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Were 1,223 innocents killed by the Pfizer vaccine just in the first two months?

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Pfizer’s cunning plan?

You probably know that Pfizer and the US health authorities (the FDA – Food and Drug Administration) had originally planned to release all the data around the effects of the Pfizer miracle vaccine over a period of about 75 years. The excuse given for such a long delay was that there were hundreds of thousands of pages of data. This excuse was, of course, ludicrous as all the ‘pages’ of data would have been in electronic form and so could be fully released at any time if Pfizer and the FDA so wished.

This cunning plan, which could have been devised by Blackadder’s Baldrick, would, of ensure, that all those involved in the development, approval and administering of the vaccines would have long since retired and probably died well before the real gory stuff became public knowledge.

From what little I understand, Pfizer’s/Baldrick’s cunning plan just got blown out of the water when a group of US doctors filed a Freedom of Information request demanding that Pfizer and the FDA release the data now. When Pfizer and the FDA refused, the doctors went to court and won their case when the judge instructed Pfizer and the FDA to release agreed quantities of data by certain fixed agreed dates.

Injuries and deaths

The first batch of data has apparently been released and indicates that there were over 42,000 serious ‘adverse events’ (AEs) and 1,223 deaths in just the first two months of the Pfizer vaccine being given emergency approval. What Pfizer and the FDA ‘forgot’ to tell us is how many hundreds of thousands or how many millions of people were vaccinated in these two months. So it’s impossible to calculate whether the levels of AEs and deaths were within acceptable norms or whether they indicated that there were serious problems with the vaccine.

How our leaders lied and lied and lied

What is clear is that our rulers lied and lied and lied about the supposed ‘safety’ of the miracle vaccines. The medical authorities in all countries where the vaccines were used would have been fully aware of the level of AEs and deaths from the Pfizer vaccine. But they deliberately, with the enthusiastic help of the fawning mainstream media, kept this information from us as they knew public awareness of the dangers of the Pfizer vaccine would fuel massive resistance to all the vaccines.

Here’s Dr John Campbell trying to make sense of the Pfizer data that has been released, why we weren’t told about this information at the time and why the mainstream media seems completely uninterested in even covering the story now:

(if you have time, I believe it’s worth watching this video till the end)

7 comments to Were 1,223 innocents killed by the Pfizer vaccine just in the first two months?

  • A Thorpe

    I thought exactly the same about the data being in electronic form and strangely this is the first time I have seen it mentioned. But what is the situation with Moderna and AstraZeneca? It is a bit late now to be concerned about safety and in my view it was obvious that the initial trials of all the “vaccines” were utterly inadequate and emergency approval should not have been given.

    The initial results of the randomised control trials for all the vaccines were published before approval was given. I investigated these trials for a complaint I made against the Nuffield, so I do know about them. It sounds as though they are used for our protection but they are full of holes and tricks used to present a good case. It is perhaps not surprising considering the cost of research and the desire to get a drug to market. There seems to be no control over them and the agencies giving approval don’t seem to be doing their job, perhaps because they are being paid off. Our politicians clearly don’t understand anything about anything and they must ultimately accept responsibility but we know they won’t. A good example of how RCTs fail is thalidomide. It was thought to be safe but had not been tested for pregnant women.

    We were told about the “vaccine” efficacy, which was around 95%, but we were not told what it actually meant. It was left to us to conclude that it sounded good. For Pfizer it was based on 170 people being infected and we do not know how seriously. The trial results did not show any reduced risk of death, reduced risk of hospitalisation, or prevention of infection and spread of the virus, and more importantly absolutely nothing about the risk associated with a never before used technology. The trials were useless. This information was available and there were experts drawing attention to the problems. It is not difficult to understand the basic statistics involved but government propaganda had generated fear and that stops rational thought. The experts who understood the data were basically silenced by the media.

    I disagree with you. It was obvious before approval that these experimental “vaccines” should not have been approved.

    The VAERS and Yellow Card reporting systems are not well managed and many claim underreporting. I don’t know if that is true. Then to be of value a reported problem has to be linked with the vaccine which is not being done as far as I can see. However, it does seem that there has been a massive increase in reported incidents.

    A concern we must have is that the data are not reliable. Prof Norman Fenton has shown this and he will only use the all-cause mortality rates. He came to the conclusion that the data does not show that the vaccines prevented any deaths and also did not cause any, but this could change with time.

