. Gets them all off the hook for their crimes.

  • A Thorpe

    It would be interesting to know the background to these payments. I don’t suppose the Australian government has admitted that they failed to determine the safety of the vaccines before forcing them on people.

    Tony Heller has just posted a video of the Queensland senator Malcolm Roberts discussing vaccine deaths. He is one of the few politicians I have any time for and I wish there were more like him in every country. He also spoke out the climate change fraud years ago. Unfortunately he was disqualified over citizenship status which hasn’t helped him.

    Roberts names people who are said to have died as a result of the vaccines but has he any proof from a post mortem? He might be right but it misses the point that there are risks with health care and some people will die as a result of vaccines, especially when only given emergency approval. The issue is that we should be told about the risks but they were not known for any of the available Covid vaccines before emergency approval was given. In the past vaccines have only been approved when they show a significant benefit in preventing the disease and but there is no evidence that the covid vaccines prevent infection or the spread of infection and it is obvious that the trials did not establish even this basic information. It is being claimed by some that the vaccinated have a higher risk of infection and the ONS data seems to show this. The definition of a vaccine has even been changed and now it does not have to prevent infection. What is the point of them?

    Stillreading says the vaccines have prevented deaths but there is no evidence of that and it can only be established by analysis of all-cause mortality rates. Prof Norman Fenton established for England & Wales that the data showed there was no benefit from the vaccines reducing deaths but equally no indication that the vaccines were causing deaths. That work was done in 2021. Fenton drew attention to the poor quality of data and Roberts also mentions data being delayed.

    If we have any hospital treatment we are provided with a consent form with risks and benefits, but we are never given any information about vaccinations. I have looked for data on flu vaccinations and that it difficult to find. I did find claims that there is no study that shows they reduce the deaths of the elderly but yet we are advised to have them.

    Stillreading mentions Smallpox and the vaccine advocates have used this to lie to us. It has been mentioned many times in relation to Covid. However, Smallpox is not a respiratory virus and is mainly transmitted by contact. But the important issue is that people become ill with recognised symptoms before they are infectious and so they can be identified and isolated. This aspect was as important as the vaccine for eliminating the disease and the vaccine does prevent infection as all vaccines should.

  • Hardcastle

    I fear you have bought into the narrative.There is no proof that the gene therapies saved any lives of any age group.There is,however,evidence that suggests that the injections have caused deaths and a wide range of medical conditions.The speed at which the”vacines” were introduced plus the removal of any responsibility for pharmaceutical companies was surely a massive clue as to why one might have some scepticism.This whole charade has nothing to do with health but a lot to do with control leading to the next stage of the reset,which has everything to do with the USA and a financial reset.The climate change agenda all part of the same game,control of the people enables the great reset.You will own nothing but bt e xceedingly unhappy.

  • bad Brian

    It’s not just Covid Vaccines that kill. Ramadan also kills.

    I see Ramadan starts on 2nd April this year. Once again we can look forward to Muslim train drivers, lorry drivers, bus drivers and taxi drivers, not to mention aeroplanes plunging from our skies causing death and mayhem caused by starving drivers as the police and courts waive their sentences, because the perpetrators were feeling a bit peckish due to Ramadan.

    Anyone endangering the public in this way should be subject to 700 strokes of the cane, nose and ears cut off and deportation.

    Why do you think the white man invented Yorkie bars ?

  • Marc Ager

    Bad Brian, all of those outcomes of Ramadan are mitigated to some extent by the relief the sewers and rivers experience from it.

    Apparently, the water companies are discharging untreated sewage into every river in the UK.

    The river that goes past my house that feeds into the Thames used to be full of fish, crayfish and even eels. But now there are so few fish that the kingfishers have emigrated or are no more and I haven’t seen a cormorant having a feast for many a year.

    We need to have a revolution post haste to prevent the liberal degenerates from choosing the most harmful policies and laws that they can come up with.

    Hopefully DeSantis is going to be the next President of the USA. Here is something to cheer everyone up.

    Ron DeSantis 2022 CPAC speech: full video –

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