    I saw a report from New Zealand which apparently eliminated both influenza and covid but then deaths increased last year after the vaccination programme and they are being put down to the vaccines. Kyle Beattie has a report on world data and Bart Classen on USA data both looking at all cause mortality and they claim it is increasing and attribute it to the vaccines. It is similar to climate change. Suspecting a link is one thing, but a causation has to be proved.

    I don’t want think that a vaccine so widely used is causing deaths and illness. But I am sure this technology should be banned until it is proven both effective and safe. But it is up us, we still have a choice.

  • Ed P

    AT: only ‘purebloods’ now have a choice. The jabbed must deal with the long-term effects of the mRNA gloop, some of which are now becoming more obvious. The accumulation of mRNA ingredients in livers, testes and ovaries is rather worrying. As are the VAERS/yellow card reports.
    Isolated communities (Iceland, Antarctica, etc.) which have had ‘flare-ups’ of positive test results, are possibly just detecting the spike proteins manufactured by the jabbed own cells – the tests do not clearly discriminate between virii (SARS-CoV-2 or flu) and these generated spikes.
    It’s a mess and my sympathies are with those duped into allowing these poisons into their bodies.

  • A Thorpe

    Ed – that is true, but people can refuse to have further boosters and parents have to decide what to do about their children. If the vaccinated accept any of these concerns, then they should be doing something about it through their GP and MP. I don’t see this happening.

  • Brenda Blessed

    How much more information do people need to realize that they have been suckered by evil people with evil intent than the following?

    1. – Before the vaccines were seemingly rushed out the natural recovery rate from the virus was 99.96%. Nevertheless, the intention was to vaccinate the entire human population of the planet (nearly 8 billion and rising rapidly) and to shut down economies, schools, health systems with lockdowns, etc.

    2. – The vaccinations, only approved for emergency use, were – and still are – legally exempt from paying compensation for damages that they cause to health and for deaths.

    3. – The number of cases was falsified due to the PCR test being unable to diagnose a virus infection. As its own creator, Dr Kary Mullis, the biochemist who won the 1993 Nobel Prize for Chemistry for the test, is on the record as saying. He campaigned against the use of his test to diagnose cases of HIV before his death in August 2019, just before Covid broke out. He was adamant that the test is a biochemical test that uses amplification
    techniques to analyse the chemical makeup of samples, not to determine if someone has a virus infection. The other much cheaper lateral flow test is also unfit for purpose, because it is also not a quantitative test.

    Both tests have been made out as being able to produce positive results when the test subjects are not showing any symptoms (are asymptomatic). It is a fact that people who are not showing symptom of a viral infection cannot pass the infection on to others.

    What I want to know now is how genuine the war in Ukraine is, coming immediately as it did on the heels of the pandemic going down in England due to 100 Tory MPs, partygate and GB News reporting as much truth about it as possible without falling foul of the Ofcom media regulator.

    Most people could find that much information themselves produced by bona fide experts if they use sources of information other than the mainstream media. Tragically, far too many people are still suffering from the fatal delusion that the MSM is reporting the truth.

    If it is anything like as genuine an the climate emergency and the pandemic, Europe is being suckered by the totalitarian globalist liberals into accepting millions more migrants on top of the bills being brought about by the deliberately-engineered net zero and Covid crises.

  • Eric Legge

    More Tucker Carlson Coverage of US-Funded Ukraine Biolabs

  • Hardcastle

    I have always been sceptical when people tell me what I should be thinking on any topic.I find this to be the most sensible approach as one can always change your mind if the evidence is sufficient.The last two years have hardened this attitude to the point I immediately disbelieve anything I am told by the media and politicians.This is one convenient war and one right out of the Communist playbook and I am not talking about Russia.It is,I believe,all about the collapse of the post war financial system,the reserv e currency USA dollar.This is down to the corruption of sound money through the abandonment of the gold standard.This is down to the USA and to a degree Britain who have gone along with the debasement of money.This is about a financial reset,just not sure about Russias and perhaps China’s role in all this.All is not what it seems,batten down the hatches and prepare for the worst and hope it does not happen.

  • A Thorpe

    If anybody is interested in following up the deaths, I found this reference to excess deaths in Germany:

    There is a link to the paper being discussed, but there is nothing to say if it has been published. There is a reference in the paper to a discussion in German. This downloads as a PDF and I opened this in Word and used the Word translator to get an English version.

    There is also a report about New Zealand

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